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New Starpery & Irokebijin Dolls, Christmas Photos, & More

It’s the final month of 2022 as the year quickly comes to an end. As the weather outside becomes increasingly frightful, snuggling with a doll sounds more and more delightful. Christmas came early this year with many festive doll photos and new releases. If you plan to order a doll soon, this is the last month to get your order in before the Chinese New Year holidays. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until the end of February or March. This week, brands released many new dolls and photosets. Stay tuned for a jolly week of sex doll news.


My Loli Waifu shared festive photos of their 145cm Rena in a Christmas outfit. This charming photoset highlights Rena’s cute, smiling face on a silicone B-cup body.

Funwest Doll

Funwest Doll released a new head called Eudora on the 159cm body. She has a seductive, model-like face and looks sexy in Christmas-themed lingerie.


Irokebijin teased 2 new bodies. First, they shared a new 120cm TPE big breasts body, with their recent Hina and Koharu heads. Next, they revealed a new version of their silicone 95cm big breast body with a “succubus tail.” It looks the same as before, but now with a flexible tail.


Irontech shared 2 new photosets of their silicone dolls. The Geisha-inspired 164cm Miyuki looks super sexy, while Fenny returns once again on the 153cm body. For some reason, Fenny looks slightly off this time around- like the head doesn’t quite match the body.


Zelex introduced their X165 body as the second Inspiration Series body. This is the revised 165cm body from a while back that was scanned from a real woman. As an Inspiration Series body, it’s now compatible with features like the removable labia. They shared a video that highlights the X165’s kneadable butt.

Elsa Babe

Elsa Babe released a new head called Aikawa Iori on their 148cm body. Similar to their previous Miyamoto Kyoko head, it has a stylized-Japanese look that’s more unique than their typical anime heads. A very artistic, albeit slightly angry face. They also released a new “cow dress” outfit showcased on their 148cm Takanashi Mahiru. It’s a cow-patterned “virgin-killer sweater” with stockings, and looks quite cute.


Starpery released 2 new heads and a new body. First, they released a head called Imogen on the 171cm A-cup body. She looks fairly cute, and resembles a certain climate activist.. Next, they took their 165cm D-cup body and turned it into a G-cup. It’s showcased with a new Indian-inspired head called Jameela.


Bezlya released their new Silicone 2.2 series which is highly detailed and supposedly “as soft as TPE.” The 160cm Ling Lan (Lily of the Valley) will be the first doll in the series. She has a cute face with big eyes, and is cosplayed as a Jiangshi (Chinese zombie).

They also provided a video and infographic that shows the details up-close. It taught me some new words like pudenda and dermatoglyph.

That wraps up the first week of December. There was quite a bit of news to kick off the final month of the year. Although nothing too innovative (except for maybe Bezlya’s Silicone 2.2), brands continue to offer more heads and bodies to choose from. Without a doubt, Christmas-themed photosets will be a trend this month so expect more jolly photos. As some final bit of news, Starpery plans to release upgraded heads with oral structure & hinged jaw sometime this month. A bit late for them, but better late than never. Elsa Babe also updated some heads to have hinged jaws now. As always, stay tuned for more sex doll news.

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  1. Jackson

    That’s some interesting stuff that you found about Bezyla. Where did you find that 2.2 stuff? I only ask cause Bezyla is so low key and what not. Despite that they are very innovative especially with their water heating system!

    1. Steven

      Hi Jackson,
      I found the information on their Twitter and website. Definitely a low-key brand since most vendors don’t carry them. They’re more well-known in Asia.

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