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SE Doll Releases New Silicone Pro Series Sex Dolls

On November 30, 2023, SE Doll released their new Silicone Pro series of sex dolls. Although primarily a TPE brand, SE Doll actually released some silicone dolls back in 2019-2020. But for whatever reason, they shifted back to TPE while other brands expanded into silicone. Now, they’re back with their latest Silicone Pro series, featuring brand new bodies and TPE heads converted into silicone. Therefore, you’ll recognize a lot of these heads.

With a whopping 10 photosets all-at-once, they launched this series with quite a bang. Featuring realistic skin texture, detailed body painting, and ROS (on every head), they’re quickly catching up to other brands. Because there are so many photos, I’ll show them all before discussing them.

Note: Currently, the Yuuki and Yuuka heads don’t have ROS (but they’re working on it).

155cm E-cup Silicone Yuuki.I

165cm C-cup Silicone Regina.G

165cm C-cup Silicone Yuuka.H

155cm E-cup Silicone Kiko.E

161cm E-cup Silicone Annika.A

161cm E-cup Silicone Nana.C

Silicone 161cm E-cup Yuuka.G

165cm C-cup Silicone Annika.F

165cm C-cup Silicone Regina.F

160cm C-cup Silicone Yuuki.G


After years of focusing on TPE, and sharing new photosets (of existing dolls) every week, SE Doll is finally back and taking their dolls to the next level. First as I mentioned many times, ROS is becoming an industry standard. Almost every new silicone head has it nowadays, and it’s also SE Doll’s debut with ROS. Looks like they’re finally catching up.

Next, their Silicone Pro Series looks fairly on-par with other mid-range brands, which is to be expected. If you look at their hand/feet/vagina details (shown in some photos), they’re not nearly as detailed as other brands. But at $2199 (official SE Doll website), they’re definitely not meant to match Sino and EXDOLL’s level of detail for example. But it’s a notable step up from their TPE dolls. I don’t know where they’re made, but since their TPE dolls are made by Jinsan, maybe they’re made in the same factory as Angel Kiss. Lastly, these dolls weigh between 27 kg-33 kg (60-73 lbs), which isn’t too bad.

Overall, it’s nice to see SE Doll expand into silicone once again. While there’s nothing particularly innovative or revolutionary with their Silicone Pro series, it provides more variety and options for customers. People who wanted a SE Doll in silicone now have that opportunity for just a little more as the price is relatively affordable. For a long time, SE Doll was falling behind, focusing more on photosets than new releases, but now they’ve become more competitive. Expect to see more TPE to silicone head conversions soon.

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  1. IconOkee

    I knew their silicone dolls would look nice because their tpe dolls look nice. I just wish they would make some dolls with innie vulvas just like wm doll

  2. argo

    One of the first dolls i fell in love with was an SE doll (the 157 H cup); it is nice to see them finally make new things. Also, I thought I read on the dollforum that SE dolls are now being made in SM doll’s factories instead of Jinsans; i could be wrong because I’m referencing a few recent comments made on their dolls.

    1. Steven

      Hi Argo,
      Can you share the recent comments that mentioned this? As far as I know, they’re still made by Jinsan, and I didn’t find anything suggesting that they’re made by SM. It’s possible that SM could make their silicone dolls, but that’s not confirmed.

  3. Arnold

    The new skin textures are a great update, however the heads are to me a so so, Rosine and Chloe are still my favs of SE-Doll.

  4. Jackson

    That 165cm C-cup Silicone Annika.F
    Looked very nice!!!

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