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New MLW & FU Sex Dolls, Game Cosplays, & More

November has finally come to an end. The month of turkeys and gratitude will be remembered as one of violence and mayhem this year. While many tuned into the World Cup, markets crashed and revolutionary protests raged throughout China. However, despite all the noise, sex doll brands continued working like usual. Brands released various new heads this week. If you like Asian faces and video game characters, you’re in for a treat. Stick around for November’s final week of sex doll news.

WM Doll (kind of)

In collaboration with WM Doll, a vendor called 3DXDolls released an exclusive doll called Hazel. This doll was 1 year in the making and designed after a contest winner’s character. The head looks interesting- like a mix between Overwatch’s Mercy and Jessica Rabbit. Meanwhile, the 164cm body is slim and extremely toned. You might recognize @CubikoMandos as the photographer.

JY Doll

JY Doll released a new head called Grace on the 161cm body (full silicone). She has an interesting Asian face with blue eyes, giving her a unique mixed look.


FU Doll released a new silicone head called Rena (J019/Head #19) on the 148cm TPE body. She has a pretty, Japanese-inspired face with a very JAV-type of look.


My Loli Waifu released Head W1 (the Honoka head they teased before) on a new 160cm D-cup body. It’s the first head in their new W Series, which appear to be dolls resembling video game, anime, and movie characters. Head W1 greatly resembles Honoka from Dead or Alive, who is certainly not a “loli.”. MLW also renamed one of their older heads, Alita (inspired by Alita: Battle Angel) as Head W2.

Funwest Doll

I haven’t paid much attention to Funwest Doll, but these Jinx and Vi (from League of Legends) cosplay dolls certainly grabbed my attention. Funwest designed some pretty interesting faces lately. More info here.

Game Lady Doll

Game Lady released a new makeup option for their Head No. 13 (Quiet). It resembles the effect in-game but looks more like camouflage or face painting on the doll.


Gynoid released their Lori head (Head #17) on an upgraded 170cm body, known as Model 13 Deluxe (M13D). M13D is basically the Model 13 body with more realistic hands and feet (and only comes in hard feet). In addition, Gynoid improved the makeup on every head, and have new 3d printed eyes (unfortunately, no examples).


TAYU teased a new head called Nika. She has a European or Latina look, making her TAYU’s 2nd Western head. This is the soft silicone version as indicated by the oral function.

EXDOLL (DS Doll Robotics)

Every now and then, EXDOLL releases a short Tiktok video that’s usually more cringey than interesting. But recently, they shared this video that painted a cool scene worth sharing. It shows one of their robots chopping meat and talking. Basically, all their videos are choreographed (I don’t think their robots even have AI), but it’s still interesting to watch nonetheless. 

That wraps up another week of sex doll news. As always, there were many pretty dolls to look at from various brands. Although some regulars like Irontech and Elsa Babe were missing this week, there were still plenty of things to see. MLW’s Honoka, and Funwest Doll’s Jinx and Vi shows that video game sex dolls are still trending and on the rise, and I personally hope the trend continues. It’s helping tremendously in bridging sex dolls into the mainstream. Otherwise, everything else was more-or-less the norm. As always, stay tuned for more sex doll news.

Thoughts on the final week of November’s sex doll news? Comment below!

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  1. MLW

    You have a great sense of why we rename our dolls. Thank you.
    Great posts as always. Can’t wait to see more.

    1. Steven

      Hi Jackson,
      I don’t know the exact procedure, but above the wrist and ankle, there’s a separation between the regular and hard silicone. Sometimes it forms a weird crease above the foot which is off-putting, but not for every brand. Basically, they use a harder silicone blend for the hands and feet inside the mold.
      As for the pole dancing robot, it’s an interesting design. Normally humanlike robots have trouble standing and walking, but the pole dancing robot is able to stand because its hand and feet are attached to something. Here’s a video of the prototype:
      I don’t know how much they improved it since then.

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