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How To Tell If a Sex Doll Website is Legit?

After long hours of searching, you finally found the perfect sex doll. She has a pretty face, sexy body, and you can’t wait to own her. There’s just one problem: You never heard of the website and don’t know if you’re getting scammed or not. Are they legit?

Did you know that 90% of sex doll websites sell counterfeit/imitation products? Keep reading to earn about red flags, and how to tell whether a website is legitimate or not.

1. Do Not Buy From Aliexpress/Alibaba, Ebay, or Amazon

Top sex doll brands DON’T sell on marketplace websites like as Aliexpress, Temu, Ebay, or Amazon. These are free-for-all marketplaces where people can sell anything. 99% of the time, they’re selling cheap imitations with stolen photos. (Imagine buying Adidas shoes on Aliexpress, and you receive low-quality “Abibas” shoes – that’s basically what knockoff dolls are like)

2. Check For Legitimate Prices

Price is a good indicator of whether a website is trustworthy or not. Sex dolls under $1000 are clear signs of a scam (unless it’s a mini-doll). Name-brand TPE dolls usually sell for around $1500-$2000+ (depending on the brand and size), while silicone dolls are usually around $2000-$5000+.

I recommend visiting some reputable stores here to get an idea of brands and prices.

3. Brand Names Are Shown

Authentic sex dolls all have a brand, such as WM Doll, Piper Doll, JY Doll, etc. Since these brands are popular and well-known, there’s no reason for a legit vendor to hide them. Websites that don’t list brand names are usually selling knockoff, generic, or unbranded dolls (with stolen photos). If a website lists themselves as the brand (when the photos clearly belong to another brand), that is a clear indication of counterfeit or knockoff dolls.

4. Good English/Grammar

This only applies to sex doll stores in English. Usually the English and grammar can be an indication of whether a website is trustworthy. There’s nothing wrong with a few typos, but primarily bad English and grammar is probably a red flag. Many Chinese marketplace or knockoff doll sellers create English websites to sell to the West, but their poor English makes it obvious. Avoid expensive mistakes by choosing a vendor you can actually understand.

5. Fast and Good Customer Service

Before buying from a website, always contact their customer support first, preferably through email. Most websites have live chat, but they may not always be online. Ask them any questions you have, and see how quickly and well they respond. It’s also great if they have a phone number, and you can try calling them. If they reply fast, answer all your questions in detail, and are professional and polite, that’s definitely a good sign.

Other Tips

Here are some additional common red flags to look out for:

  • Height Options: If the customization options have height options, that’s usually a red flag. The photos show a specific doll, and height options would be misleading.
  • Specification Tables in the Description: If you see a table in the description showing the specifications of many different heights (usually comparing 6 or 8 different heights), it’s probably a marketplace seller.
  • Fake Reviews: Most customers don’t leave reviews. If there’s an unusually high amounts of reviews (like 10+ on several dolls), then the reviews are probably fake. Fake reviews usually consist of short undetailed reviews, female reviewer names (from name generators), reviewers from many different countries, or reviewer names like A***n (common “name censoring” on Chinese marketplaces).
  • Incorrect Customization Options: Every brand has their own set of customization options. If a website uses the same or wrong customization options for various brands, then they probably sell knockoff dolls.
  • Keyword-Filled Doll Names: Websites that name their dolls with a ton of keywords like “160cm Real TPE Sexy Big Breast Silicone Sex Doll” are usually Chinese marketplace sellers.
  • “Same Doll As the Photos”: Aliexpress sellers love to write something like “You will 100% get the same doll as the photos.” It’s super common in their descriptions. Trustworthy vendors will never say this.
  • Low, Low Prices: Again, I want to emphasize that websites where most dolls are under $1000 are knockoff doll sites. The only authentic dolls under $1000 are Kimber Doll, mini dolls, and some specific low-end brands. There’s no such thing as a huge sale that drops a doll’s price by more than half. They’re usually knockoff dolls with stolen photos.
  • Weird Domain Names: While it’s not always true, sometimes weird domain names are a sign. Names that don’t make sense (like sexdollon), have a bunch of random letters put together (like ldoex), or a bunch of keywords thrown together (like topbestsexdoll, although this isn’t always true because some legit stores are named like this) can sometimes give off red flags.
  • Stolen Content: Many knockoff doll sellers (and scammers) steal content from other websites. If a website clearly has bad English, yet their doll descriptions are written in perfect English, then it was probably stolen/copy-and-pasted from another website. You can copy-and-paste some sentences into Google to find out if it was stolen. I noticed that a lot of doll descriptions and About Us sections are copy-and-pasted.
  • Fake Sales Tactics: Avoid websites with plugins that say “x sold in the last 24 hours,””x people are watching this item,” unnecessary countdown timers, etc. Those are fake, deceptive, and unprofessional.

The more you visit and browse trustworthy websites, the more you’ll recognize different brands, dolls, specifications, prices, and customization options. These can all help you distinguish legit websites from scam ones. Price is usually the easiest way to tell if a website sells authentic or knockoff dolls. Don’t buy a $500 sex doll and expect to receive an authentic one. You get what you pay for, and it 100% won’t be authentic at that price.

Some Visual Examples


Found a website and would like to know whether it’s legit or not? Feel free to comment below and I can give my opinion on it.

Trusted Sex Doll Websites

You can also find our list of trustworthy sex doll websites here: Trusted Sex Doll Websites

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  1. lee

    Sex dolls should not just be a toy for sex but also represent people’s beautiful imagination for their soulmates. No one should feel ashamed or embarrassed about buying it. In this era of freedom and liberation, everyone has the right to pursue their own happiness and joy without violation of the law and public order.

  2. Steven

    Hey, do you know if Sexdollpartner is legit??? they have many full size with less than 1000 and i think its okay? i have spoken to their customer service and a persons replies immediately

    1. Steven

      Hi Steven,
      They mainly sell Ridmii and SY Doll, which are both lower-end brands made by SY. Besides the deceptive AI photos recently, their quality is very mixed. I’ve heard both ok and bad reviews about SY/Ridmii, so it’s a bit of a gamble.

      As for Sexdollpartner, I don’t know anything about them. Their Trustpilot reviews are most likely fake (full reviewer names and bad English), but they’ll probably send you the doll. The issue is mainly how their customer service responds if there’s a problem with the doll.

  3. Anon

    Hi Steven, is legit? I ordered a doll from them and I have been waiting for 23 days and I’m getting worried.

    1. Tim

      I’m looking at them too. How was your experience?

  4. Bryan

    You ever hear of aini doll??? Most dolls are 60-70 percent off

  5. Ben

    Anyone had any experience with
    Only been receiving auto-replies saying they’ll get back to me then I don’t hear from them. ( says they’re an authorised vendor)

  6. Anton

    Is the website reliable to buy from ?

    Thank you.

    1. Steven

      Hi Anton,
      I never heard of them but they appear to sell SY Dolls, which is a cheaper brand. However, no brand names listed, lying about being a manufacturer, and very low prices are some red flags.

  7. Larry

    Hey, could you check out Rosemary dolls? They seem relatively legitimate, have phone numbers, emails, live chat, and even Skype contacts. They also claim to be certified vendors for a couple of the big doll brands, but idk how to check the validity of their claims. Thank you

    1. Steven

      Hi Larry,
      Rosemarydoll is a legit vendor.

    1. Steven

      Yes, Rosemarydoll is legit.

  8. Cole

    Hey Steven is legit?

  9. Jerry

    Hi Steven, do you think legit? Thank you.

    1. Steven

      Hi Jerry,
      That looks like one of CST Doll/BBdoll’s many websites. They’re a relatively affordable silicone doll brand with decent quality. They should be legit based on what I read on TDF (a few ppl ordered from them directly). However, I suggest doing some research first since I lost track of all their various websites.

      1. Jerry

        Thank you for your answer. I’ll do more research on them.
        I have ask them for more pictures of an AIO doll. They have replied with promoted pictures of same head with 2 different bodies.
        So i guess they don’t have in stock dolls.

  10. Johnny

    Hi Steven,

    is a legit site?
    thanks for all your help!

  11. Arris

    Can you check out

    it’s newer so i can’t tell.

    same as

    do either of these sites seem legitimate?

  12. Ken

    Hi I recently found a website called MRL and they apparently have two versions of the same site for some reason
    I emailed the vendor and they said they were both official but I’m still skeptical.

    1. Steven

      Hi Ken,
      They’re probably the same since both websites have the same contact information (same emails and whatsapp number). I don’t know anything else about them though.
      You can find some reviews here: but all the reviews seem incentivized and unreliable.

  13. Derio

    Hello! I’ve been reading your blog and find your expertise quite valuable. I’m wondering if you can help me assess the legitimacy of
    even though they are German. Your insights would be greatly appreciated!

  14. Steve

    Best real dolls. I bought a doll from them. It was 40 % off. But instead of being white as in pic it was very dark skinned an the body was very narrow, arms legs hips were super skinny. They said pictures look different than in reality. Guess I’m out of 600 bucks. Same thing on ebay site. On legit sites will dolls have regular size thickness of hips an legs like a 5ft 2 person ? I want a normal looking realistic doll not one with a starving child’s frame. So are they all like that? Or are legit ones normal looking bodies?

    1. Steven

      Hi Steve,
      Basically, you bought a knockoff doll. Like many Ebay sellers, they use stolen photos, and send you a completely different doll (not from the photos). Not all dolls are skinny, but knockoff dolls tend to be skinny to save on costs. However, authentic dolls can also be skinny, although there are thicker ones as well. You have to look at the specs since photos can be misleading due to the distance and angles. However, I will say that in general, dolls are typically smaller/thinner than a normal person, but there are thick and heavy dolls as well.

      1. Lee

        Hello Steven,
        Is a reputable seller? Thanks!

  15. Frank

    Where could I buy the sgd studio tifa? And is legit ?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Steven

      Hi Frank,
      The SGD Studio Tifa is currently on presale. It won’t actually release until December 2023 (estimated). Although that website seems to be the official website, a vendor such as Kumadoll might be a safer option.

    1. Steven

      Hi sweetnsharp,
      Umedoll – Very simple-looking website. No descriptions or customization options. I don’t trust vendors that say “We have our own manufacturing facilities” in their About Us section.
      Sndoll – Might be legit but they mostly promote budget brands, and their catalog is somewhat outdated. Unknown vendor with no reviews = risky.
      sexdollxxx – Typical knockoff dolls + cheap dolls vendor. Risky and lots of fake reviews.
      HGdoll – Legit vendor, but weird payment system, and I don’t know if their customer service is good or not.
      Overall, HGdoll is the best option here, but I haven’t seen much reviews about them. I only know of them.

  16. Mer

    Hi, I’m looking for details on Game Lady Dolls. They’re fairly new i think, but their figures look awesome so i plan getting some of them. I’m looking particularly at their new Soft Silicone Ada Wong, Jill Valentine, and Triss Merigold models.

    I have checked their twitter account, seems to be their official site. I also found some resellers of them like Are these legitimate? I can’t seem to find much information on these. Thanks!

  17. Mark

    Hola Podrias decirme si NakeDoll es una pagina confiable
    quisiera comprar una muñeca ahi pero tengo el temor de la estafa y aparte vivo en Mexico

    1. Steven

      Hi Mark,
      I don’t recommend them. They sell knockoff dolls, and even photoshopped the WM logo out of their stolen photos. Unfortunately, it’s also hard to find a vendor that ships to Mexico so I can’t help with that.

  18. Mike

    Can anyone confirm that is still legit? I see people talk about it and some posts from like a year or 2 ago saying they are legit, I just want some up to date confirmation. Thank you.

    1. Steven

      Hi Mike,
      They’re legit but I heard mixed things about their customer service. Recently, someone said that he ordered a doll from RLSD, the hip joint broke after 2 weeks, and they refused to help him (and didn’t honor their guarantee). I don’t know all the details in that situation, but their customer service may not be the best.

  19. Remy

    Hello is sosexdoll legit too?

  20. Remy

    Hello is realsexdollstore store legit?

  21. Alfred

    Any thoughts on doll to china ? They seem to have the lowest price for silicone piper dolls. They were a bit slow when i reached out via email compared to MRD, The doll channel and and didnt reply on thier website where they supposedly “reply immediately”.

    1. Steven

      Hi Alfred,
      Dollto-China is legit, and used to be quite popular for Piper Dolls. Their customer service is decent, but I’m not entirely sure what their after-sales support is like. They should be fine to order from, but if you want better customer service, go with MRD or TDC.

  22. Johnny

    What do you think of I was looking for a Dutch/German site to buy my doll from.
    The prices seem to be on the low end compared to most of the US/Canadian shops but are still in the believable range.
    Something that gives them a legit point in my book;
    -is the option to pay retrospectively although this is done through an external service (Klarna).
    -they are registered with the Dutch chamber of commerce
    -they have a few positive reviews on (site where you can register your webshop and get a quality mark though this is mostly administrative)
    Things that make me question the legitimacy;
    -the current domain they operate under is 8 months old. (They claim to exist since 2010)
    -the extra information given varies per doll even when they are of the same manufacturer
    -limited options when customizing compared to some other shops
    -especially in English not everything is translated properly
    -only a mobile cell number (something more companies do but fixed line is still making things seem more legit)

    1. Arnold

      Hello Johnny,
      Myself took the vendor in Germany, very good service and he doesnt keep mails away from the manufacture and between him, he shows you everything.
      You also dont have to negotiate for an extra head/discount or something, he will fix this already to the max with the manufacture for you.
      You also can go to his showroom and see some dolls if you want.
      You can get any doll you want even some brand is not listed at his site.

    2. Steven

      Hi Johnny,
      They might be legit but I don’t entirely trust them. First, DutchDoll is a suspicious brand. They just put their brand name over some cheap OEM dolls, and claim that it’s as good as WM.
      Many of their dolls seem too low in price, and as you mentioned very little customization options, false info in their About Us section, and probably fake reviews.
      If you’re looking for a German vendor, Dollstudio is a better option.

      1. Johnny

        Hi Steven,
        Thank you for your reply. Since I already had my doubts and multiple people suggested better options I will buy from a different vendor. Might be it’s all legit but with this amount of money better safe than sorry.

    1. Steven

      Hi Kaieton,
      That website sells knockoff dolls. Red flags include low prices, no brand names, fake reviews, fake About Us statistics, and lies about being TDF-approved. You should also avoid vendors with those copy-pasted “Test Reports.” No reputable vendors show those other than Chinese marketplace sellers (it’s common on Aliexpress/Alibaba). Ultimately, it’s a risky website selling cheap dolls, and the gamble is up to you. I personally wouldn’t recommend them.

  23. Lesa


    Do you know anything about male sex dolls for a women or gay man? Are there legit websites out there that sell male dolls? I’ve seen Spartan Lover and Gendoll but I’m kind of scared to purchase and get scammed…

    1. Steven

      Hi Lesa,
      Unfortunately, I don’t really follow male dolls so I don’t know much about them. SpartanLover should be legit, but I would not recommend Gendoll. You can also check out MyRobotDoll’s male doll section, which is a vendor I trust.
      You can find some male doll info here:

  24. John

    Is this site legit?

    They have robot sex dolls for 3000 dollars (but I thought robot sex dolls were way more expensive than that). They seem legit to me but idk

    1. Steven

      Hi John,
      Personally, I’m not a fan of that website. First, your idea of “robot sex dolls” is probably different from what they actually sell. They carry 4 types of dolls which they call “AI Robot Dolls,” “Smart Sex Dolls,” “Moving Sex Doll Robot,” and “Ultra-realistic sex dolls.” Their “AI Robot Dolls” are basically AI heads on a regular sex doll body. They’re made by a company called AI-Tech, but for some reason, they also threw in some ‘non-AI’ AF and JY Doll photos in there. $3000 is what they usually sell for because it’s just a robotic head (with very a simple chatbot program) on a regular TPE body.
      Their “Smart Sex Dolls” appear to be TPE dolls with some electronic features such as heating system, touch sensors, and moaning system. Many brands have these features which I personally don’t recommend. They’re cheap, break quickly, and work poorly.
      Their “Moving Sex Doll Robots” appear to be SE Dolls with the built-in sex motions, such as repetitive rocking back-and-forth, etc. These don’t have an AI head, just repetitive sex motions you can turn on.
      And last, their “Ultra-realistic sex dolls” are just some models of the Gynoid brand.
      Having said all that, some reasons why I don’t like them: they don’t list the brand names and pretend like they created the dolls, their website is hard to navigate, and just overall feels like a random, Chinese vendor. There’s nothing special about what they sell, and you can find the AI-tech dolls for less on a reputable vendor like MyRobotDoll.
      This is one of the very few AI-tech reviews, but you have to be a Dollforum member to read it:

      1. John

        Thank you so much!!! And thank you for telling me about MyRobotDoll. That one seems like a much better site as well and much more reputable. Will check them out

    1. Steven

      Hi Allen,
      Yes, they are legit. I also recommend Sexdolls-shop, who are also are Canadian.

  25. John

    Is Nake Doll legit or scam?

  26. Allen…is it a legit site?

    1. Steven

      Hi Allen,
      They sell mostly knockoff dolls with stolen photos. Red flags include low prices, no brand names, fake reviews (every doll has exactly 1 review on it), and no About Us section. I would look elsewhere.

  27. Claudio Souza

    Do you have good recommendations for male sex dolls? I couldn’t find any on the blog .
    Thank you

  28. Ady

    Hey Steven,

    Could you please tell me if is legit?

    1. Steven

      Hi Ady,
      They sell mostly knockoff dolls with stolen photos from WM Doll and JY Doll. Some of their brands like Irontech and Piper Doll could possibly be authentic, but they also have full-sized Sino Dolls for under $1000. That’s definitely not possible and enough reason to avoid them. I would not consider them trustworthy.

  29. Dan

    Hello, is an ok site to use?

    1. Steven

      Hi Dan,
      Game Lady is a legit brand but there are tons of websites pretending to be them. That is yet another one. The prices and customization options look correct, but everything else is unknown (i.e. customer service and legitimacy). Something I don’t like is the “x sold in last 8 hours” and “x people are viewing this right now,” which are fake marketing tactics.
      Personally, I suggest choosing a more reputable vendor like Sexdolls-shop or SiliconeLovers. They have Game Lady dolls for the same price.

      1. Dan

        Thanks, I have been so confused how they are able to be $400 cheaper than other sites. I think instead of $2799 they are like $2400. So far their pre-sale customer service has been good, I’ve been asking customization questions. I’ll look at siliconelovers. Thanks again.

  30. Vic

    Is legit?

    1. Steven

      Hi Vic,
      Here is what I said about them before:
      Basically, they sell knockoff dolls and I don’t recommend them, but someone here ordered from them and liked the doll. From what I can tell, it seems like a real review, but their last message was a little suspicious so you never know.

  31. Melvin

    Hey Steven,

    Could you please tell me if is legit?

    1. Steven

      Hi Melvin,
      Unfortunately, I don’t know much about torsos. They seem legit but there are also some red flags like fake reviews, and “store managers” with fake names and pictures replying with completely random statements. They’ll probably send you the product, but there’s definitely a lot of deceptive marketing on that website. Almost every review there sounds fake or suspicious. Since I don’t know anyone that ordered from them, it’s at your own risk.

  32. Andrew

    Hello Steven, please tell me if these two sites are reliable or it is better to avoid them, I will leave links directly to the models.

    1. Andrew

      Hello Steven, can you please tell me if these two sites are reliable or should be avoided?



      1. Steven

        Hi Andrew,
        Momodoll is a real brand but I don’t know their quality or customer service. The 2nd website is a knockoff doll vendor that I wouldn’t recommend.

  33. Scott V.

    Hello, thanks for the info, much appreciated. Do you have any info on whether or not if is legit or not? Their prices seem a little to good to be true and I just want to be extra careful.

  34. Scott V.

    Hello, I am interested in buying a doll from and was wondering if you could look into seeing if it’s legit or not. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Steven

      Hi Scott,
      They sell knockoff dolls. Red flags include no brand names, prices too low (more obvious in their in-stock section), keyword-filled titles, and claims to be a manufacturer yet uses other brands’ photos. They probably aren’t even American, but there can be American scammers too (like SexDollGenie). I wouldn’t recommend them but the risk is up to you.

  35. Mark legit?


    1. Steven

      Hi Mark,
      I’m not a fan of that website. Not only do they sell knockoff dolls, they also stole some of my content in their blog section. Not 1:1 copies, but they pasted some of my writing word-for-word. I couldn’t find any off-site reviews, but their on-site reviews seem fake because some are from 2021 while their website was created in 2022. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend them because of knockoff dolls and stolen content, but it’s up to you.

  36. Miguel Núñez

    Hola,yo estoy tratando de comprar una,pero por el temor de que me estafen,no me he atrevido.
    Muy buenos consejos para los que no están muy informados.
    Quiero comprar una muñeca de la marca ”Sino doll,pero no se si realmente tendré éxito en la compra,además mientras más lejos de distancia,es más,complicado para comprar.También,yo soy de Chile,y ”sino doll”,es de Japón, parece.

    1. Steven

      Hi Miguel,
      Sino Doll comes from China, and if you order from a reputable vendor, you won’t get scammed. First thing you should do is ask if they ship to Chile. Some will and some won’t, but I think Chile is an ok country to ship to. Unfortunately, I don’t know any vendors that speak Spanish other than TheDollChannel (but they don’t sell Sino Doll). You will have to ask around.

  37. Tom

    Hello Stephen.
    I think your blog is very well written.
    I wonder if is a legit website, it seems like a new website.

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