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Complete List of Top TPE and Silicone Sex Doll Brands

The sex doll industry is booming with new brands popping up every few months. Therefore, I compiled this list of all the top brands that design their own original dolls (no knockoff brands). This list is a work-in-progress and more will be added in the future. Originally, this list was organized by “TPE” and “Silicone” brands, but now that most brands make both, just ignore the material categories for now.

TPE Sex Doll Brands

WM Doll is the most popular sex doll brand in the world, and for good reason. Known for their high quality material and attractive model-like heads, WM Doll makes some of the most realistic faces and bodies in the market. They’re designed with the Western audience in mind.


  • Most popular doll brand
  • High quality dolls
  • Over 500 heads to choose from
  • Many body types to choose from
  • Designed to appeal to all audiences
  • Also makes silicone dolls (Angel Kiss)


  • Slightly longer production time than other TPE brands
  • Poor LHP (love hole placement) on certain models

Piper Doll has the softest and most luxurious TPE material in the market. Designed by the famous designer and photographer, Mizuwali, their anime-inspired dolls are both innovative and sexy! Cute faces, curvy bodies, plump bubble butts, and seamless necks are their specialty.


  • High quality dolls
  • Softest TPE material in the market
  • Seamless neck design (non-removable head)
  • Highly flexible skeleton (Evo)
  • Well-proportioned bodies with plump butts
  • Silicone & mini versions of their dolls


  • Fragile and floppy wire fingers
  • Silicone may have tearing issues
  • Lacking in creativity and innovation lately

6YE Premium is an established brand known for their realistic dolls. Their popular Amor series has anatomically-correct vagina placement which many other doll brands lack. This correct positioning makes a world of difference when it comes to sex. In the meantime, all their other dolls (non-Amor) still have decent LHP. Additionally, the HR Doll brand is made in the same factory as 6YE.


  • High quality dolls
  • Anatomically correct vagina placement (Amor) 
  • New TPE formula doesn’t require oiling or powdering


  • Their dolls generally aren’t as attractive or popular as other brands
  • Amor series has limited body types at the moment

If you love WM Doll, then you’ll love YL Doll (and OR Doll). Made in the same factory, they are very similar to WM Dolls but with different faces and bodies. They typically have a more fantasy aspect to them. Their attractive dolls have won the hearts of many new doll owners.


  • High quality material
  • Attractive faces and bodies
  • Heads and bodies are interchangeable with WM Doll
  • Unique heads including vampires


  • Their dolls tend to have strange proportions like huge breasts and tiny waists (Not necessarily a bad thing)

Irontech Doll is a brand that started gaining traction in 2018. They’re known for their artistic style, with beautiful Western faces, realistic bodies, and quality material. If you’re into Caucasian or black dolls with thick bodies, you’ll love Irontech Doll. Their new silicone dolls feature much more realistic faces.


  • High quality dolls
  • Large selection of Western-style heads
  • Thick silicone bodies for BBW lovers
  • Very realistic yet also fantasy-esque
  • Affordable Mini Starter Series dolls
  • New Real Lady series (body molded from a real woman)


  • Their TPE heads won’t appeal to everyone
  • Sometimes, their photography over-represents their dolls

Made in the same factory as Piper Dolls, Doll Forever and DH168 (2019 series) dolls offer attractive Asian and anime-inspired dolls. They’re basically Piper Dolls with a removable head. Doll House 168 focuses on Asian and anime faces, while Doll Forever specializes in Western faces. New anime dolls are now under the Irokebijin brand.


  • High quality dolls
  • Softest tpe material in the market
  • Highly flexible skeleton (Evo)
  • Irokebijin brand has many anime dolls
  • Many dolls to choose from


  • Their faces are more cartoony/fantasy than realistic
  • Older DH168 dolls are discontinued
  • They haven’t released much lately

JY Doll is a popular, more-affordable doll brand. They make attractive, mostly-Asian dolls with beautiful photography, in both TPE and silicone. Although they had quality control issues in the past, they still have many happy customers. Their specialty are Asian silicone heads.


  • High quality material
  • More-affordable prices
  • Realistic silicone faces and busty bodies
  • High variety (dolls of all sizes and body types) and weight-reduction options


  • Known for poor quality control and customer service
  • Some bodies have oddly thin waists, and poor neck-head proportions
  • Compared to other silicone brands, their skin doesn’t have any texture or details

Made in the same factory as JY Doll, AF and AS Doll are slightly more affordable, medium-tier dolls. With attractive Western faces and busty bodies, they’e a good choice for new doll owners and veterans alike. Sometimes JY, AF, and AS will sell each others’ brands since they’re all made in the same factory.


  • High quality material
  • More-affordable prices
  • Attractive faces and sexy bodies
  • Lots of dolls to choose from
  • Better customer service than JY Doll
  • AF Dolls look very similar to promo photos


  • AS Dolls usually don’t look as good as the promo photos

SE Doll is an ever-growing sex doll brand made in the same factory as WM Doll. With arguably the best makeup team, they specialize in a wide variety of heads including elves – many of which have distinct makeup options. Recently, they released their Silicone Pro Series, as they continue to innovate with realistic details and ROS mouths.


  • High quality material
  • Many heads and bodies to choose from, including elves
  • Fantastic head makeup
  • Front and back photos of all their dolls
  • Very active brand/customer support


  • Some of their older bodies look a bit outdated
  • Their fancy makeup will fade on TPE heads

SM Doll has been around for a long time. Once super popular, their popularity has declined as of late. They’re most known for their Lorelei elf and Na’vi-inspired doll, but have other attractive dolls as well. They make both TPE and Silicone dolls.


  • High quality material
  • More affordable prices
  • Popular elf doll (Lorelei) also comes in a silicone seamless neck version
  • Blue, green, and gray skin options
  • Offers unique fantasy-themed dolls


  • Their dolls won’t appeal to everyone
  • Limited doll selection

Funwest Doll is a brand with attractive designs and beautiful photography. Made in the Aibei factory, they’re not exactly high-end, yet their creativity led to many pretty head designs. With high focus on Western heads, and anime/gaming/fantasy cosplays, they quickly made a name for themselves in the community. Recently, they released their FS Series of silicone dolls.


  • More affordable prices
  • Attractive faces (both Western and Eastern)
  • Many heads and bodies to choose from
  • FS Series (silicone dolls)
  • Great for anime or gaming cosplays


  • Because their photographer is so good, their dolls may not match the photos
  • Dolls from the Aibei factory may be lower quality
  • Many of their heads look too wide-eyed in my opinion

Aotume is the original anime sex doll brand. Their lifesize dolls are both adorable and sexy, and can look like your favorite anime characters. They can custom match a head of your choice, with a few different bodies to choose from. Bring your 2d waifu to life!


  • High quality material
  • Cute, anime faces and bodies
  • Can be customized to look like specific anime characters
  • Originally, they were the only anime doll brand
  • 80+ different eye options


  • No oral function
  • TPE can stain; therefore not a great material for anime cosplay

Jarliet is a medium-range sex doll brand. Their dolls are generally more affordable, with all kinds of faces including Caucasian, Black, and Asian. They aren’t super popular but have a pretty good selection of dolls to choose from. Recently, they started making full-silicone dolls, which look quite good at affordable prices.


  • High quality dolls
  • More affordable prices
  • Many dolls to choose from
  • Both TPE and silicone dolls
  • Focus on Western-style faces


  • Quality isn’t a good as higher-range dolls
  • Their faces won’t appeal to everyone

Formerly known as XY Doll, XT Doll is a new brand that specializes in full silicone, as well as hybrid dolls (silicone head, TPE body). Many of their heads are quite beautiful, although some look too wide-eyed. With many innovative new features lately, some people compared them to a budget Tayu.


  • High quality material
  • More affordable than other silicone brands
  • Many heads and bodies to choose from
  • Very lightweight compared to other brands
  • Innovative features like “Zero Reverse Thrust Vagina” and “Interactive Feedback Legs”


  • Not many reviews
  • Inconsistent head designs – some look much better than others

Kimber Doll is a good quality, $600 sex doll that’s perfect for newcomers and people on a tight budget. Because Kimber Dolls are mass-produced and shipped in only one style with no customization options, they’re the only company that can offer such an affordable and reliable doll.


  • High quality material
  • Most affordable full-sized doll (only $600)
  • Great option for new doll owners
  • Fast domestic shipping in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia
  • New option with articulated fingers


  • Only comes in one style (Can’t be customized)
  • Only available in 4 countries

Silicone Sex Doll Brands

Sino Doll is a highly innovative silicone doll brand. With a mix between realism and fantasy, their pretty dolls are very popular in Asia. Their latest Top-sino series feature some of the best-looking heads to date. They also have an anime-inspired GD series and innovatively soft Soft-max series.


  • High quality material
  • Realistic and cute face designs
  • Innovative options such as “Standing Feet without Studs,” Textured Skin, & Implanted Hair
  • New Top-Sino Dolls are Very Realistic
  • XNX Doll brand for Western heads


  • Their RSS makeup is expensive and temporary
  • Top-sino bodies have poor LHP
  • Their butts tend to be on the flatter side

Sanhui is a popular silicone doll brand best known for their distinctive anime-inspired faces. If you’ve been looking for a realistic anime waifu, you’ll love the selection at SANHUI. They started making more seamless neck and TPE dolls lately, as well as the first global brand with openable & closable eyes.


  • High quality dolls
  • Cute, anime-inspired faces
  • Soft belly and butt implant options
  • Many dolls with seamless necks (AIO)
  • Recently released some dolls in TPE
  • Agile Eyes option (openable and closable eyes)


  • Their style won’t appeal to everyone
  • Previous conflicts with vendors, may be hard to find a vendor that carrys them

EXDOLL (Previously known as DS Doll in the West) was once the most popular Silicone doll brand (directly competing with RealDoll). They make incredibly realistic faces and have been in the business for over 10 years. They specialize in mainly Asian faces, and are one of the most realistic face designers out there. 


  • High quality dolls
  • Realistic faces and bodies
  • Their RealClone series are AIO and look super realistic
  • Very realistic hands and feet
  • One of the few companies working on AI and robotics


  • Very expensive
  • Mainly Asian faces (not necessarily a bad thing)
  • Very firm material

Gynoid Tech is one of the top silicone brands, but have somewhat fallen behind over time. Despite very slow releases, they still have some of the prettiest faces and bodies on the market. With natural skin texture, articulated hands, and realistic hands and feet, they’re still one of the top silicone brands out there.


  • High quality material
  • Realistic looking faces and bodies
  • Textured skin with natural-looking pores and blemishes
  • Deluxe bodies have super realistic details including lifelike hands and feet


  • Very expensive
  • No oral and anal functions
  • Falling behind other brands due to slow releases

Starpery is a popular silicone brand with realistic European/Caucasian faces. Although they have Asian faces as well, their beautiful Western faces are their main attraction. Like Zelex, they focus on tall dolls, including slim and BBW bodies. They offer both silicone and TPE options, with unique makeup such as freckles and tan lines.


  • High quality dolls
  • Realistic faces and bodies (with Western appeal)
  • Dolls closely match the promo photos
  • Unique options such as tanlines, veins, & moles
  • Articulated fingers option & weight reduction


  • Pricing can be misleading due to the TPE body being selected by default
  • Tearing issues with their TPE in the past
  • Increasing negative reviews regarding quality

TAYU, also known as Art Doll, is a relatively new silicone sex doll brand. They’re most known for their innovative, lightweight dolls which are not only light, but soft. They have all the bells and whistles of high-end dolls such as textured skin, implanted hair, and articulated fingers. Recently, they released a 161cm body with an ultra-realistic vagina. Very few brands can match their combination of lightweight and softness.


  • Lightest silicone dolls in the market (155cm: 23 kg/50 lbs, 170cm: 32 kg/70 lbs)
  • Soft and durable despite being light
  • Less noticeable neck seam
  • Soft vagina, anus, breasts, butt, and thighs options
  • Free realistic body painting by default


  • Limited amount of reviews
  • Few heads to choose from (mostly Asian heads)

Elsa Babe is a fast-growing brand that specializes in a wide range of silicone dolls. Their heads range from photorealistic to anime to everything in between. They even have furry/animal heads. They’re not afraid to push the boundaries with their designs, and have lately become the anime doll brand. Video game, anime, and elf lovers will really like Elsa Babe.


  • Unique variety in heads and bodies
  • Arguably the best silicone anime brand
  • Breast size options for all their bodies
  • 5 unique vaginal textures to choose from
  • Better removable vaginas than other brands


  • Their vagina coloring looks cartoony and unrealistic
  • Their heads tend to be fairly shiny

RealDoll is one of the very few sex doll brands made in the USA. Most known for their Harmony robot, they’ve been making silicone dolls for over 20 years now. Featured many times in the media, their standards are generally higher than other brands. 


  • High quality material
  • Realistic heads and bodies
  • Advanced AI robotic heads (5 different options)
  • Made in the USA
  • High quality control
  • They also sell male dolls and realistic dildos


  • Most expensive sex doll brand
  • Extremely long production and wait time
  • Their faces won’t appeal to everyone
  • Can’t stand (can only lay down and sit)

Game Lady Doll emerged in 2022 and took the doll market by storm. They specialize in highly realistic video game characters, and more recently, anime characters. Their Tifa Lockhart doll alone brought in the entire gaming community with no marketing at all. As one of the only brands dedicated to video game dolls, they quickly took over a previously untapped niche.


  • Beautifully sculpted heads that resemble video game characters
  • The only brand making video game sex dolls
  • Some heads have oral structure & movable jaw
  • Designs new characters based on community suggestions


  • Limited body types (not customized for specific characters)
  • Head-neck connection is a bit jarring

Jiusheng is primarily a silicone doll brand, although they have some TPE dolls as well. They also own MLW, where they put their smaller dolls. With a diverse selection of heads but mainly slim, fit bodies, their sculpts are quite nice and realistic. Great for people who like athletic bodies. Plus, their heads have gotten noticeably more attractive over time.


  • High quality dolls
  • Large variety in heads
  • Some heads have ROS mouth feature
  • Realistically slim, athletic bodies
  • Some electronic features for those who want it


  • Limited body styles
  • Their ROS mouths usually look wide and unnatural
  • Their silicone is a bit on the firmer side

FANREAL is a relatively new brand that makes extremely realistic silicone dolls. Not much is known about them, but their faces are super realistic and human-like. They specialize in tall bodies and mainly Asian faces. In terms of appearance, they’re easily one of the most realistic-looking brands out there. Unfortunately, they’re difficult to find without much English reviews.


  • High quality silicone dolls
  • Extremely realistic heads and bodies
  • More realistic than most other brands
  • Fairly light for tall dolls (173cm = 35kg or 77lbs)


  • Very few vendors carry them
  • Not much variety in heads
  • Very few reviews

SHEDOLL emerged in 2022 with a lineup of cute Asian dolls. Although they’re much more popular in Asia, they’ve been quite innovative and active in the doll community. With Japanese-inspired aesthetics, their dolls are very cute with many heads and bodies to choose from. People who like cute Asian girls will certainly like them.


  • Realistic TPE & silicone dolls
  • Super cute Asian faces
  • Every head has oral structure & moveable jaw option
  • Upgraded 148cm body with non-gaping vagina and non-deforming Elbows


  • Very few reviews (in the West)
  • Not many vendors carry them
  • More Likely to Appeal to the Asian/Japanese Market

XYcolo is an interesting silicone sex doll brand with very attractive dolls. Some of their dolls aim to be realistic, while others are more cartoony. Unlike other brands, they offer 4 silicone options, which differ in softness, detail, weight, and how long it holds makeup. Although their releases are quite slow, they seem highly praised on TDF.


  • High quality material
  • Realistic faces and bodies
  • 4 different silicone options
  • Details such as skin texture, veins, and detailed feet
  • Their salesperson is very active on TDF


  • Not many vendors carry them
  • Although the 4 silicone options is a pro, it can be confusing for newcomers
  • Their last few head releases have been sub-par

Known as CST Doll in the West and BBdoll in Asia, ChunShuiTang has been around since 2003. They specialize in affordable, yet high quality silicone dolls for the Asian market. Most recently, they started a heavy marketing push in the West. They have beautiful and realistic sculpts that appeal to people worldwide. Along with Zelex, they offer the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to silicone dolls.


  • High quality silicone dolls
  • Very realistic faces and bodies
  • Affordable prices


  • Very few vendors carry them
  • Hard to find information on them
  • Limited reviews

Zelex has been around since 2017, and has risen in popularity quickly. They own the subsidiaries WAXDOLL (Silicone) and AXB Doll (TPE), which offers two different styles of dolls. The main Zelex brand specializes in tall and realistic dolls at affordable prices. They’re considered the best-bang-for-your-buck when it comes to full-sized silicone dolls.


  • High quality dolls
  • Beautiful and realistic faces and bodies
  • Affordable prices for tall silicone dolls
  • Inspiration series dolls with oral structure, removable labia, kneadable butt, and more
  • SLE series are in-stock with beautiful designs


  • Some people don’t like the overly realistic bodies
  • Possible quality issues

More brands to come! Feel free to comment below and share your thoughts about any of these brands, or to suggest new brands to add.

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  1. Steven

    Removed SiliDoll, JM Doll, and Siliko Doll. Added Shedoll, Fanreal, and Jiusheng.

    1. Benjamin

      That is quite the update, nice!

  2. Philip

    Hi guys
    Can you please tell me about the authenticity of

    1. Steven

      Hi Philip,
      Other than their funny name, they look like a knockoff doll seller who tried very hard to copy RealLoveSexDoll’s website (same logo, colors, and layout). Based on their low prices, no brand names, and stolen photos, they definitely sell knockoff dolls. Lots of fake reviews as well. Since there’s no info about them online, they’re very risky to order from. I would suggest finding a more reputable or established vendor.

  3. Mo

    What about Fanreal Dolls? I’ve heard that they emerged from another brand. Couldn’t find any useful information

    1. David

      I’m a big fan of Fanreal Doll – Qian, absolute realism and artwork in viewing. I am also a doll shop operator. I have seen many dolls, but I think Fanreal can be in the top five silicone doll brands. It is also excellent in terms of user experience, the breasts and vagina are very soft.

      1. Max

        I was looking into Top-Sino, Fanreal or Tayu. Your message made me think twice after i allready thought i was set. hehe

        What brand do you think is the supperior? Money not the issue here. What is your top five? 🙂

  4. Katrin

    Hallo Stefan, meine Frage: kennen Sie den Händler RosemaryDoll Firmensitz in Hong Kong ist das ein vertrauenswürdiger Händler?
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    Der Händler versendet kostenfrei.
    Danke im voraus Katrin

    1. Steven

      Hi Katrin,
      They’re legit, but you have to ask them if they have customs or import fees.

  5. David

    Hi, Steven

    Can you introduce HR DOLL? I know their 164cm dolls are popular with BBW lovers. But other information is scant.

    1. Steven

      Hi David,
      Since they aren’t very popular, I just briefly mentioned them under 6YE since they’re made in the same factory. I don’t know much about them either.

  6. otto

    Hello Steven, Thanks for such a wonderful website / blog. first time doll buyer and was looking at lush doll, couldnt seem to find much on them but saw them on silcone lovers for around 1400. Thank you!

    1. Steven

      Hi Otto,
      Lush Doll is a SiliconeLovers-exclusive. Because no one else carries them, information is very limited. However, you can find quite a bit of Lush Doll info on SL’s TDF section here:

  7. Beto

    Do you know Aj Doll brand? I have ordered one from them. I’ m afraid is not good. Is not similar to the pics, but I liked the factory pics.

    1. Steven

      Hi Beto,
      They sell knockoff dolls on AliExpress so I’m not really surprised.. They are a vendor, not a brand.

      1. Beto

        There is another problem with buy from them: the doll is not cheap, because they charge a high shipping fee and they even have the doll’s accessories. Not to mention the taxes required by customs here in Brazil. In the end, not counting taxes, I spent over $2000 on the doll and shipping alone. I could have bought a good brand doll if I had researched it first and read your text. 😩

  8. marco

    quería preguntarte acerca de esta sexdoll en que pagina la puedo consultar y que medidas tiene así como de que material esta fabricada tpe o silicón
    FF7 Remake Tifa Lockhart Sex Doll Silicona súper realista

    1. Steven

      Hi Max,
      Cosdoll is a cheaper brand. I don’t know too much about them, but they are similar to Aibei. They make both knockoff and original dolls. Usually dolls with prices that low have more basic skeletons (less flexible) with wire wrists and goosenecks, and possibly lower quality TPE and steel. For some people, it’s good enough for the price. I don’t know much about Real Girl either, but they are also a lesser-known brand. Most of their photos show the silicone head which costs $300 extra. The lower price shown is for a TPE head (which is less detailed) and TPE body.

  9. John

    I have been looking at this website. Has anyone revised the website or have made any purchases.
    It looks very credible, Prices check, and contact as well.

    Located in the UK .

    1. Steven

      Hi John,
      They look legit to me. The brands, prices, customization options, and specs all look correct, and I don’t see any red flags. I don’t have any experience with them though.

      1. John

        Steven thanks for your respond to my question.
        I will consider it. I have also looked at this website :
        Which read good reviews from. I will decide between this two.

        Thanks for your time

  10. eric

    If anyone has purchased a Zelex or Starpery doll can you give me your opinion it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

    1. Rob

      I have a zelex 170 cm doll. She is amaizing.
      The details are so lifelike.
      Realistic body measurements

  11. eric

    If someone can give me some comments on the Zelex brand, that would be appreciated. thank you

  12. Jerry

    Hi Steven
    I recently ordered a Starpery doll from Rosemary doll I think they are a pretty new vendor? There website looks legit, I was jut wondering if you knew anything about this vendor or their repeatability?

    1. Steven

      Hi Jerry,
      Rosemarydoll is a Chinese vendor. As far as I can tell, they are legit. I always recommend contacting vendors before ordering first to get an idea of their customer service, but they are probably fine. It’s not too late to contact them and ask them any questions you have though.

    2. eric

      Hi Jerry,
      are you happy with your starpery doll? I’m looking at the exact same brand as you. I would like to know your opinion. thank you

      1. Jerry

        Hi Eric
        Yes I’m very Happy with my Starpery doll, I would say it’s 99.9 % exactly how she looks in the promo pictures, and the silicone head and TPE body are a perfect match, I would highly recommend Starpery, a great product!

  13. Teabag


    I wonder what of all dolls, have the best Anatomically Correct Vagina Placement? I like to take doll from behind, and this is very important factor for me. I only saw on one you commented on 6YE Premium had this good, but any other dolls that have this correct vagina placements?*

    best regards

    1. Steven

      Hi Teabag,
      This is a tough question to answer. 6YE seems to have the best LHP (love hole placement) especially their Amor series. However, it really depends on the model and not the brand. Some brands have models with poor LHP and some models with good or better LHP. You would have to look at every model within a brand to determine which has the best one. For example, WM Doll is generally known to have poor LHP despite being super popular (which goes to show LHP isn’t everything), but some of their newer models, such as the 160A, supposedly has a good LHP. Certain brands are better than others, but at the end of the day, it depends on the specific body, so you would have to look at each one.. Unfortunately, I haven’t really paid much attention to LHP lately so I don’t really remember which ones have realistic LHP. I heard that RealDoll, Gynoid, Tayu, XYcolo, and SM Doll all have good LHP. Your best bet is to research or ask on Dollforum. There are thousands of people with all kinds of dolls there so you should be able to find some good info there.

      1. Teabag

        Thank you for you answer ! 😀 yes the LHP as you call it, is very important to me as I notice from the shit doll I have now, there is impossible to take it from behind only in anal hole, and this is irritating to me, the anatomy is important to me especially from behind ass LHP, yes that is what I have been doing to now looking at pictures after pictures xD I see piper doll seem to have good PHL placement on all pictures of model, but I read about tearing issues, I also see the new Irokebijin looks like good PHL, and the Tayu-doll looks very good LHP on pictures, also the SANHUI 160cm All In One Maria, looks like it has good PHL, and also Gynoid I agree but too expensive and to Asian looking, I like them more blod blue eyes etc European looking no ofence at all just my preferences, also the dsdollrobotics looks amazing with LHP, but its hard.. as you said I need to look at every diffrent models I wish all dolls had the PHL right..

        Any ways thanks for the replay 😀

        kind regards

  14. neptunessword


    Thank you for all your hard work. QUESTION:

    I could have sworn I read one of your reviews that mentioned a doll company working on an “articulated” chin, so that the chin actually drops down during oral sex, as opposed to most dolls, which the hole is actually going through the nasal area, distorting the face during oral sex. I cannot find the review now – perhaps it was wishful thinking?

    Thank you again.

    1. Steven

      Hi neptunessword,
      I don’t think I have ever written about a doll company with articulated chins. There are some brands with chins/jaws you can open and close somewhat, such as Sanhui. I can’t think of any other ones off the top of my head right now. However, that feature does not change the oral cavity design. All sex doll heads have the cavity going upward which distorts the face during use. The reason is because sex doll have a neck bolt under the head so the orifice cannot go downward. It can either go straight forward (too little space) or upward, so pretty much all sex doll manufacturers have the orifice going upward into the head. Maybe one day manufacturers will find a way to make the orifice go downward to replicate a more realistic throat, but for now, I don’t think there are any.

      1. neptunessword

        Thank you for the reply – wishful thinking it was!

  15. Shamus

    Hi Steven,
    many thanks for this but just a few more famous one’s to add (ignoring the dozens hat nobody in the west has ever heard of).

    – WM Dolls (not the same as WM Doll even though both come under the Jinsan umbrella)
    – OR Doll
    – XYColo (Different to XY Doll)
    – 4Woods (I can hear you kicking yourself now for missing this one)
    – Cosdoll
    – Racyme (ok, not great quality but for completeness)

    my confusion is always the incestuous relationships between manufacturers. With some Jinsan heads (WM, YL, OR, SE) designed by the Aeshira group (JY, AS, AF) and vice versa. SM and SE both offering some of the same heads under diffferent numbers. And talking of SM I still think that there is a link between Shangmei and the D4E group (just feel their TPE’s and look at the skin tones that they offer).

    I’m not sure that your differentiation between DH168 and D4E is completely correct in that heads such as Mulan, Doria, Azazel, Sabrina, etc. are D4E making it untrue that they specialise in Western heads. Historically I always felt that the main differentiation there was that the DH168’s often came with non compatible head connectors to the D4E’s (hopefully that stays an historic issue as my one criteria when buying heads is that they all come with M16 connectors… Generally here because no matter who makes the body my girls invariably end up with Jinsan heads).

    Many thanks for sharing the above,

    kindest regards,


    1. Steven

      Hi Shamus,
      Thanks for the message. Are you sure WM Dolls is different from WM Doll? I’m pretty sure they’re the same.. 🤔 I lazily threw OR Doll in one of the descriptions to avoid making too many sections for Jinsan dolls. 😆 I already have XYcolo listed. I purposely did not include 4woods. They make amazing-looking dolls but I feel like their popularity and presence has greatly declined over the years, and they are a bit inaccessible or hard to order for most people. Cosdoll and Racyme are knockoff brands so I won’t include them.
      D4E specializing in Western heads and DH168 specializing in Asian heads is generally true with some exceptions. This was D4E’s description of their dolls straight from their representative. 😆 The silicone Piper Dolls (and I believe the old TPE Shiori) are manufactured at the SM Doll factory so there is some kind of relationship, but their TPE dolls are made in a different factory.

  16. Haremlover

    Very interesting. I wonder if quality varies on the model.

  17. Stitch

    I recently purchased (and awaiting delivery) of a doll from Aebei through My Robot Doll. I didn’t discover your blog until after purchase, and while I’m encouraged that My Robot Doll is listed as a trusted seller, I’m curious as to your opinion of Aebei as a brand.
    Thank you for your time.

    1. Steven

      Hi Stitch,
      From what I heard, Aibei is decent quality. The factory that makes Aibei (I’m not sure if Aibei owns it or not) is actually one of the largest knockoff doll manufacturers in China. You might notice that many of Aibei’s dolls are imitations of WM Dolls, but with their own photos. However, Aibei does have some original dolls that they designed. Having said that, they should be decent quality and worth the price. My Robot Doll is an excellent vendor so you should be in good hands.

  18. Al

    whatabout CST/BBDoll? They’re fairly new but their faces seem very realistic

    1. Steven

      Hi Al,
      I plan to add CST Doll in the future. As you mentioned, they are very new and there isn’t enough information about them at the moment.

    2. Haremlover is a an overview of a CST doll that I looked at, the video banned on TDF, possibly for good reason but I recommend that people buy through vendors rather than direct.

      1. Al

        thank you for the video. i actually bought one and received it about a week ago. it had some air bubbles on the thighs and breasts as well, and the vaginal and anal cavities were practically dripping with oil. shame because if it weren’t for these problems it would be a remarkable doll for the price

  19. Finn

    Are there any decent vendors for Zelex dolls? Or any genuine official page for the company? Some of the already listed sites either haven’t, or have quite limited selection.

    1. Steven

      Hi Finn,
      As you noticed, there aren’t many Zelex vendors out there. Their official website is, but it’s not a good site to order from in my opinion. I recommend NorthernDoll for Zelex. Although they are a newer vendor, they are very responsive and knowledgeable about sex dolls. You can find their Zelex page here:

  20. Michael

    Any thoughts on Sexindoll? i recently ordered from them and they have great customer service and ship in about a week. Will get my order in about 2 days, so hope she is as good as the reviews say. I was wondering if most TPE dolls have interchangeable heads? I see alot of heads from other brands that have more selection.

    1. Steven

      Hi Michael,
      Sexindoll sells knockoff dolls, which are basically imitations of name-brand dolls. The quality and apperance won’t be as good as an authentic doll, but knockoffs cost a lot less. They are always a gamble so hopefully you receive a decent one. Most TPE dolls have a M16 neck bolt so the heads are interchangeable. However, it’s better to ask the vendor to be sure, and different brands generally have different skin tones so it may not always match.

      1. Michael

        Oh ok, thanks for the info. Yeah ive always wanted a doll since i saw the Jewel doll back in like 2008ish, just never had the funds. Finally took the plunge on a cheaper one.

  21. mike

    Hi Steven!
    Thank you sooo much for all this work you are doing. Your efforts are such an immense help to all, and especially to curious newcomers in the sex doll arena!
    I had seen multiple vendors selling IL dolls and Z-onedolls, while other vendors claimed that these brands were discontinued. After doing my research, it appears that both brands are actively producing their dolls.
    Would you comment on that whole situation, please, if you are familiar with it?
    How would you rate these two brands, and what was your experience in dealing with them?
    Also, why did you omit these two from your list of brands?

    1. Steven

      Hi Mike,
      Z-onedoll is Sino Doll. Z-onedoll was their old name, and they rebranded to Sino Doll a long time ago (I guess that vendor never updated it). As for IL Doll, I heard good things about them such as their very realistic-looking dolls. I know they moved to a new factory recently and were closed for about 3 months, but they are still in business. I haven’t added them simply because I haven’t paid much attention to them, not because they aren’t good. Thanks for the reminder to look into them again. I may add them soon. Sino Doll is very popular and people really like their Top-sino dolls.

  22. Steven

    Tayu was added to the list.

  23. Steven

    Zelex was added to the list.

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