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After running a sex doll store for 1 year, I learned a lot about top sex doll brands and manufacturers. This included recognizing all their dolls, specifications, customization options, and more. However, there is always more to learn. Since then, I continued to learn about sex dolls for another 3+ years, eagerly reading about various doll owners’ experiences. I think it’s safe to say I know a lot about sex dolls! I have a wealth of knowledge regarding top doll brands, manufacturers, vendors, industry news, and more! My specialty includes information about manufacturers and brands, identifying trustworthy vendors, and blogging about sex doll news.

Free free to comment below and ask me anything!

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If you’re looking for a trustworthy store to order from, here is my list of trusted sex doll vendors: Trusted Sex Doll Websites

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  1. Sam

    Hello, where do you find all your info and videos about Coobydoll, cant find them anywhere?

    1. Steven

      Mainly from moon-doll, but they also post on the Chinese doll forum (ybdoll) under the name Yue Interactive or Yue Doll.

  2. Ian

    Where can you get the latest models of the advanced feature dolls that you guys show off here?

  3. dave

    I have a question, perhaps the most asked question from a newbie. How do they feel compared to real women when you’re inside of them? Lets say, you close your eyes, keep frictioning, can you definitely say it’s a doll? I’m really considering buying one. Being in between relationships I usually visit sex workers to release sexual tension. With them the process is mostly unemotional, so maybe it’s better to get a doll rather than wasting 300 euro an hour on something of similar quality. Because honestly, my recent visit was purely mechanical and if a doll can provide similar feeling, I’d rather get a doll

    1. Steven

      Hi Dave,
      The best way I can answer this is something people have said about sex toys such as Flashlights. Basically, it doesn’t feel real, but it feels good. However, there’s a lot more factors than that. It depends on the brand, vaginal texture, material, and many other factors.

      Some people say it feels real, while others say it doesn’t. Everyone experiences it differently. Some people can use their imagination better than others. I think if you get a quality doll and warm her up, it feels almost real, but not quite (unless your mind can trick you into thinking it’s real). Ultimately, I can’t say what you’ll feel since everyone is different.

      1. Dave

        I ought to try it then and see for myself. I am looking toward WM brand, they have some pretty good looking dools. Also Tayu dolls look beautiful but quite expensive. I have no problems with imagination 🙂

  4. Jim

    Is legit?

  5. Mandelina

    Hello Steven,

    could you tell why is it possible that realistic sex toys are banned in Japan, but child-alike sex dolls are not prohibited there?
    And do you know if there are any existing articles that summarize sex dolls legislation in different countries?

    Thank you!

    1. Steven

      Hi Mandelina,
      Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with the laws in Japan. I couldn’t find anything about realistic sex toys being banned.
      Someone asked me for something similar before, but as far as I know, there are no articles that summarize sex doll laws in different countries. You have to manually look up the laws for each country.

  6. Bando

    Thank you very much for your quick response and knowledge it really helped me out. ^.^

    After doing some more research I’m pretty sure I’m getting the Irontech Heidi or one of the Tayu

  7. Bando

    I have ben reading your Complete List of Top TPE and Silicone Sex Doll Brands article and a few other brands are starting to peak my interest like
    WM Doll – for Most Popular Doll Brand, but the LPH is kinda off putting.
    6YE Premium – for Anatomically Correct Vagina Placement (Amor), choices are limited in looks that I like, also don’t know the difference between there premium model’s and Amor ones is it just the Anatomically Correct Vagina Placement?
    XT Doll – for XT Zero Reverse Thrust Vagina(not sure if a gimmick or a game changer), Choices are limited in looks I like.
    EX DOLL – Clone series looks amazing but they are super expensive but oh boy they looks nice.
    Tayu – Do you know if you can get this pre se but with smaller brests?161cm body with an ultra-realistic vagina(kinda has me by the short and curlies). but that really has me interested even with limited head selection this now may be my most interested chose atm.
    RealDoll – ultra realistic but REALLY expensive probably to much and they don’t look that great to me.
    XYcolo – there Organic pro skins looks amazing and top notch but there prices/choices are low and don’t know know how good there LHP looks and feels.
    Zelex – for Best-Bang-For-Your-Buck Silicone Brand and they look good. but don’t know know how good there LHP looks and feels.
    I am really sorry if I am asking to much or what not just not many people to talk to TDF is kinda hit or miss with getting conversations and again I really thank you for your time!

    1. Steven

      Hi Bando,
      6YE – Only the Amor series has anatomically correct vagina placement. But nowadays, many brands have decent-good LHP so accurate LHP isn’t exclusive to 6YE anymore.
      XT Doll – From what I read, people couldn’t really tell the difference in the Zero Reverse Thrust Vagina. It’s probably better than nothing, but not a game-changer.
      EXDOLL – Very realistic but super firm. Their latest model has softer material though.
      Tayu – Their 155B and 158C are their smaller breast sizes. I think some other bodies had the 161cm vagina but I don’t remember which ones, otherwise you can’t change the breast size.
      I think visiting the specific brands’ sections on TDF is very useful. The best way to find information is really by reading customer reviews.

  8. Bando

    Hello Steven or whom ever is answering some of my questions. I am looking forward to buying my first doll but I’m really doing a deep dive into trying to find the right one so so many choices and options. If I’m asking to much or what not you can always email be back instead of responding here. one of the biggest questions I got is what in your opinion are the best dolls for Intercourse being the most realistic same for the looks IE head/body iv ben reading some of your info’s on doll brands that has helped a bit. I guess my next question is the Auto sucking/Clamping Vagina good or more of a gimmick. But right now the top 2 brands im most interested in is Irontech and Starperry but finding info is sparse. Again thank you for your time!

    1. Steven

      Hi Bando,
      It’s hard to answer which dolls look the most realistic because due to material limitations, they can never fully look real. Usually dolls molded or 3d-scanned from a real person will look the most realistic (like EXDOLL’s RealClone, Starpery’s 3rd Gen, and probably some others. Brands with really good makeup like Top-sino can look realistic. Also, many brands nowadays like Sino, EXDOLL, Gynoid, Fanreal, etc have super realistic hands and feet, as well as skin texture makeup. Although the heads look nice, I can’t really say that they look realistic to me. Dolls always had a doll-like look to me – maybe because I’ve looked at them for so many years. But at the same time, I kind of prefer that. Ultimately, I would pick what you like best since every brand has different aesthetics.
      As for the electronic features, I personally don’t like them. Questionable quality/lifespan, and adds weight and bulk to the doll. I’ve seen mixed reviews about them. For example, one person said that the “sucking vagina” device pushes against the anal cavity (in a bad way), while some people like the feature. I can’t really say much about them, but there are pros and cons.

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