Ask Me Anything!

Ask Me Anything!

After running a sex doll store for almost 1 year, I know almost everything there is to know about sex dolls! I have a wealth of knowledge regarding top brands, manufacturers, sex doll websites, care instructions, and more!

Free free to comment below and ask me anything!

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  1. Taylor

    Is it a horrible mistake ordering anything from

    1. Steven

      Hello Taylor,
      I don’t have experience with oksexdoll, but I don’t really trust their website. Their pricing is very inconsistent, they seem to be based in China, they have fake reviews (In their Reviews section, you will see the same reviews copy and pasted on various dolls), no About Us section, etc. I personally wouldn’t recommend ordering from them.

  2. FN

    Is bestlovesexdoll. com a legit store or is a fake shop ?? I can trust for buying a Tpe doll?

    1. Steven

      Hello FN,
      Another reader asked about them before. Bestlovesexdoll sells counterfeit/imitation dolls. They have photos of WM Dolls but their prices are far too low to be authentic. I wouldn’t order from them.

  3. Steven Johnson

    My question pertains to shoes.. Sexy high heels and thigh high boots. When ordering a doll and you want standing feet, does it affect what kind of shoes you can use?

  4. AkiraWhipped

    Hi Steven,

    You mention that the 6Ye Amor series has more anatomically-correct vagina placement than most do. How so? More anterior, or more posterior? Or are you talking about the angle of the canal relative to the vertical axis of the doll? What other brands have it right? What brands have it totally wrong?

    Thank you for all you do for our community!

    1. Steven

      Hello AkiraWhipped,
      Good question. The 6YE Amor series are known for having an anatomically-correct vagina placement similar to that of a real woman. Most doll brands have the vagina placed slightly higher, anterior-wise (more forward than a real vagina). Most people usually have no problems having sex with their dolls, but it does affect some positions such as “doggy-style.” However, the vagina placement has improved for most brands but can also vary for different bodies within the same brand. From my research, 6YE Amor, Piper Doll, SM Doll, and maybe a few other brands have good vagina placement for TPE dolls. Pretty much all Silicone dolls (i.e. RealDoll, Sanhui, DS Doll, Sino Doll, etc.) have good vagina placement. WM Doll is currently fixing the vagina placement for many of their bodies (I don’t think it has been implemented yet).
      Here are some photos I found:

  5. Ken

    Hi Steven,

    Have you ever ordered from or know anyone who has?

    1. Steven

      Hello Ken,

      Do you mean

      They are a TDF-approved vendor selling legitimate sex dolls. I trust their website, and you will definitely receive an authentic sex doll from them. The only thing I don’t like is that they offer some cheaper brands alongside their name-brand dolls. I’m not too familiar with the cheaper brands they offer like Aibei. Likely the quality is not as good in these lesser known brands. They also offer 2 brands that I would personally avoid, Cosdoll and Jellynew. I’m not sure why they even have those brands but those are proven low quality imitation brands..

      But if you’re wondering if it’s safe to order from them, the answer is yes. Just watch out for the lower quality brands they offer. Good luck.

  6. Ryan

    Hi Steven,
    A few Questions:
    1. I just read that the jessica rabbit by piper dolls is not offering the wig on the original photo. Where might I find a high quality wig that is comparable to the original? Also are there size specifications for wigs? Do you know any quality sites for realistic/ high quality sites?
    2. What type of powder do people use for their dolls? I am interested in the piper line. Does the powder simply add to the texture or physically protect the product?
    3. I see a tremendous amount of options in the JY doll line, however don’t find many videos or reviews on their dolls. Where would you rate them amongst the top brands?
    4. In product lines such as JY I have seen 3 types of TPE featured: Regular, jiggly, and platinum. In your experience are their major differences between the three?
    Thanks for the info

    1. Steven

      Hello Ryan,
      You are right. Piper Doll no longer offers the Jessica doll wig as seen in their photos. Unfortunately, I don’t know where you can find the original wig. Any wig should work, you can find some on Amazon or Ebay. I found an interesting site recently that has really high quality anime wigs ( I’m not a wig expert though.

      2. Piper Dolls have a special TPE blend that does not require oiling. However, if the doll starts to feel a little tacky or sticky, you can use baby powder or corn starch to powder the doll. The purpose of the powder is to make the skin feel smooth, as the doll material can feel a little sticky/tacky sometimes such as after washing it.

      3. JY Doll makes some nice looking dolls. They are a more affordable doll brand so their material/quality is slightly below that of WM Doll. I would consider WM Doll, Piper Doll, 6YE, and some other brands as top brands. JY Doll is a medium brand, but definitely good for their more affordable price.

      4. Unfortunately, I don’t know specifically how the different JY Doll material feels. Regular will be similar to other brands, Jelly will be softer and jigglier but more prone to damage, and I don’t know what the difference in Platinum would be. I recommend contacting the store and asking them about this.

      1. David Brister

        Where can I find a good quality 100cm – 125cm doll? Also affordable under $1000??

        1. Steven

          Hello David,
          100cm-125cm dolls are a bit harder to find because they are not as popular or realistic as a full-size doll. Finding an authentic, high-quality doll under $1000 is also difficult. Here is what I can recommend:
          KimberDoll is a legit company that sells a good quality sex doll called KimberDoll for only $500. It is a high quality doll and well worth the price. They used to have a mini version but I think they removed it. The KimberDoll is 157cm tall. They can sell it for only $500 because this doll only comes in 1 head and body (no customization), and they are mass produced and purchased in bulk by KimberDoll.

          SexySexDoll is one of our trusted vendors and they have some dolls you might be interested in: (I sorted it by price- lowest to highest)

          JM Doll sells small sex dolls and are usually affordable. I don’t know much about them but I heard some good things. However, I personally do not like or trust their website because their ordering process is weird and their website is not secure. They have a TDF section here:

          If you want a really high quality 100cm doll, you might be interested in the Piper Doll Iris Doll: Piper Doll is one of the best TPE sex doll brands in my opinion. The 130cm Phoebe would be a better choice but would be noticeably more expensive.

          Just so you know, a 100cm doll is very small. For the best sex doll experience, I personally recommend 130cm or higher. The taller, the more realistic. A 100cm doll will always feel like a toy, and not a real woman. I have an article about 100cm sex dolls here:

  7. Raymond JOHNSON

    I like Big ass, Shapely Legged, Big Tit Blond Dolls. I see most manufacturers fall flat on Hot legs.
    I need the Curvy Legs. I like TPE of course. Please Advise

    1. Steven

      Hello Raymond,
      I can certainly relate to your preferences. I too like thick thighs and a nice, big booty. Many doll brands have these features, you just have the find the right body size with these features.
      I know most Piper Dolls have curvy legs and and big butts. WM Doll, JY Doll, and many other brands have bodies like this as well.
      I recommend checking out this page: FineLoveDolls Big Butt Dolls

      They have a nice selection of big butt dolls, most of which also have big breasts and are blond (wigs can be changed for any doll). When I have time, I will update this and add some more dolls I find. Good luck.

  8. Hi Steven Do you know who own and do you know if it’s a legit store? Because I just ordered a doll from them this month on the 4the until I seen this site

    1. Steven

      Hello Raymond. is a TDF-approved vendor (meaning they have been vetted and approved by the Doll Forum), but they are probably one of the more sketchy TDF-approved vendors in my opinion. I heard mixed reviews about them, some people received authentic dolls and some supposedly received counterfeits. I personally would go with a different store due to mixed reviews about Yourdoll, but it is up to you. I never shopped from them so I don’t know for sure if they are legit or not.

  9. Joe

    WERE do u get them real small dolls ? Like i have seen on ?

    1. Steven

      Hi Joe. Unfortunately, mini dolls are not my specialty. I don’t know much about them. You can find some here at SexySexDoll:

      JM Doll also offers many mini dolls: (Order page:
      I don’t know much about them but they are a TDF-approved manufacturer so they probably have good quality and customer service. Their website design isn’t great but their prices are quite affordable and they have a forum section here: Good luck.

  10. bobby

    ill buy a doll from you once a month… if you can drop the price alittle or once every 2 months for just a deal on the price im interested in silcone lovers dolls also wondering if you can send me a video of… the doll like for a real life standard look email me and we will talk thanks … im interested but the price is high… i never knew they were selling for so high..

    1. Steven

      Hi Bobby. I’ll send you an email. Let me know which dolls you are interested in. 🙂

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