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Sex Doll News, New Heads, Jiusheng, Photos, Teasers, & More

After a chilly start to the summer season, sex doll brands ignited a storm of news this week. Not just a storm, but a typhoon, with fireworks in the night sky above. This week, many brands returned with new heads, including a Gynoid collaboration, doll tattoos, and lots of teasers. And of course, many new photosets, such as 6 from Jiusheng alone. Without further ado, let’s see what brands cooked up in the unexpected July comeback.

SE Doll

SE Doll shared new photosets of their silcone 167cm Jenny and TPE 157cm Aurora. Both look good with lots of focus on their round “assets.”

JY Doll

JY Doll released a new head called Ruoxi on their 163cm body. With strong Firefly Diary vibes, she pulls off a cute schoolgirl look.


Irontech teased 2 upcoming silicone heads, Bailey and Vanessa. I missed these last week, but they look decent – like life-sized Barbie dolls in a pink theme.

They also shared a new photoset of their 164cm Eileen, heating up the kitchen in more ways than one.

Last, they shared some fancy, action-hero photos of Real Lady’s 170cm body + Catlin head. Still no word on their 3 upcoming heads, but there’s something different about Catlin here. The head’s less shiny with more texture that actually matches up with the Real Lady body. I wonder if they made some head changes.


Fanreal released a new head called Carlee. Equipped with ROS mouth, she looks super similar to Maria, but with a subtler smile. Very pretty, and looks more natural than the ROS Maria in my opinion.

Additionally, they shared some new photos of their 159cm Anne and Qian. While both look good, all their photosets tend to look the same (probably the same poses and backgrounds).

Last, they teased their first-ever male head (which also means a male body is coming). I’m surprised by how detailed it looks, even more-so than their female heads.

As previously teased, Evas Doll released a new silicone 162cm D-cup body with a new head called Edith. With an attractive face, the new body is quite thick with large breasts and thighs. Unsurprisingly, she weighs a pretty hefty 42 kg (92.6 lbs).


In a grand return, Jiusheng cooked up 6 new photosets, starting with a new head called Kiko. Dressed as a sexy nun, the photographer nailed the theme and outfit very well.

Next, they shared a new photoset of the 160E Ann, a head shown only once before (years ago). In a kinky bunny outfit, they brought this rare head back into the light.

Finally, the last 4 photosets come from various photographers and customers. Interesting to see these heads in very different styles.

HouYu x Gynoid

A new brand called HouYu collaborated with Gynoid to create their first doll: the 150cm Eva. I couldn’t find any info on HouYu, but the doll is made by Gynoid (and they stressed “affordability,” which is not generally associated with Gynoid, so we’ll see). According to the “92/60/92” specs, this is a new body and not the Model 9 150cm.

Speaking of collabs, The Doll Channel officially released their 152cm Juliette Michele (@BishoujoMom) sex doll. Personally, I wasn’t sure if Elsa Babe could pull off a 1:1 replica since their heads are usually more fantasy than realistic, but she looks decent – like a cartoony or Disney-version of her. It’s also Elsa Babe’s first-ever BBW body at 39 kg (86 lbs).

Sino Doll

Sino Doll teased their upcoming Soft-Max Light Torso. Stressing softness and weight reduction (maybe just by not having legs), this will be the most affordable Soft-Max series option. I think the head is new too.


Zelex released a new head called GE138 (with ROS) in their Inspiration Series. Featured on the 175cm body, she looks similar to their other designs but still very pretty.

They also shared a new photoset of their SLE 163E body with Head ZXE219. This is one of their more interesting SLE heads in my opinion; it looks like she has allergies.


EXDOLL shared a new photoset of their Alexa head on the recent 168R body. This classic Summit series head (originally AIO) returns in some fancy sword-wielding photos.


While every brand dropped new photosets, Starpery shared 3 of their own. This includes the 172cm Nieve and Yuan, and 169cm Jin.


Sanhui shared a video showing off the durability of their Art Tattoos. Supposedly, it’s resistant to water, soap, alcohol, and scrubbing, which is pretty cool for people who want permanent tattoos on their silicone dolls.

A separate dragged-out video showing alcohol-wiping resistance.


Bezlya shared new photos of their 155M body with various heads. Starting with Vanilla in a maid outfit, this thick hentai-like body strikes again.

Bezlya Doll 155M Maid 6Bezlya Doll 155M Maid 5

This picture kinda looks AI for some reason, but the other ones don’t.

Next are the Oleander and Convallaria heads. Although there aren’t any nude photos, they’re very attractive and well-taken. The Oleander photos were from a photography competition that later turned into promo photos.

Top Fire Doll

Top Fire Doll released a new head called Hailey on their 170cm body. Her face looks super familiar (reminds me of Jarliet or SY Doll), but she looks very sexy in this skimpy rollerblade outfit.

FU Doll

FU Doll teased an upcoming head with closed eyes. Interesting to see lots of closed-eyed heads coming out lately..

They also turned these customer photos (of the recent 165cm Xiaobei doll) into promo photos. Useful since the promo photos looked heavily edited. Again, this doll is only 27 kg (59.5 lbs), and they re-shared the softness video.

(Last but not least) Robotics

During the first week of July, there was a big robotics and AI expo in Shanghai. Since it’s not really related to sex dolls, I won’t cover it, but there were lots of Boston Dynamics knockoffs (๐Ÿ˜† but still cool to see). Only this robotic head stood out to me (because she kind of looks like Piper Doll’s Risako). Credit to Vokebre Robotics for sharing this.

ๅ“็›Šๅพ—ๆœบๅ™จไบบ "Shanghai Droid Robot Co"


That wraps up another week of sex doll news. While June ended on a low, the first week of July recovered with many new releases, photos, and teasers. Although there was nothing really innovative, it was just more variety to choose from. Well, Sanhui’s tattoos are kind of innovative. Maybe we’ll see more dolls with tattoos in the future. As for trends, there was an unexpected rise in closed-eyed heads lately. That’s odd, especially when the “openable and closable eyes” feature is just around the corner. Anyway, after brands unloaded so much this week, it might take a while for them to build it up again. We can only wait and see whether they can keep the momentum going or not. Until next time!

Thoughts on July’s official first week of news? Comment below!

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  1. shyguy747

    So apparently the photos with the Belzya 155cm body are from the “2.1 M” series that came out in 2023 and is an I-Cup, not the newer F-Cup “2.2 CF” series.

    I absolutely love this body sculpt and was hoping Tayu’s new body was going to be closer to this. Unfortunately the 2.1M series LHP is pretty bad ๐Ÿ™ If they somehow did weight reduction and better LHP on a new model that used this sculpt again, that would be amazing.

  2. Rass

    The new fanreal head looks a lot better, so they did want to fix Maria’s Ros. Though I think they can still improve to match the cuteness of the original Maria.
    The robotics heads remind me of fish…
    A fun article, thank you!

  3. Jackson

    Irontech’s Eileen looked hot! Bending over in the kitchen.
    That reallady Catlin was so hot! Looked kinda Asian tbh.

    Fanreal’s Carlee looks like a real, so crazy!

    Jiusheng nun outfit was hot. But Evelyn was the jiusheng MVP in my opinion!

    Elsa Babe Juliette had some nice tits!

    I hope sanhui’s paint can be incorporated into the dolls skin tone as well at some point so that their skin doesn’t fade.

    That robotics at the end looked interesting. Hopefully it goes somewhere in the future!

  4. Dave

    So much awesome news this week, thank you sir!

    I have never been more excited for a doll then the The Doll Channel x Elsa Babe doll. I have no idea who that person is the doll is based off, but the doll has the exact type of build I look for in a lady, short and thick… as I myself am a stout fella.

    I will 100% be picking this doll up when it becomes available to buy and I truly hope they make more variants like it.

    Question, Elsa babes TPE is essentially the same as Piper dolls right?

    1. Steven

      Hi Dave,
      It’s similar but not the same. Every brand has a different TPE blend. Also the Juliette Michele doll is silicone, not TPE.

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