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Sex Doll News, Irokebijin 145cm Body, Anime Heads, & More

January marches on as sex doll brands continue their last-minute push before Chinese New Year. The highlights of the week were Game Lady’s D.Va (Head #23), Piper Doll’s 150cm Plus, and Sino Doll’s Soft-Max Light. However, they all got their own posts, leaving us with.. still a decent amount of news. This week, brands released a good mix of new releases and photosets. Following Piper Doll, Irokebijin released 2 new bodies, while Climax Doll launched a bunch of mini dolls. Many other brands got in on the action too. Without further ado, let’s see what goodies came out this week.

Angel Kiss

Angel Kiss released a new AK8 (168cm) body. With a slim figure and medium-sized breasts, petite lovers will appreciate this one. She weighs around 30 kg (66 lbs), without sacrificing a nice, round butt.

They also shared new photos of their AK4 (159cm) body with Head LS#45. With an interesting face that’s both cute and intense, she certainly heats up the room.

SE Doll

SE Doll shared elegant new photos of their 161cm Regina (TPE). As usual, the outdoor shots were tasteful, as well as the more intimate ones inside.


Irokebijin released a new 145cm F-cup body (TPE) featuring their Abby, Suzu, Koharu, and Akane heads. Unlike their usual thin-waisted and curvy bodies, this one looks fairly proportional and realistic – which oddly contrasts the anime heads – especially Koharu. A nice lighter-weight (27.1 kg/60 lbs), slimmer option to choose from.

They also released a new 80cm E-cup body (TPE) with a new head called Airi. Thicker and more BBW than the previous 80cm (Shiori) body, Mizuwali has embraced BBW bodies lately.


Irontech dropped 3 new photosets of their 159cm body with Sylvia, Molly, and Tina heads. Although it’s more of the same, their photography is always exquisite.

Irontech also shared a robotic head on Twitter, which looks like AI-Tech’s Emma “robot.” Perhaps they plan to add this feature into their heads? Just my speculation, but based on their previous robotics history, it wouldn’t be surprising.

Elsa Babe

Elsa Babe released a new head called Aihara Mirai. She reminds me a bit of the vocaloid, Luka, and is a cute elf with a soft smile.


EXDOLL released a new head called Yuwu (or Yu Wu) on their 153 EVO body. She looks pretty cute on this fantasy body with thick thighs. According to EXDOLL, they wanted to give her a comic book or video game feel, which seems about right.

XT Doll

XT Doll released a new head called Hannah. Dressed as a police officer, she looks quite provocative and sexy. Interestingly, her head reminds me a bit of Elsa Babe’s style.

Speaking of XT Doll, I found a factory video of their “Interactive Feedback Legs.” I showed this unique, spring-like feature a while back, but here’s another look at it. I don’t think anyone has ordered one yet though.

Normon Doll

Normon Doll released a new head called Suki on their 162cm body. Every now and then, they release a head that I really like, and this time it’s Suki. The siren or cat-like makeup combined with doe eyes gives her a sexy, yet innocent look. A very beautiful head in my opinion.


Yearndoll released a new head, Y223. With a somewhat thin face, she looks fairly cute and realistic.

Climax Doll

Last but not least, Climax Doll released an elf head called Olga on the SiW 160cm body. With goth-like makeup, she looks fairly unique and fits well on the curvy body.

They also released a bunch of anime mini dolls. This includes 4 bodies (J60 XS, J60 P, J85 S, J85 B) – basically a 60cm and 85cm version with big and small breasts – and 5 heads (I’m only showing 4). Interesting releases from Climax Doll (who usually makes Western aesthetic dolls), but I think these target the Asian market more.


That wraps up another week of news. Halfway into January, new releases and photos continued trickling in. I’m pretty sure that by now, every factory has stopped producing new orders, so those’ll be held off until after CNY. Even without the Game Lady, Piper, and Sino Doll news here, there was much to see. I left out some Real Lady photosets, but like usual (from Irontech), it was just more of the same. Should I continue showing every Irontech photoset even though it’s always the same repeating heads and bodies? Let me know. Anyway, this week was a pretty mixed bag so there weren’t any noticeable trends. Other than softness and weight-reduction, I wonder what brands will focus on in 2024. As always, stay tuned for more sex doll news.

Thoughts on January’s 3rd week of sex doll news? Comment below!

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  1. Adam

    Steven are you ok?

    1. Steven

      Yes, but there was basically no news for the last 2 weeks.. Just a few new photosets – zero new releases. Some brands were at the AVN expo but there wasn’t anything particularly new or interesting. Probably due to Chinese New Year, things will be quiet for a while.

      1. Adam

        Oh you’re right! It’s Chinese New Year!
        Thanks for your comment. Im just a fan checking that you were ok 🙂
        Best regards.

        1. Steven

          No problem. I appreciate it. Sorry there’s no news post to read. 😆
          This year is definitely different from last year. Last year, there was news up until CNY, 1 week without any news, then back to normal. This year might be entire month without any news.. Just some new photosets so far, which aren’t really worth sharing alone.

          1. Robby

            I’m always interested in Piper information. Especially since we can’t hear from Mizuwali anymore. If you could point me in the direction where you get these photos and new, that would be greatly appreciated. I only buy Pipers.

        2. kar

          I also open Stephen’s blog every day and am perplexed that there are no new products, and it’s just New Year)

  2. Arnold

    Climax Doll did a great job… bring with the boobs the weight to the hips!

  3. IconOkee

    Come on. Irontech should do better than that robot head. I’v heard better sounding, less robotic AI voices that are free.
    I hope a sex doll journalists went to the Las Vegas Avn novelty expo and took videos.

  4. Susanom

    Wait was my first comment deleted? Smh, what a weird commenting functionality.
    Anyways my comment: add robotic features selectively for the experience not to create a hollywood robot: add eyes that follow you and some other movement like going up in pleasure. Adding simple movement sensors inside and link with the voice would make sex feel so much more real.

    1. Steven

      Hi Susanom,
      Great ideas. Don’t worry, your comment wasn’t deleted. They’re set to manual approval so I don’t have to constantly check and moderate the comments in real-time (I can sleep easy at night). 😂
      Some brands have sensors in the breasts and vagina that make the doll moan. They’re not great in my opinion, especially since the moans are usually too strong for a little touch. Definitely something for them to work on in the future.
      I wrote about a robot called MaSiRo a while back. It’s not sex-related, but they did a great job at creating a robot with eye-tracking that follows you around. Definitely a necessity for AI heads.

  5. Susanom

    + add simple movement sensors to link it with voice.

  6. Susanom

    I think they need to selectively choose interactive features that will improve the experience not try to create a full hollywood robots. A head with eyes that follow you and blink would come a loooong way.

    XT doll in my opinion looks cool, but they need to market better the potential fears of customers such as not being able to hold positions. Also they a bit too springy.

  7. Jackson

    That Angel Kiss AK4 159- LS#45 head, looks like a jpop idol! Very sexy.

    That irontech moving robot AI head looks epic! I hope to see improvement soon.

    XT dolls spring legs are interesting

    Yearndoll’s Y223 head looks great! Breasts and butt looks great as well!!!

    Maybe brands might focus on electronics in 2024, who knows!

    Thanks for the post!!!

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