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  1. Alexander

    Hey, I was wondering if littlesexdolls.com was a legit siste? And if the sex dolls they have are Good quality?

    1. Steven

      Hi Alexander,
      LittleSexDolls sells cheap, knockoff dolls. I don’t know if their quality is good or not, but most of their photos are stolen from other brands. If you’re looking for smaller dolls, I recommend TheDollChannel, or KimberDoll for a cheaper doll.

    1. Steven

      Hi Kevin,
      KikDoll sells a lot of cheap, no-brand dolls so at first glance, they don’t seem trustworthy but some of their dolls could be legit. For example, they carry doll brands like WM Doll, Piper Doll, 6YE, etc. listed at realistic prices. However, there are some red flags like the same wig options for every brand of dolls, and they are missing some of the WM Doll customization options. KikDoll has never been known as a trustworthy vendor, probably because they sell a lot of non-brand, knockoff dolls. You will probably receive a doll from them, but sites that sell both knockoff and authentic dolls tend to be more sketchy.

  2. Carlos

    For a new timer about to purchase ..which brand name doll is the more realistic detailed as close in vagina.anal areas? Irontech or WM/YL….was looking at the 150cm or 155 irontech or wm 157cm model….. thanx

    1. Steven

      Hi Carlos,
      Irontech’s vaginas and anuses look noticeably more realistic and detailed compared to WM and YL.

  3. Ysmael

    Hi . I am writing to you from Spain
    I have read almost everything you have posted on your page.
    And it seems we all have the same problems.
    Fear that Aliexpres will cheat us (very common), the price of brand name ones and in Spain import tariffs … are very expensive.
    I have bought two from Aliexpres several years ago, the first one was clearly a copy.
    With all the flaws you mention.
    Then nothing was known about this.
    The second one that I buy probably also but it is of good quality.
    The TPE does not smell, the fingers feel strong, as do the limbs … but they sent with the face that I had not chosen.
    I don’t know if they are scammers or idiots because they lose a lot of potential customers.

    In the end I never used them for sex … I am a collector of action figures and in the end they are one more of the collection … bigger.
    But I really like them. I put clothes, wigs etc 🙂

    I’ve seen the Kimberdoll I always wanted one with … standing feet ..
    The price is great and the body is beautiful … But the face is very doll-like … not a real face. I would buy it with another face.

    There is another alternative in the European Union to Kimberdoll.
    In price and distribution … to avoid customs fees.

    Greetings and thanks … I follow you

    One thing no one buy “glue” for TPE on Aliexpress.
    I had glue from the first doll and it stuck perfectly.
    But the one they sell with a green label … melts the TPE.
    And the products that sell “specifics” for eyelashes and hair.
    One is a generic glue and the other a normal cyanoacrylate.

  4. Jesus g

    Good afternoon, I live in California. I was wondering what’s the best way to make sure I get the right product. What’s the fastest I would receive it if I pay by this week.

    1. Steven

      Hello Jesus,
      I don’t know which vendors have dolls in-stock in California. Unfortunately, there aren’t many vendors that have dolls in-stock in the US. Most sex dolls are manufactured in China and then shipped directly to the customer. Check out my list of trusted vendors here: https://celesdolls.com/trusted-sex-doll-websites/ Most dolls arrive in 2 weeks-1 month, but ask the vendors to be sure. Shipping has slowed down during COVID-19.

  5. Ryan

    Hey Steven, have you ever purchased from esdoll.com?

    1. Steven

      Hello Ryan,
      ESDoll is an imitation doll manufacturer. This is easy to tell because of two factors. 1) Their prices are unrealistically low. 2) They have doll photos from top brands like WM Doll, JY Doll, etc. but specifically state that their dolls are “Manufactured by ES Doll,” and that they have their own factory. This means they are creating imitation dolls of top brands because they are not the true factory of those brands, so the quality will be much worse than an authentic doll. If you want to risk it, it is up to you but I would rather pay a little more for an authentic doll.

  6. Chris

    Have you ever heard of donewithwomen.com

    1. Steven

      Hello Chris,

      I briefly took a look at their site. Their prices seem a little low, but the specifications and customization options of the dolls are correct. It is possible they are a new website so they are offering lower prices to attract customers. I recommend contacting them and asking them a bunch of questions about a doll you like to see how they respond. It’s up to you if you want to go with a trusted vendor or take a risk with a new company. Because I used to sell Piper Dolls, I know that their prices are viable (so not entirely impossible) but with very low margins. I personally wouldn’t risk it since it is a large investment but the decision is up to you.

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