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Slow News Week, Top Fire Doll, New Heads, Photos, & More

Summer’s heating up outside, but for us, it’s sadly still sex doll winter. July’s off to a slow start after June’s extra dry finale. This week, sex doll brands released some new heads and photos, but that was pretty much it. Without much else to say, let’s jump straight into it.

Angel Kiss

Angel Kiss shared a new photoset of their AK8 (168cm) body with Head LS#43. A lovely bedroom scene with a tall and slim girl next door.

SE Doll

SE Doll shared a new photoset of their silicone 161cm Vicky. In sporty fashion, they nailed her makeup and style here. It kind of looks AI, but I don’t think it is.

Additionally, they released a TPE 105cm “Sex Doll Leg” for people who just want the lower half of a doll. Looks interesting for zoomed-in shots (creating the illusion of a full-sized doll).

Elsa Babe

Elsa Babe released a new head called Andrea Cooper on their 148cm body. More stylish than usual, the yellow eyes that give her a sort of demonic or fantasy look.


Starpery shared a new photoset of their 172cm Hao. Although photos are limited, she looks pretty sexy here in fishnet lingerie.

Top Fire Doll

Top Fire Doll released 2 new heads on their silicone 165cm body. Starting with Lorna, who looks fairly unique. Despite most dolls being made in China, Asian elf heads are extremely rare, so this is pretty distinctive.

Next, they released a “closed-eyed” head called Mollie. Looking rather elegant in these photos, the ROS-mouth actually fits the sleeping look.

Next, they swiftly caught up to other brands with 2 new innovations. First, an “auto licking” feature which looks like a vibrating tongue. It looks kind of funny and not super useful (but who knows?). Additionally, they also have the “openable and closable eyes” feature now. It’s interesting to see how quickly brands has gotten ahold of it lately.

I also found something that suggests that Top Fire Doll is (or is at least related to) Orange In. Considering their similar styles and previous use of AI, it makes sense. So that’s why their love holes looked so familiar.. (


Speaking of closed-eyed dolls, Jarliet released a new head called Mai on their 148cm body. Unlike Top Fire Doll’s “sleeping beauty,” Mai has more of a wincing or grimacing face. Some people joked that she’s taking a dump.. I want to see her posed on the toilet now..

Dolls Castle

Dolls Castle released a new silicone head called Zeloris. Based on Star Wars’ Twi’lek, she has lekku (head-tails) built into her head (not removable). It’s not the first time they designed heads with tendrils, but it’s definitely their largest thus far (must be a big head mold). Pretty interesting as few brands are willing to create heads like this.

Moon-Doll (Vendor)

Last but not least, the vendor, Moon-doll, released an exclusive ChatGPT silicone head with ROS. Possibly the most anticlimatic AI head release thus far, with no robotics – just software and speakers. 

In the end, it seems like no one can beat Realbotix (RealDoll)’s robotics progress after all.


That wraps up a very short week of sex doll news. After removing a somewhat long section at the end (due to a mistake), that was the nail in the coffin for this week’s ghost town of news. I guess we can’t expect the non-stop releases to go on forever. Surprisingly, Top Fire Doll’s 2 new heads and vibrating tongue was the highlight this week. Their “openable and closable eyes” feature also suggests that every brand will likely have it soon at this rate.. I also included the Realbotix video that I forgot to show last week. In the end, it seems like RealDoll isn’t dead, and their robotics will ultimately prevail (over the Chinese brands). Anyway, hopefully next week isn’t as dry as this one. Until next time!

Thoughts on the recent sex doll news drought? Comment below!

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  1. IconOkee

    Come on, I’ve heard better sounding free tts voices than that realbotics doll.

    1. Rebel Drifter

      Right? Regarding their app and everything around it – it’s just whack most of the time. But their heads and the movement are pretty top notch eventhough there are people complaining about the build quality. And let’s not talk about how money hungry they are. I would still like one of their robot dolls because the interaction part is so cool but I can never muster up that kind of cash. And even if I could, it will be a lot more in the long run regarding either fixes (after stuff gets broken) or their stupid programs / monthly subscriptions or yearly subs or what have you. It’s truly time for MORE AND OTHER companies to step up!!!

  2. ItsAme

    For robotics I don’t think sexdoll brands will ever manage to make their own.
    Best bet is they take (or steal, because China) models like these which are pretty affordable all considered and just try to glue silicone to it.

    1. Rass

      I always considered people who try to create human-like robots cringe antisocial idiots. There’s literally no reason to create one, we need robots for productivity. Sex dolls is a different matter though, i don’t think we should do that and as you said only sex market won’t be able to create full robots.

  3. Ras

    Too bad can’t edit messages

  4. Rass

    The end is cute. The robots are creepy. The stove is great.

  5. Jackson

    Starpery Hao looks like a hot tall milf in those fishnets!

    Top Fire Doll looks nice. That closed eye Mollie 6 looked hot

    Moon and Autolicking is nice

    Jarliet Mai has a nice orgasm face.

    Dolls Castle Twi’lek looked decent

    Wow now that RealRobotix from Realdoll looks and moves very nicely! I hope that they incorporate better AI into it like ChatGPT or something. I hope that the Chinese brands can up their robotics game pretty soon!

  6. josh

    never thought id see twileks

    heres hoping we get Togruta from piper doll at some point

    1. Jackson

      Yeah same! Or a Chiss as well!

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