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Sex Doll News, Asian & Anime Dolls, SE Doll, Lacedoll, & More

Halfway into April, things began to slow down. Yesterday, I wrote about a new brand called SakukuDoll, which focuses on Japanese and anime-inspired dolls. Well, that was more-or-less the theme this week: Asian and anime dolls. In addition, brands released some new heads and bodies, Starpery’s Weight Reduction 4.0 is officially out, and I’ll introduce a new brand called Lacedoll. Without further ado, let’s see what this week had to offer.Β 

Angel Kiss

Angel Kiss shared a new photoset of their AK7 (162cm) body with Head LS#31. Shower scenes are always fun; just don’t try this at home.

SE Doll

SE Doll had a 2-for-1 special this week. First, they released a new TPE head and body. The new head, Peggy, looks a bit intense, while the 163cm D-cup body is both thick and muscular. Weighing in at 47 kg (104 lbs), this barbarian-like body is no joke.

They also released a new silicone head called Bridget. In a cute bunny outfit, she has a very pretty Asian face.

Funwest Doll

Funwest Doll shared a new photoset of their photogenic Rose head. Her natural smile is still her best feature in my opinion.

JY Doll

JY Doll shared a photo of a new head supposedly, but it kind of looks like Orange In’s Head #6-020K. Not the most natural expression, but she’s somewhat pretty (and cat-like). The video has more promo photos in it.

Elsa Babe

Elsa Babe released 2 new anime heads. First, Hanasaka Yuka has an interesting expression with smiling eyes and little fangs. She kind of looks like anime version of Belle Delphine to me.

They also released a new elf head called Suzuki Aoi. She looks a bit familiar – definitely Elsa Babe in style – but charming and fantasy-esque.

Mozu Doll

Speaking of anime, Mozu Doll released a new soft vinyl head called Xiao Xun on their TPE 130cm body. She looks pretty cute as a gaming or desk companion.


Zelex shared many new photos which I’ll quickly show. This includes SLE dolls with 2 heads, Inspiration Series, and a hybrid doll.


Starpery officially released their Weight Reduction 4.0 for the 151cm and 172cm bodies. In the video below, they compared their previous WR 3.0 to 4.0. Here’s a quick recap from before:

  • 172cm body:Β 35kg (W.R. 3.0) -> 29kg (W.R. 4.0).
  • 151cm body:Β 25kg (W.R. 3.0) -> 19kg (W.R. 4.0).

The WR 4.0 is both softer and lighter than the 3.0 – a big step in the right direction.

Climax Doll

Climax Doll released a new silicone head called Sharla with ROS. On a 157cm TPE body, she has an Asian mom-type of look, but their style isn’t for everyone.


EXDOLL officially released the 174 SEVO body that they teased last week – the one with the “largest breasts and longest legs.” Weighing at 37 kg (82 lbs), she looks decent although her thighs seem oddly thin.


FUDOLL released a new 163cm C-cup body. Although there aren’t any photos or specs yet, they shared 2 videos of it.

CST Doll (BBdoll)

CST Doll (BBdoll) released a new head called Toto-chan (Head C-59). I’m super behind on CST and probably missed many of their releases, but this one looks pretty cute.

XT Doll

XT Doll shared new photos of their 165cm Melanie (XT-15). She looks rather sophisticated and mature, yet attractive.

SY Doll

SY Doll shared a new photoset of their silicone Head M5 on a TPE 160cm body. The photographer did a great job with the costume, props, and a simple background that makes her stand out.


Since there wasn’t much news, I’ll show a new brand called Lacedoll. They’re a new silicone doll brand that greatly resembles Shedoll (probably made in the same factory). Currently, they have 2 bodies and 3 heads (with another head coming soon), and are only available in China. Their promo photos are kind of weird –Β like 3d models (probably some kind of filter) – but they included lifestyle photos of each doll.

158cm Dong Yu

163cm Chun Qing

163cm Qiu Ming


Speaking of new silicone doll brands, SakakuDoll (Mandara) launched a few days ago. They make Japanese and anime-inspired dolls, but judging from the lack of reactions, people don’t seem too interested in them. More info here.


That wraps up another week of sex doll news. There was a lot to see, and yet, it felt like not much really happened. Maybe it was just more of the same, but the biggest highlights were definitely SE Doll’s new heads, and Starpery’s WR 4.0. SE Doll has designed some really nice heads lately, and Starpery’s WR 4.0 is a step in the right direction. And of course, there are always new brands, most of which are usually Asian-oriented. Yet another reminder that there’s an entire world of dolls outside of what we usually see. This is only a fraction of what’s out there. Anyway, if I have time, I may have another post tomorrow (something just for fun), but we’ll see.. Until next time!

Thoughts on this week’s sex doll news? Comment below!

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  1. Andrew

    And again the CANCEL CULTURE, everyone must think according to the morals of others, if you are not out. First they tried to control the Internet with N.ational .Security, and now with the “protection of the children”. Dolls are plastic, silicone and what everyone thinks when they use them is their own business, or do you now have to answer a questionnaire to know what use they will be given?????

  2. Dave

    I love all these dolls.

  3. Jackson

    SE Peggy doll looked good. It’s not too muscular in my opinion.
    That Bridget looked nice too! Had a nice bubble butt!

    That JY Doll had some nice tits!

    I do hope that more brands incorporate Starpery’s weight reduction. But I somehow doubt it.

    CST toto chan was cute!

    Keep it up!

  4. Piro

    Question about that new FUDOLL body. Are U sure those are C-cup breast? I mean, damn, that boobs are so awesome and they look even bigger than FUDOLL’s D-cup. But maybe it’s because that new body proportions or I’m just blind πŸ™‚
    Can I also ask where did You find that videos?

    1. Steven

      FUDOLL posted it in the Chinese doll forum here but you need an account to view it:
      They posted the videos 2 days ago with the translated text: “New body 163 c It has been released, come and see if it is your favorite”

  5. Rass

    I checked an article on Starpery’s website about 4.0 – it decreased the weight of 172cm by 6 kg. Also they said there will be a new brand for it because of some difficulty of just using the new technology. Damn, this industry creates new brans like they are folders on a desktop.

    1. Steven

      Yep, I mentioned it before so I kept it short here, but I should probably add that for those who missed it. So far, no word on the new brand. I think they might have scrapped that idea.

  6. Rass

    It might be annoying to you, but I still want to ask – why do you show children dolls? Isn’t most of the audience here from the west? Even if their country still doesn’t have laws for these dolls they still can get arrested on laws not related to the dolls. Not even talking about the obvious moral wrongness.

    1. Steven

      There’s no “children dolls” in this post. Do you mean the anime dolls?

      1. Piro

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but there’s no “children dolls” in the entire blog?
        I remember a few months ago when Steven especifically checked out a website that “guessed” age based on appearance to be sure it’s safe to post her πŸ˜€

        1. Steven

          Maybe this is considered controversial nowadays, but I miss the old days when dolls were just dolls. Before people began pushing politics and moral superiority onto them (which have nothing to do with either). Now we have to use software to detect the age of inanimate objects..

          Back then, I remember Piper Dolls were the hottest thing on TDF (and I wrote about them a lot). Now they’re banned and considered “child-like,” and many people just accepted it.

          I try to show all the news, without the “TDF veil” (many ppl there live in a bubble), but there are still lines I won’t cross. For example, I didn’t show many recent dolls, or certain brands. I don’t consider anything that I post to be “child-like,” but everyone has different perceptions. Maybe because they don’t look real to me, I’ve never imagined them as real people, especially not anime dolls. I just see dolls.

          1. Jackson

            I honestly wouldn’t worry about it. People are ignorant and live in a bubble, trying to virtue signal. You keep doing what you’re doing, I got your back dude!

            1. Steven

              Thanks for the support. πŸ™‚ Still, it’s a good reminder to play it safe and pay attention to my demographics. I can’t control what brands release (and part of me wants to show everything), but it’s useful to know what my readers are interested in (and what they aren’t). As society changes, this blog will adapt with it.

          2. Piro

            I started my doll-journey around 2006. (still have some old archived pictures from that era).
            Later, Trottla doll came out on public eyes and there was a total shitstorm on the news articles and forums.
            Years later we had a ban for Piperdolls on TDF and later Mizuwalli’s ban on Twitter πŸ™
            That was a nail in the coffin.
            So thank U very much for the link to YMD.

          3. Rass

            To be clear, I don’t have the intention of blaming you for anything, and I don’t know the history.
            One person might not associate the look of a childlike doll with a child, but other people might see the similarity and people who have desire for children definitely will see the similarity. Both cases are valid, the pedo one is objectively obvious, and the other case is moral disgust is important as well. Even if technically no objective crime is committed, moral disgust is important for emotional clarity for how you behave towards your parents, how you see different genders, and the clarity of how you should see children. That’s incredibly important, and you see the mess some people do in the west of destroying emotional clarity for not offending some individuals who can’t get a part of that moral compass.
            While you might be the type of person who doesn’t associate these dolls with children, they definitively have features of children that pedos will use and other people will find disgusting. And the morality and protection of children is much more important than sexual desire even if you don’t see similarity with children and annoyed by how morality goes into your way.
            I respect your response, outside of “ohh those good old days when we did whatever we wanted”, which is potentially disturbing.

            1. Steven

              Just to clarify, when I said “I miss the old days when dolls were just dolls,” I didn’t mean people did whatever they wanted. I was talking about the perception of dolls. At least from my memory, no one associated dolls with politics or real-life issues before (but my memory is probably wrong). They were just dolls. Later, the media pushed narratives that they were anti-women or a danger to children, which are both very real issues, but dragged dolls into it. My point is that if people associate dolls with real people, then all sides have moral issues with them in one way or another. This is probably why sex dolls will be banned in the West one day.. It’s the association that I guess can’t be prevented.

              By the way, I’m not disagreeing with you. Just clarifying what I meant. As someone who writes news, there are lines I won’t cross, but I also try to show what’s out there without too much sheltering or censorship. Again, I won’t show anything that’s obviously disturbing, but everyone has different perceptions on what they see. Since dolls don’t look real to me, I don’t consider anything I show to be child-like. There are much more obvious ones that I don’t show.

    2. Jackson

      They aren’t child like dolls. And if so who cares, they’re not real.

  7. Steven

    Somehow, it didn’t save anything I did for the last 3 hours, and I had to type everything all over again. I need a break after this.. πŸ˜‘

    1. Rass

      Daaaamn, that sucks. Most of us have been in a similar situation with digital devices…

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