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Starpery & EX Doll Release Dolls, ROS News, & More

Time flies by quickly as we reach the halfway point in October. As the sex doll industry begins heating up, the weather outside is cooling down. Hopefully, you have a doll to warm up with. This week, WM Doll finally released some ROS heads, high-end brands like Gynoid and EX Doll reemerged, and Starpery released not one, but 2 new heads. High-end silicone brands, including XYcolo, took the spotlight this week. As always, sit back and relax for another weekly recap of sex doll news.

WM Doll

WM Doll shared more photos of their Silicone 165cm body with Silicone Head #273 that came out last week. This time around, @CubikoMandos showcased the doll in a leafy, Fall setting.

WM Doll also officially released 3 of their Real Oral Sex (ROS) heads: #432, 436, and 452. According to WM, Heads #198 and #273 will also be ready soon. I included photos of the original heads below for reference. Needless to say, the ROS heads don’t support implanted hair because they are softer (for oral function). WM Doll has been very vague but the first ROS heads might actually be in TPE.

SE Doll

SE Doll returned to their [Elven] roots this week with the 161cm Elodie. She features an interesting cyberpunk-styled Elf head, and looks fairly unique compared to their usual medieval fantasy-styled Elves.


Irontech shared new photosets of their 165cm Celine and 166cm Misa silicone dolls. They both look particularly good in these photos and are portrayed much differently than before.


Zelex released the new Head GE90 on the 166cm TPE body. Similar to Head GE93 last week, this is a silicone head on a TPE body. Head GE90 has an elegant and youthful Asian face.

Elsa Babe

Elsa Babe officially released the “Sexy Technique,” Naruto-inspired doll they teased for weeks. They went with the name, Igarashi Akiko, who is no longer Naruto, but rather, a “beautiful agent.” The little tongue makes her look surprisingly cute. Elsa Babe also showcased some cosplay photos of their 165cm Iwai Yuzuki that made it into TDF’s CoverDoll magazine.


Starpery released 2 new heads: Charlotte and Darianna. Charlotte is featured on the 169cm body and has a model-like face with a cleft chin. Meanwhile, Darianna is on the 174cm “fitness” body with a mature face and defined jawline. Starpery also showed off their Amy head on the 161cm BBW body.

EX Doll (Formerly DS Doll)

EX Doll released their new 164cm Clone Series Violetta with Porcelain Makeup. Like all Clone Series dolls, it was 3d scanned from a real woman. She has an interesting face, and very realistic hands and feet. Surprisingly, too much detail actually has a negative effect, resulting in older-looking hands and feet. This doll was $8200 a few days ago. Now, it’s around $6200 ($6500 with implanted hair).


Gynoid teased a new head called Lori. She has a beautiful and elegant face, and looks similar to Gynoid’s other heads. For now, this new head does not come with a new body.


XYcolo released a new 157cm B-cup body. It is showcased with one of their first heads, Ena (or Yina). According to Xycolo, the new body has a more realistic vagina, and nearly invisible seamlines. The overall body looks quite nice and the vagina sculpt is more detailed, but isn’t quite there in terms of realism (the hole doesn’t blend into the design).

That wraps up another week of sex doll news. There were some heavy hitters this week as silicone brands completely swept the board. Brands like SE Doll and Irontech, of course, had new photos of TPE dolls with different head-body combinations (which I won’t focus on too much anymore). Meanwhile, Mizuwali is still taking photos of the 150cm silicone Akira; I think he’s on the 7th photoset. Behind-the-scenes, WM Doll and Zelex continued upgrading heads with oral structure. The previously mentioned 2022 Venus Berlin Expo begins this Thursday, which I assume will display some existing dolls and nothing new. The public’s reaction is what will be interesting to see (which I assume will be mostly positive since it’s an adult expo). Until then, stay tuned for more sex doll news.

Thoughts on mid-October’s sex doll news? Comment below!

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  1. Crazedcat

    Nice roundup. Looking forward to seeing how the WM ROS heads roll out and how they actually look. Was on Tayu’s site earlier and saw they stealth released a torso silicone toy. Thought it was weird how there was no news on it considering it looks like it has their new vagina design:

    1. Steven

      Hi Crazedcat,
      Nice catch! I didn’t see anything about a torso on their TDF page or social media. Looks interesting.

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