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How To Tell If a Sex Doll Website is Legit?

After long hours of searching, you finally found the perfect sex doll. She has a pretty face, sexy body, and you can’t wait to own her. There’s just one problem: You never heard of the website and don’t know if you’re getting scammed or not. Are they legit?

Did you know that 90% of sex doll websites sell counterfeit/imitation products? Read this article to find out signs of scams and how to tell whether a website is legitimate or not.

1. Do Not Buy From Aliexpress/Alibaba, Ebay, or Amazon

Top sex doll brands DO NOT sell on marketplace websites such as Aliexpress, DHgate, Ebay, or Amazon. You won’t find authentic, name-brand dolls on any of these websites. They are free-for-all marketplaces where people can sell anything, and 99% of the time, the dolls there are cheap, knockoff dolls using stolen photos.

2. Check For Legitimate Prices

Price is a good indicator of whether a website is trustworthy or not. Sex dolls under $1000 are obvious signs of a scam. The price may be appealing, but no authentic sex doll sells for that cheap (unless it’s a mini-doll). Name-brand TPE sex dolls usually sell for around $1500-$2000+ (depending on the brand and size) and silicone sex dolls usually sell for around $2000-$5000+.

Silicone Lovers is a TDF-approved vendor we trust and their site gives a good sense of how much sex dolls should cost. Their prices are fairly low already so any sites with prices lower than Silicone Lovers comes off as sketchy. SexDolls-Shop is also a great, trusted site to compare prices.

3. They Show Brand Names

Most high quality sex dolls have a brand, such as WM Doll, 6YE, Piper Doll, JY Doll, etc. These brands are popular and well-known so there’s no reason for a legit vendor to hide them. Websites that don’t clearly display the brand name are usually selling knockoff, generic, or unbranded dolls (with stolen photos). If a website lists themselves as the brand when the photos clearly belong to another brand, then that is a clear indication of counterfeit or knockoff dolls.

4. Good English/Grammar

This only applies to sex doll stores in English. Usually the English and grammar can be an indication of whether a website is trustworthy. There’s nothing wrong with a few typos but continuous bad English and grammar usually gives off a red flag. Many Chinese manufacturers and knockoff doll sellers create websites in English to sell to the West, and their poor English makes it obvious. It’s best to avoid websites with badly written English and grammar.

5. Fast and Good Customer Service

Before buying from a website, always contact their customer support first, preferably through email. Most websites have live chat, but they may not always be online. Ask them many questions through email and see how quickly and well they respond. It’s also great if they have a phone number, and you can try calling them. If they reply fast, answer all your questions with good English/grammar, and are professional and polite, that is a good sign they can be trusted.

Other Tips

Here are some additional common red flags to look out for:

  • Height Options: If the customization options have height options, that is usually an indicator of knockoff dolls. Some legit sites might have this but different heights have different proportions so it is misleading.
  • Height Specification Tables in the Description: If you see a table in the description showing the specifications of various different heights (usually comparing 6 or 8 different heights), that website is most likely an Aliexpress/Alibaba seller.
  • Fake Reviews: Most customers don’t leave reviews. If there’s an unusually high amounts of reviews (like 10+ on several dolls), then the reviews are probably fake. Fake reviews usually consist of short reviews without much details, female reviewer names (from name generators), reviewers from many different countries, or reviewer names like A***n (which are usually imported reviews from Aliexpress).
  • Incorrect Customization Options: Every brand has their own set of customization options. If a website uses the same or wrong customization options for various brands, then they probably sell knockoff dolls.
  • Keyword-Filled Doll Names: Websites that name their dolls with a ton of keywords like “160cm Real TPE Sexy Big Breast Silicone Sex Doll” are usually Aliexpress or Chinese marketplace sellers.
  • Low, Low Prices: Again, I want to emphasize (because people still keep asking) that websites where most dolls are under $1000 are knockoff doll sites. The only authentic dolls under $1000 are Kimber Doll and mini dolls. Full-sized dolls under $1000 are almost always knockoff/counterfeit dolls using stolen photos. There’s no such thing as a huge sale that drops a doll’s price by more than half.
  • Weird Domain Names: While it’s not always true, many websites with weird domain names are Chinese counterfeit doll sellers. Domain names that don’t make sense (like sexdollon), have a bunch of random letters put together (like ldoex), or a bunch of keywords thrown together (like topbestsexdoll, although this isn’t always true because some legit stores are named like this) are usually already signs whether a website is legit or not.
  • Stolen Content: Many knockoff doll sellers and scammers steal content from other websites. If a website clearly has bad English, yet their doll descriptions are written in perfect English, then it was probably stolen/copy-and-pasted from another website. You can copy-and-paste some sentences into Google to find out if it was stolen. I noticed that a lot of doll descriptions and About Us sections are copy-and-pasted.
  • Fake Sales Tactics: Don’t buy from websites that use plugins that say “x sold in the last 24 hours,””x people are watching this item,” unnecessary countdown timers, etc. Those are fake, deceptive, and unprofessional.

The more you visit and browse trustworthy websites, you more you will recognize different brands, dolls, specifications, prices, and customization options. These can all help you distinguish legit websites from scam ones. Price is usually the easiest way to tell if a website sells authentic or knockoff dolls. Don’t buy a $500 sex doll and expect to receive an authentic one. You get what you pay for and it 100% won’t be authentic at that price.

Some Visual Examples


Found a website and would like to know whether it’s legit or not? Feel free to comment below and I can give my opinion on it.

Trusted Sex Doll Websites

You can also find our list of trustworthy sex doll websites here: Trusted Sex Doll Websites

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  1. Mike

    Hi there,

    Thank you for this web page.

    I’ve been looking at and I’ve written an email to them as well.
    According to your advices I don’t see any red flags and would appreciate your view, please.

    1. Mike

      I can add that they answered my email within 12 hours in decent English and on request they send me factory pictures of the doll.

    1. Steven

      Hi Jesse,
      They look like they’re probably legit. However, I don’t know much about them or whether their customer service is good or not. They are based in Taiwan, and their doll collection is also fairly outdated. Other than some silicone Irontech dolls, it doesn’t look like they added any new dolls in over a year.

  2. handler

    is official website of aibei doll?
    their email is same with paypal account, is that mean is trusted vendor?

    1. Steven

      Hi Handler, is the official Aibei Doll website. Assuming what you said is true, it would mean zlovedoll’s Aibei branded dolls most likely comes from the Aibei factory. However, zlovedoll is a vendor that carries many brands. That information alone doesn’t prove that their other brands are authentic, especially since the Aibei factory also makes knockoff dolls.

  3. Brent


    I was wondering if is legitimate. Everything to me seems real, but there are typos here and there.

    1. Steven

      Hi Brent,
      There are a few red flags with that website. Their in-stock dolls are knockoff dolls (height doesn’t match the doll in the photo). Their SE Dolls might be authentic but they don’t list the brand name which is not a good sign. The AI-tech dolls might also be authentic, but AI-tech isn’t very good in my opinion (very primitive AI heads). Overall, they’re not a website I would personally order from. There are more reputable vendors with the same or lower prices.

  4. Damon

    Hi Steven, i don’t know if it’s been asked or reviewed but i would like to ask what about and Are those site trustworthy? Thanks in advance

    1. Steven

      Hi Damon,
      Zlovedoll has many red flags such as their doll listings don’t show brand names, “All pictures are 100% real” line is something knockoff sellers say, the “free gifts delivered together with sex dolls” makes it seem like every doll comes from the same factory, and very cheap in-stock dolls. Although the dolls in their brands section could be legit, they seem risky to order from. Sexymalena is probably legit. They are very up-to-date with Game Lady and Zelex dolls. The only red flags I noticed are their “Kendra” WM Doll has height options and their WM Dolls don’t have all the skin tone options. Otherwise, they’re probably legit but relatively new and unknown.

  5. Grev

    I’m not sure if this has been asked. Do you know any trustworthy sites with payment plan options and AIBEI brand Doll’s?

    1. Steven

      Hi Grev,
      MyRobotDoll sells Aibei. I’m not sure which website offers payment plans. Websites that do usually use Klarna or Sezzle, and you’ll see it on the doll listing. PayPal also has a payment plan option if you’re approved for it.

      1. Grev

        Thank you!

    1. Steven

      Hi skeptical,
      They look like the same website with two different domains. Personally, I wouldn’t order from either of them. They sell knockoff dolls.

  6. Adam

    Hi Steven
    I was wondering if is a reliable website it looks legit but just wanted to make sure thanks.

    1. Steven

      Hi Adam,
      HGDoll should be legit. It is run by a former Doll House 168 employee named Shannon, who seems active on Twitter. Everything looks about right on their website. The only negative I’ve heard about them is they don’t have much payment options. You should still contact them with any questions you have and do your due diligence since I can’t vouch for them.

  7. Jon

    Is it alright to buy directly from the maker’s site? For example, It seems most of the dolls there are cheaper than most of the vendors?

    1. Steven

      Hi Jon,
      I generally don’t recommend buying directly from a brand’s website. You will get much better customer service and buyer protection ordering through a vendor. Customer service and business is different in China. The brand is more worried about hurting their vendor (who makes them lots of money) than hurting a random customer in another country (who probably won’t order again). If you get lucky and there’s no problems, then you saved some money. However, if there is a problem, they’ll most likely ignore you unless you have some leverage that can negatively affect them. It sounds bad but that’s just how it works. Therefore, I recommend ordering through a vendor and paying a little extra for peace of mind. Vendors have leverage that individual customers don’t have.

  8. Joshua

    Hey Steven hope all is well and would like to say thanks a lot for all the information you provide. I was wondering if you knew anything about as I was scouring over their site a couple of the red flags popped up but also quite a few good flags came up so I’m a little hesitant on them. appreciate your time!

    1. Steven

      Hi Joshua,
      It looks like they updated their website from the last time I checked. It used to be very obvious that they sold knockoff dolls although it’s still obvious if you look at their in-stock dolls section. Lots of WM and JY photos at knockoff prices. They seem to have added some brands like WM Doll and Irontech now. However, I still don’t trust them because they used to and still sell knockoff dolls. Every time I see that RealDoll photo that they photoshopped their logo into, I can only shake my head. If you want to take the risk, it’s up to you, but I would not consider them as trustworthy.

  9. Ben

    is this a legit site? [link removed]
    no problem if you don’t want to review it…
    thank you.

    1. Steven

      Hi Ben,
      Judging only from their TPE and silicone listings, they could be legit. However, there isn’t much info online about them and they have no About Us section. Their website seems very basic and vague. I personally wouldn’t order from them but the risk is up to you. I can’t say much else about them.

  10. Erick

    I would like to know if and are legit.

    And as for masturbators in general, half body and even silicone feet, the same goes for not buying from sites like Aliexpress or Amazon? just asking, but if you can suggest me a site it will be of great help.

    1. Steven

      Hi Erick,
      Sexndolls might be legit but is risky since they have no reviews. Their brand info seem correct but they are missing a lot of customization options. They also don’t have many dolls listed and have fake sales gimmicks like “x sold in the last 24 hours.” That Pokemon doll they sell was surprising to see. 😂 As for urdolls, I looked at them many times. Their website always looks like a huge mess of random dolls and prices all thrown together. Although some of their dolls could be authentic (based on prices and customization options), there’s something off about their brand authorization certificates; they’re all in the same format with no dates and look fake (Doesn’t match the official certificates). Overall, another risky website that is hard to judge due to the messiness and no reviews outside their website.
      If you’re looking for a cheap torso doll, I think ordering from Ebay or Amazon is probably fine. Sex doll brands have some torso dolls, but they’re expensive and not really worth it if you just want something cheap for masturbation. The ones on marketplace websites (Amazon/Ebay) are probably good enough unless you want something more premium. You should still do your due diligence and research the product and seller before ordering though.

      1. Erick

        Thank you very much, I was also surprised to have arrived at, but I didn’t see many people asking about content like this, I think I’m going with the marketplace sites for a first experience, although don’t intend to buy anything for now.

        1. Steven

          Hi Erick,
          That is perfectly understandable. Just be careful on marketplace websites because unlike regular websites, they are a free-for-all where anyone can sell anything. Always do your research.

  11. Bryan

    Found some dolls on think it’s legit enough? Some dolls are less than $1,000 but read reviews that they asked for a certain person on the site and got exactly what they wanted. Please and thank you.

    1. Steven

      Hi Bryan,
      They sell knockoff dolls and check off pretty much every red flag. They’re actually the perfect example of a website to avoid. The reviews on their website are most likely fake (very vague and lots of female names- name generator). Their trustpilot reviews (which are more likely real) don’t look very good:

  12. Brian

    Hi Steven,

    What’s your opinion on Thanks.

    1. Steven

      Hi Brian,
      They might be legit. The brands, prices and listings seem correct. Some red flags are the keyword-filled names, and some dolls don’t have customization options or have incomplete customization options. They could still be legit but with no reviews online, I would consider them risky to order from.

    1. Steven

      Hi Frank,
      Yes. Tantaly is a popular torso company.

      1. Frank

        Sorry I meant what are your thoughts on it? As in, can they be trusted? Thanks for the quick reply.

        1. Steven

          Yes. They are trustworthy. I read many positive real reviews about them. However, since sex torsos are not my specialty, I don’t know much else about them. The only advice I can give is to look closely at the dimensions because many times they are smaller than they look.

  13. Zang

    What are your thoughts on They have some real game characters that is really appealing.

    1. Steven

      Hi Zang,
      They are a Chinese vendor and might be legit. I don’t really see any red flags other than fake reviews. A lot of fake reviews.. but otherwise, they could be legit. The doll listings, customization options, and specifications all look about right. It’s still at your own risk.

  14. Jerry

    Hi Steven
    Do you know of any reputable used doll sellers here in the U.S.?

    1. Steven

      Hi Jerry,
      I don’t know any vendors or stores that sell used dolls. Some vendors accept returns but I’m not sure what they actually do with the used doll. I never see them for sale. You can either contact some vendors with US warehouses and ask if they have any used dolls for sale or check out the marketplace section on Dollforum where members sell used dolls (

  15. Jerry

    Hi Steven
    I was inquiring about they really have super low prices on some items, a little to good to be true! I noticed they are not a certified vendor nor member of TDF
    With that being said, they do list name brand dolls and a few brands I have never heard of, and they do have an about themselves section, just wondering if they are legitimate or not, I have not contacted them in anyway I was just browsing their selections.

    1. Steven

      Hi Jerry,
      They might be legit. They have all the “authorized reseller” certificates for the brands they sell which is a good sign. However, their prices aren’t as low as they seem. They have height options and every doll shows the price of the lowest height by default (which is a bit misleading). I’m not a huge fan of height options. If you choose a different height, the price changes. Anyway, they could be legit but I don’t know for certain. They are a German vendor.

      1. Jerry

        Thanks for your insight, as I said I was just browsing their site to view their selections and prices.

  16. dirk

    Hi Steven,

    Do you know much about sexdoll ? Thanks again Dirk.

    1. Steven

      Hi Dirk,
      If you mean, they should be legit since they’re related to Siliconwives. However, that website (sexdoll) looks somewhat outdated and abandoned. It doesn’t look like they added any new dolls in a long time.

      1. dirk

        Hi Steve,

        Sorry for all the questions actually its Know anything about these guys. The guys you recommended seem to be good but unfortunately they want around $300 US for shipping to Australia.
        Thanks again.

        1. Steven

          Oksexdoll changed a lot since I last looked at them. They added a lot of brands and could possibly be legit now based on the prices, customization options, etc. However, in the past, they sold knockoff dolls and there’s still a bunch of red flags on their website. For example, their About Us page is copy-and-pasted from SexyRealSexDoll (they forgot to even change the name), and their review section has a bunch of fake, duplicated reviews. I’m not sure if they’re legit now, but their questionable past and shady business practices makes me hesitant to order from them.

      2. dirk

        Hi Steven,

        Thanks and yes also have my doubts. Suppose just have to go with the old saying you get what you pay for. I will keep looking and see what else comes up.
        Thanks again for your advise.

        1. Paul

          I almost purchased a Zelex doll from oksexdolls.
          A Zelex doll named Janne appeared in two pictures.
          In the first case the doll was listed as A cup but in the second picture the information stated that she was a C cup

  17. dirk

    Hi just wondering if zlovedoll or kanadoll are legit ? I did get a reply email from the sales manager at Aibeigirls and he says they are. But I still have my doubts and now wondering about Aibeigirls itself. Also how can a reseller sell $500 or so cheaper than the manufacture and include extras and shipping and still make a profit ?
    Thanks in advance for the advice.

    1. Steven

      Hi Dirk,
      Zlovedoll sells knockoff dolls, which are cheap imitations. Kanadoll is more likely to be legit but I don’t know of anyone that ordered from them. They specialize in lesser-known, more affordable brands.
      For your 2nd question, generally manufacturers focus on manufacturing rather than sales. They depend on vendors for sales and customer service, and usually won’t undercut their vendors (although some do). Brands list their dolls high (like a high MSRP) because they don’t plan to actually sell the dolls themselves (again, not all brands do this). The WM Doll official website, for example, lists dolls for about $1000 higher than their vendors. Vendors order dolls through manufacturers for less than what’s listed on their website (wholesale price), which is how they make profit. There’s also other factors why some vendors can sell for less such as lower cost of living in their country, lower taxes/operational costs, etc.

      1. dirk

        Hi Steven,

        Thanks for the info much appreciated. But strange how the sales manger at Aibeigirls said yes to both kanadolls and zlovedolls as being trusted sites. As Im after a particluar doll from Aibeigirls. But as you pointed out about resellers they focus on sales not manufacture.
        Maybe better to pay a higher price and forgo the extras and purchase from the manufacturer to hopefully get the real deal.
        Thanks again.

        1. Steven

          Hi Dirk,
          That’s not really what I meant. As I stated before, manufacturers focus on production while vendors focus on sales and customer service. If you buy directly from the manufacturer, yes it will be authentic, but not all manufacturers like dealing with customers. Ordering from a trustworthy vendor usually gives you better buyer protection and customer service than buying directly from a manufacturer in China. If you’re looking for a trusted vendor that sells Aibei, I recommend My Robot Doll.

          1. dirk

            Hi Steven,

            Ok thanks will check out there site.

  18. Phil

    Hi, I stumbled across this doll shop on instagram. Is this website legit?

    1. Steven

      Hi Phil,
      They seem like they could be legit, but there’s no reviews or info about them online. From their contact info and one of their homepage banners, they appear to be the same people behind “realdollshops” and “lovedollshops.” Again, they could possibly be legit (brands/pricing seems about right) but they are based in China with little to no information online so I would consider it risky. Instagram is not a good place to find doll vendors.

      1. Phil

        Ok, thanks a lot for your suggestion. I will seriously consider it.

  19. James

    Hi Steven,

    Have you heard of are they legit? Could not google anything up on them.

    1. Steven

      Hi James,
      I never heard of them, but they look legit based on their website. Their prices are a bit on the lower end, probably because they are a newer store trying to make sales. Some red flags are their in-stock dolls seem a little too cheap, there’s no About Us section, and their homepage is not secured. Personally, I would go with a more established vendor (as you said, they have no online presence or reviews), but they could be legit.

  20. Effie

    Hallo, ich bin neu auf dieser Seite und bin an dieser Puppe interessiert, aber ich weiß nicht, ob die Puppen auf dieser Seite glaubwürdig sind

    1. Steven

      Hi Effie,
      Based on the low prices, those are knockoff dolls with stolen photos. Their factory photos also confirm this. I don’t know if they’re legit or not, but if they send you a doll, it will be an imitation and gamble in quality.

    1. Steven

      Hi Jacob,
      They sell knockoff dolls with stolen photos. Considering the low prices, the quality is gamble so order at your own risk. Their doll reviews are very fake too (too many reviews + all 5 stars). They’ll send you a doll but it probably won’t look like the photos. It comes down to how much you’re willing to gamble.

    1. Steven

      Hi Manny,
      They sell knockoff dolls, but unlike other knockoff vendors, they at least admit it. They won’t scam you- just pay more attention to the factory photos rather than the promo photos. I heard some mixed reviews about them but mostly positive. Might be worth it if you know what you’re getting. Also be sure to contact them and do your own research.

      1. Manny

        I appreciate that input I was hoping that actually. And I will do more on research on costumer services.


  21. Brian

    Hi there, I’m wondering if is a trusted site?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Steven

      Hi Brian,
      They sell unbranded, knockoff dolls at low prices, which are always a gamble. I wouldn’t say they’re a trusted site, but they will probably send you a doll. I recommend doing some research beforehand, such as finding real reviews and vetting their customer service. I don’t know anyone that has ordered from them before.

  22. kitsune

    what about them??

    1. Steven

      Hi Kitsune,
      Tenderdolls is a legit store out of those.

  23. Robert Wise

    I am leaving my own HONEST review of my own custom Abyss Creations Real Doll that I paid $7400 for with a cleaning kit and a doll stand that cost $400. The doll stand doesn’t adjust properly height-wise to my 5#1″ doll. The height adjustment is every 6 inches, which leaves the doll’s feet too firmly planted on the floor or floating.

    The optimum position for the stand’s back rest always winds up at the joint between the top and bottom part of the pole, WHERE IT CANNOT GO. Then to keep the doll’s pelvis straight in relation to the body above, I have to tape together a thick pad made of a towel in the middle of the lower pole and position it behind the butt. Keep in mind that this stand that does not work well at all costs $400.

    Criticism of the doll (there are many) :

    #1 I paid $400 for body and face freckles, did not receive them and was called, by the self proclaimed “sales manager” that I’m a liar, a psycho and that he personally inspected my doll and approved it’s shipment and it had freckles. So this person, to avoid professional repercussion , threw the absent freckles on me and said he was severing all contacts with me and the company by blocking my IP address. His real reason for his actions is obviously to try to keep me from going to his bosses and providing pictures proving the freckles were left off my order. Also I demanded Freckles on my doll, not a refund, so that ,among other facts, disproves taht I’m psycho, lying and trying to scam back $400 of my $7400 order.

    #2 I ordered the HD perky 2 nipples because I wanted some really poky ones. Well, that’s their largest nipples, the HD perky 2’s, and they ain’t that big really. The listed 11/16″ length turns out to be from the back side of the areolas and includes the 1/8″ thick areolas. The result is that the HD perky 2 nip[les only stick out 9/16″ rather than the stated 11/16″.. Also , the nipples are somewhat translucent. Regarding nipple diameter, listed as 3/8″ diameter that measurement turns out to be at ONLY at the VERY BASE of the nipple at the areolas. after that they cone rapidly down to 1/4″.

    #3 The hands are TINY & the fingers are short. Yes there are realistic lines on the palms and on the knuckles. other than the visual accuracy, there is nothing whatsoever to praise about the hands. They cannot be realistically posed or made to hold anything becaue they are extremely stiff and can’t even be made to touch each other whether in a fist (which cannot be formed) or fully opened. Wires in several fingers poke out of the finger tips WHICH IS EVEN DESCRIBED IN THE MANUAL to happen! So while the hands look (and feel) picture perfect (albiet with short stubby fingers instead of long graceful ones) they cannot be posed anything close to that.

    #4 The thighs wont nearly close together.

    #5 The head has teeth, a tongue and an opening jaw (very difficult to open) which won’ stay open and they won’t tell me now to make it stay open. the bottom “teeth just sit in the mouth on top of a razor thin non-realistic white lower “jaw” without being anchored to it in any way, not even with a grove in the soft silicone rubber “gums to fit on top of the sharp top of the lower “jawbone” .Oh and the teeth are not teeth at all, they are only little silicone replicas that are softer than the doll’s silicone skin!

    #6 The doll is not “kissable” because the silicone is so hard that the face is made of that it’s like kissing one of those hard store manikins. The tongue is soft and I wish the rest of the doll was like that but it isn’t. I

    #7 The rest of the doll is very hard, barely jiggleable , much less so that the cheap tpe dolls. co0mpared to the TPE doll I had prior to this Real Doll, my TPE doll, while Misproportioned in every way, extremely difficult to keep clean (and repeated cleaning breaks it down) nevertheless had MUCH more realistic looking ears than My supposed hyper realistic Aimee 3.0 doll ,with Type F body, has ears that look like greatly enlarged Barbie Doll ears!
    #8 the inside of the vagina is just tapered out holes, not realistic at all. The anus on the other hand seems to taper inward between narrowly placed hard, probably steel skeleton parts.

    My conclusion is that Real Dolls are made to look at but never to touch lest any momentary illusion one may have that they may be real, is utterly destroyed. Having said , that I DO NOT RECCOMEND any other brand or material (Real Dolls are made of platinum cured silicone) because all have their different drawbacks. All in all, the most important aspect of a full size “love doll” is visual realism & I’m totally satisfied with my doll in that respect other than being nitpicky about the tiny hands and the missing freckles that I paid for

    in fact I consider the $1,100 I paid my 5/’6″ TPE doll , with all the options and including shipping , a total waste that should have been saved for a Real Doll or just bills. Turns out, and if I’d ordered the same tpe doll from a US based website instead of going directly to China on Alibaba and ordering the same doll, the TPE doll OI got would have cost me $3k! To get to get a 5’6″ doll, the cheapo manufacturers simply add 5″ to the lower legs! The upper arms were hyper long and the forearms super short as well. and that wasn’t nearly all the issues, but I will stop because this “reply” is really a review of my Real Doll, Real Doll and it’s products, not the plethora of cheapo copies.

  24. Michael

    Hello Steven,

    Is the website legit? I really want to find a good Asian style seller that looks like these styles. Thank you!

    1. Steven

      Hi Michael,
      JXDoll doesn’t look legit to me. Their website looks very unfinished with many placeholder photos, poorly copy-and-pasted text in different fonts, and extremely low prices. Their photos look familiar but I don’t know what brand they are. They have no reviews or any information online so it’s at your own risk. Some similar-looking brands might be JY Doll, Starpery, and CST Doll (BBDoll).

  25. Chris

    I want to see if this website is legit. It seems good and I spoke to the owner via chat but they are very new only around about a year or so…

    1. Steven

      Hi Chris,
      They have a bit of a weird name and logo. Looking at their dolls and brands, they could be legit, but I don’t know if I would personally buy from them. Their twitter is not doll-related, and it seems to be made by a random person in Las Vegas who also wants to open a sex doll brothel. You can go for it if you want, but they wouldn’t be my first choice.

    1. Steven

      Hi Guyfox02,
      Rosemarydoll is most likely legit. I don’t see any red flags on their website. However, I haven’t seen much reviews about them either.

    1. Steven

      Hi Primet,
      Dollstudio is legit. They are very well-known and have been around for a long time.

  26. Tracey

    Sorry Steven. I truly believe that website is not legit. All photos are stolen. Prices too good. I’m sticking with Ricky at TheDollChannell for my small purchases. Great customer service, nice in stock selection. My last doll arrived in 2 days!

  27. Tracey cant determine authenticity or not. Looks shady to me. Tiny dolls 65-88 cm at prices between $215 to $300 approx. I bought 65 cm AXB from doll channel for $375.

  28. Casey

    Hey guys!!
    So I’m looking to buy from best real, any information on these guys would help!!!

    1. Steven

      Hi Casey,
      That website looks very sketchy to me. Some of their dolls are photos of real people with a doll’s face photoshopped on it. I’ve never seen anything like this before.. and one of their dolls is just a 3d computer model. Very shady and dishonest seller. I would not even consider ordering from that website.

      1. Adam

        Hi Steven, love that you have done the leg work for most of us as it helps a lot but I must correct you on
        I purchased a custom doll from there and I can tell you, you seriously get what you pay for. They also have youtube videos. If I could I would send a picture of my doll you would swear she was real. They are extremely good. Having had dealings with those scam places as you have mentioned I have experience with that too so I asked a ton of questions. The customer service at realdoll was awesome and they worked with me on my doll and answered every single question I had. Worked with me on a payment plan too. I have had her for 5 years now and she is still in great shape aside from a few issues you would expect with age. I don’t normally comment on these things but had to get that in about that website because they are anything but dishonest. Those are actually the dolls in their pics. I was floored when I finally got her. As a professional photographer and someone who can spot a fake pic a mile off I can tell you that those are genuine dolls. They are pricey but its worth it.

        1. Steven

          Hi Adam,
          I agree with you. RealDoll is a very high-end and high quality brand. I never said anything bad about them. I was replying to someone asking about a website called bestrealdoll, which is a knockoff doll vendor. I think you got confused since he spaced out the name. My response was not related to the RealDoll brand.

          1. Adam

            Oooh you know what? I did get that confused and you’re right about how I did. That is on me. Sorry about that! I am looking into a second doll and have pretty much made my choice that is affordable thanks to the links you supplied of trusted suppliers.

  29. Taylor Ran

    Yes, we all know that price equals perceived quality, but sometimes they can be overcharged. What’s more, nearly all sex dolls websites offer the exact same dolls, because these dolls are best sellers. I got a 152cm sex doll from acsexdolls, and she looks perfect and I love her. I don’t think acsexdolls is the scammers, at least I got a real doll not a blow-up doll.

  30. Frédéric

    Hi Steven,

    I have been recently fooled ordering a sex doll at I suggest everyone never buying their products.
    So I have made my own inquiries and I have found that website now : that seems to be legit : there is a phone number to join them, they mention the brand for each doll, you just see prices for all of them and no systematic discounts…it sounds legit and true.
    What is your own point of view Steven ? Do you think I can buy on their store ?

    1. Steven

      Hi Frederic,
      Latex-sexy-doll is related to Silicone-sexy-doll, which is a legit vendor so they should be fine. Like usual, I don’t recommend ordering a 6ye doll from them due to past conflicts, but their store should be legit.

    1. Matthew

      For example, I know it’s loosely based on the 170 jy doll. I, however, have been eyeing the specific one for a long time.

    2. Steven

      Hi Matthew,
      I personally don’t recommend ordering sex dolls from websites that sell a bunch of other stuff like vibrators, dildos, etc. Websites like these never sell authentic dolls. They usually sell a bunch of random stuff they find on Alibaba or Aliexpress. Having said that, I don’t know the brand of that specific doll. It could be a more unknown Chinese brand. Some search results indicate that it is a 172cm Future Doll brand but I can’t find that exact model anywhere. You could try contacting Future Doll or a Future Doll vendor but that’s just my guess. Ordering from that website will be a gamble.

      1. Matthew

        Hello again, Steven. Long over-due update. Back on July 30th I emailed numerous times. Just a few BS emails to see how long they took to reply. It took them about a week, August 5th, but they finally did and they thoroughly answered each of my questions. They even offered me 10% off any doll to “apologize for the late response”. I also emailed them on September 13th asking for factory photos, in which they responded a day later. They provide four pictures as well as a quick video. And I’m still attempting to contact Future Doll. Of course I’m still skeptical and are most likely choosing another more reputable brand. However, any feedback is appreciated. Thank You!

        1. Steven

          Hi Matthew,
          That website definitely doesn’t sell authentic dolls. Their dolls are priced too low with no brand names. The same body/height options for dolls that should be different brands makes it kind of obvious all their dolls come from 1 factory, and they are using stolen photos. Not to mention the strange website name and tons of unrelated sex toys that look like they’re from Aliexpress. It’s up to you if you want to gamble on them, but you’ll likely receive one of those cheap Aliexpress dolls.

          1. Briana

            Hi Steven , The Great Sex Secrets is the legal website and offer all the adult toys products. I was just surprised the ways you responded to Mathews queries. And Mathews is responded by the team. We have all our products are genuine with high quality.

            1. Matthew

              I’m not sure about that, Steven. The way this person responded using, basically, shaming tactics.

    3. Chuck

      Hi I am new here and Im interested in buying from Before I do, is it trustworthy? Are some dolls ok and some are not?

      1. Steven

        Hi Chuck,
        Based on their prices and “test report” in their description, their dolls are knockoff dolls from the Aibei factory (which is one of the biggest knockoff doll factories). The quality is not necessarily bad; the dolls from there can be decent quality but their photos are stolen from other brands. It’s also possible that that website just stole the test report, so who really knows what they’re selling. I personally wouldn’t order from them due to the lack of brand names and not knowing what I’m going to get. This is just a random Chinese vendor.

  31. Johnny

    I’ve been wanting to but a specific type of doll from this website not sure if I can trust them though. The website gives off bad vibes. Is this a bad option? Been looking and I can’t find anything close to what they offer for lower torso size and type.

    1. Steven

      Hi Johnny,
      Their website does look sketchy, and with bank transfer being their only form of payment, it looks very risky. If you google “secretlovetoyz dollforum” there are a few posts where people have bought from that website. However, due to the risk factor, I suggest contacting them before ordering and doing some more research about them first. Judging from one of the censored photos they have, it looks like they get their products from websites like Aliexpress or Alibaba.

  32. Dyrroth

    Can u tell me if this website is trustworthy?
    I found one that i liked is a tpe between $881 and $1150 is a real price?
    Thanks and greetings!

  33. Aaron

    I was in the process of buying a doll when I came across your article. Can you inform me, are these legit websites?

    1. Steven

      Hi Aaron,
      They both sell knockoff dolls with stolen photos based on their prices. I don’t know what you will receive if you order from them. According to ICANN, peaksexual was created only 3 days ago. Definitely not a website I would trust..

  34. Miles

    Is a legit website?

    1. Steven

      Hi Miles,
      They sell knockoff dolls with stolen photos based on the low prices and incorrect specifications. I don’t know what you will get if you order from them.

  35. anon

    I’m looking to buy my first doll and I’m on a tight budget can you recommend a website where I can find one for cheap

    1. Steven

      Hi Anon,
      For cheap dolls, your only choices are Kimber Doll, smaller/mini dolls, lesser-known brands, or knockoff dolls. You can check out the Kimber Doll website, TheDollChannel if you live in the US for affordable smaller dolls, or other websites that carry smaller dolls such as the Doll House 168/Irokebijin Shiori/Akane dolls. There are also some more affordable brands out there like Aibei, JM Doll, AF Doll, and some others. I can’t recommend any knockoff doll websites, but those are an option if you do your research and are willing to take a gamble.

      1. anon

        Thank you much for your help Steven checked out the Kimber Doll, and I think that’s the route I’ll end up taking

  36. Bruce

    Hi Steven, is legit? Or is the only official catdoll site. I think you also mentioned HGdoll as a legit Catdoll Seller?

    Best regards

    1. Steven

      Hi Bruce,
      I’m not sure if is legit but it’s meant for the Japanese market. is the official website, and HGDoll is a legit Catdoll vendor. In my opinion, ordering from the vendor HGDoll is the safest of the 3 options.

      1. Bruce

        Ok, thank you very much. Your knowledge really helps a lot not to get ripped off.

  37. Gaz

    Hello Steven. Thank you for the information you are providing for us not to get ripped off.

    I am from uk and want to buy my first doll. Could you please help me with the genuineness of the dolls on these sites.

    2 of these site have klarna option to pay and
    they also selling dolls at half price but I can’t figure out weather they fake or not. And none of them have wm dolls listed but have pictures of wm doll for sale.

    And thanks, equipped with your info I’m suspecting a few knock off sites such as these and more.

    With your expert advise I will finally buy my doll.
    Thanks again.

    1. Steven

      Hi Gaz,
      I’m not a big fan of Lucidtoys or Neodoll. The Neodoll/Neojoy brand seems to be a knockoff brand based on their prices and rebranding of dolls. Lucidtoys in general looks legit with some authentic brands. It’s the Neodoll brand I’m not a fan of. It’s possible they are decent quality and worth the price. They’re just not authentic from what I can tell.
      Joylovedolls is probably legit but they have misleading prices due to the shortest height being selected by default, and a lot of fake reviews. Those other websites for sure sell knockoff dolls.
      You can check out SiliconeLovers if you haven’t already. It’s a website I recommend and they are based in your UK. Otherwise, Lucidtoys and Joylovedolls might be ok.

      1. Gaz

        Thanks Steven. You truly a good person helping all these people make informed choice, replying promptly including myself.
        I defiantly want a authentic doll and with the doll I want to avoid disappointment in any way at all cost. Please help.
        My selected doll is a wm doll or a piper doll. These sites attracted me because of the Klarna pay option.

        At Lucidtoys, apart from the neodoll brand are the rest of the brands authentic? and also are the piper dolls here authentic?.

        The Joylovedolls have wm dolls advertised and in different size option per doll whereas the wmdoll site and other legit vendors does not have so many size options per wm doll?. They claim to have sold almost every doll 1,2,3 or 4 dolls in 24 hour. plus their trust pilot review is not so good in customer service. you think it could be knockoffs?

        Why does the dolls cost more from wmdolls site compared to their legit vendors?.

        Do the dolls at siliconelovers look exactly like the promo pictures?. They also have my doll.

        1. Steven

          Hi Gaz,
          I can’t guarantee the doll authenticity from any websites other than the ones I recommend. The Piper Dolls on Lucidtoys look authentic, but the prices on their other brands seem suspiciously low. I don’t know if they are knockoffs or they bought them in bulk at lower prices. You can try contacting them about it.
          Joylovedolls basically lists every (or most) WM Doll bodies as height options. I don’t like this because it’s misleading since the photos show a specific sized doll. Most legit sellers don’t have height options, but Joylovedolls could be an exception. The “x sold in the last 24 hours” thing is a fake sales gimmick a lot of websites use. I’m not a big fan of Joylovedolls but they could be legit.
          The dolls cost more on the official WM Doll website because they don’t compete with their vendors. They focus on manufacturing and let their vendors do the sales. There are some brands that undercut their own vendors, like JY Doll, Elsa Babe, etc., but WM doesn’t do that.
          Depending on the brand, the dolls may not look exactly like the promo photos. The main difference is usually the makeup and lighting. WM Doll, for example, hires professional photographers that use high-end equipment, custom makeup and wigs, and photo touch-ups. It’s the same doll, but the photos are enhanced in some way. Piper Dolls tend to look a lot more like the promo photos. Be sure to look up factory photos or customer photos of the doll you’re interested in to get a better idea of what they actually look like.

          1. Gaz

            Thank You. Very helpful information and I really Appreciate it.

        1. Steven

          Hi Joshua,
          I’m not a big fan of uloversdoll. They seem to sell both knockoff and possibly authentic dolls, which are all thrown together in a messy way. The lack of brand clarity and extremely inconsistent prices makes them hard to trust. Some of their prices seem too low and some seem too high. Some are clearly knockoffs and some could be authentic. Their website is just too random and inconsistent for my liking. Ordering from them seems like a gamble. Also most of their 5-star “certified reviews” are just people asking questions. Those really shouldn’t count as reviews..

          1. Joshua

            That’s sad

            I appreciate your honesty

            Thank you very much

  38. Timothy Williams

    While on YouTube I have seen some news reports of sex dolls that are programmed to talk and learn about you in the process for better conversation . But I didn’t see an Email address to order one from. Do you know where I can find one? Sincerely Tim.

    1. Steven

      Hi Tim,
      I think you are referring to RealDoll’s AI dolls, with Harmony being the first and most popular. They appear in news stories and documentaries very often. Their website is Their AI Dolls are known as RealDollX.

  39. Zayne

    Hello Again Steven,
    What is the difference between a normal skeleton and an EVO skeleton?
    What do you know about and
    is dollhouse168 a manufacturer, or a vendor? and what is the difference between ordering from a vendor or straight from a manufacturer?
    What about (they are in china)? is that legit? I entered their site name and performed a scam check on and according to this site, they consider to be 75% safe. most of the dolls they sell are well over $1,000, but some are $800 full price. does that sound right?
    How about I know they primarily offer young looking dolls, but they also sell adult sized dolls. is it legit?
    You mentioned, here, that thedollchannel is legit. why are the DXES dolls they sell only $600-$800? are they inferior quality? or is it just because they are copies of other brands?

    1. Steven

      Hi Zayne,
      An Evo skeleton generally has more range of motion compared to a standard skeleton. For example, the Piper Doll Evo skeleton can squat but the standard skeleton can’t. HGDoll is a vendor (owned by a former DH168 employee) and DollHouse168 is a manufacturer. I recommend ordering from a vendor for more buyer protection and better customer service. That Catdoll website is the official Catdoll brand website, but it’s better to order from HGDoll in my opinion. I would not trust that webshop website.
      DXES dolls are generally cheaper because they have a very basic skeleton with goose neck and wire wrists to cut down on costs. Their dolls also look very skinny. According to Ricky from TheDollChannel, they are good quality for the price.

      1. Zayne

        Thanks for the quick reply on the majority of my questions. DollHouse168 has a doll that I really want, and no other doll site has it (I did an extensive search on all doll sites). this doll could be my dream doll that I finally found, after years of holding off buying a doll from any site. should I still not buy direct from DollHouse168 because of buyer protection and customer service? to your knowledge, has a doll from DollHouse168 ever been seized at customs because it has small breasts? if it were to be seized, what then? would I lose all that $$ and not receive the doll?
        Thanks again.

        1. Steven

          Hi Zayne,
          Do you have a link of the doll you’re interested in? Any vendor that sells Doll House 168 should be able to sell it. They just may have not listed it. I personally wouldn’t recommend ordering directly from the DH168 website because it is not in English and not meant for sales. Also what country do you live in? Custom seizures depend on the country, and if you live in the US, then it depends on the state.

          1. Zayne

            Yes, I do have a link to that doll listed on (I bookmarked it so I could go back to it). but I hesitate to post it here because, like I mentioned, it has small breasts. I did check all the doll sites that you list/suggest (plus others you did not) that are DH168 vendors, but they do not have the doll I want (with one exception:; they have her for $100 less than HG168’s price). all the DH168 dolls on those vendor sites are LARGE breasted dolls (I guess you can see I’m not a fan of large breasted dolls). you said DH168 is not in english and not meant for sales. but I’m looking at it right now and, well, it’s in english (pretty sure my brain is not automatically translating it from another language, lol). if it’s not meant for sales, why do all the dolls listed have an ”add to cart” button? or maybe the site I am seeing is a fake? it has https and the secure padlock icon. if it is a fake site, it’s the only I have found. is there another one?

            1. Steven

              If you want, you can email me at I used to sell DH168 so I know all the models. Sorry, I assumed you meant which is the official DH168 website. does not load for me so I can’t see that website. If you live in the US and you’re on worried about customs, then I recommend TheDollChannel. They sell and import small-breasted dolls all the time with no problems, and can import to their address and then ship it to you. Also HGDoll is a legit vendor.

              1. Zayne

                Steven, Yes, I figured you were referring to, instead of when I was just looking at version (before this reply). does have the same doll I want as, but’s price is just a few dollars less than the’s price (oddly enough). loads for me, no problem. yes, I will send you an email with a link to the doll I am referring to (I will use the same email address that I use here to post comments). Yes, I’m in the US and sort of worried about the doll’s height and breast size getting past customs (being seized and held). I know of TheDollChannel, but I have had no luck with getting replies from him by email, or directly through his site, and by calling. he just does not respond. so I gave up after several wasted attempts. but it’s just as well. I have seen the smaller size dolls he offers and none are exactly like the doll I saw (and want) on she just captures me somehow. anyway, I will send that email now with the link, and hopefully you DO KNOW the model (I think she was issued in 2017, based on what I read somewhere). but if you don’t know that model, then I still won’t know what to do about buying her (though I still want her).

        2. Percy

          Is this website legit? (

          1. Steven

            Hi Percy,
            They sell knockoff dolls with stolen photos. Based on their doll listings and customization options, they look like Aliexpress sellers. It will be a gamble ordering from them.

    1. Steven

      Hi Toto,
      DollXES is a legit brand although some of their designs are copies of other brands. Out of those 4 websites, I recommend ordering it from, but be sure to contact them first before ordering to see whether they reply or not. If you live in the US, I recommend ordering DollXES from TheDollChannel.

  40. Nate

    Hi. Is a legitimate company?
    Saw a doll on their website that I really like and it’s advertised from $1798 (not sure exactly what currency. I assume it’s in USD.)
    I checked and because they also sell Aibei dolls and most start from around $1500, but I’ve also seen a couple of dolls that start from under $1000 (both these sites advertised prices in USD currency.) Would love to hear your thoughts.

    1. Steven

      Hi Nate, is the official website for the Aibei brand. I usually recommend ordering through a vendor for more buyer protection and better customer service, but is the official website. I would contact them first before ordering to get an idea of their customer service and whether or not their website is abandoned. MyRobotDoll also offers Aibei. They are a vendor I trust.

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