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Irontech, Starpery, & Sino Release New Dolls & More

As Golden Week in China comes to an end, factories are back up, and it’s full steam ahead. Everything is more-or-less back to normal. With Halloween coming up, expect to see many doll cosplays and fancy costumes from various brands. This week, sex doll brands released new heads, bodies, and photos as usual. Although the grind never stops, some brands might slow down in preparation for the Venus Berlin 2022 Expo on October 20-23. At least, Starpery and JY Doll will be there. This might be the first time Chinese sex doll brands appear in a European expo. As always, stay tuned for the sex doll highlights of the week.

WM Doll

WM Doll released new photos of their S165 (silicone 165cm) body with Silicone Head #273 (one of the iconic WM TPE heads). These photos were once again taken by @CubikoMandos, who said, “[the head] stays very true to the original but with the added realism that comes with silicone.” Are you ready for your morning milking?

YL Doll

Not entirely new, but 2 weeks ago, YL Doll released photos of a Jill Valentine-inspired doll. It is full silicone with their 158cm body and Jill head. This head actually came out in August (shortly after Game Lady released theirs), but YL didn’t cosplay her until now. I feel like Capcom won’t care about this one (since it doesn’t really look like her).


Irokebijin released new photos of the TPE 140cm Abby. Their full-sized TPE dolls with Abby, Akane, Sumire, and Suzu heads were all released last week. She looks pretty decent but she used to have two fangs, and only has one now (but has oral function).

Piper Doll

Piper Doll shared more photos of the 150cm Silicone Akira B-cup. Everyone knows Mizuwali loves Akira so he can’t stop taking photos. He showed off her love holes in the newest photos, which has a similar design as before.

Piper Doll’s parent company, Doll Forever, also wrote a lengthy post about why they don’t have articulated fingers. They reasoned that articulated fingers break easier than wire fingers from all the bending and posing (since wires can bend in all directions, and articulated joints can’t). They said articulated joints would loosen even if they didn’t break, and are a hassle to repair. Because articulated fingers are outsourced and not made in-house, quality control would be difficult. Lastly, they said articulated fingers don’t fit their dolls’ hands comfortably since many of their dolls are small (usually articulated fingers are for dolls over 140cm).

What are your thoughts? Clearly, what they said is true about some earlier and cheaper articulated finger designs. However, it varies between brands. Newer designs, such as WM or Starpery’s v2 articulated fingers, are theoretically more durable.


Irontech released a new silicone head (S32 Kitty) on their 166cm silicone body. She has a cute yet intense face, and resembles a game character I can’t remember. Some people said she looks like Tifa. Irontech also released new photos of their S6 Candy as an elf girl (ears are detachable) with cat-like face markings. 

Irontech also shared a 2-minute “documentary,” which is essentially a brief overview of their company. Although the video is a bit generic and monotonous, it’s interesting to see the people behind it rather than just a faceless brand.

Elsa Babe

Elsa Babe released a new head called Sakai Kanako, who they describe as a “provocatively pure web celebrity lady.” She has a pretty Asian face, and received a lot of praise on TDF.

Sino Doll

Sino Doll released a new head and body for their Top-sino series. Their new “pear-shaped” T161 body features the T25 Hailey head with RRS+ makeup. She has an elegant Western face, and BBW-style body that according to Sino Doll, many people were asking for. Oddly, they edited out her neck seam in some photos. She is not a seamless neck doll.


Starpery teased a new female head called Bacchus (odd name choice). She has closed eyes with a somewhat sexual or painful wince in her face. Yet another brand’s attempt at expressive faces (which all have this similar look). Below, she is featured with Starpery’s recent male doll, Caesar.

Starpery has been a bit quiet lately. Behind the scenes, they’re working on a few different things. First, they’re late to the party and supposedly working on an oral structure design. I don’t think Bacchus has the oral structure (although her expression matches many oral structure heads). Next, Starpery has a unique and ambitious ambassador project. They are looking for ambassadors in various countries including some odd places like Brazil, Colombia, and Nigeria. It’s a bit surprising since those are risky countries to ship to. Their ambassadors are basically like promotors (and possibly vendors). Rather than only focusing on design and production, they are also trying to expand their global presence. Additionally, they are preparing for the Venus Berlin 2022 Expo with a German ambassador at the moment.


TAYU released a video demonstrating their [soft silicone] Peach head’s oral capabilities. Unlike many dolls, her face doesn’t deform much during use, which is a big plus. The nose moves a bit, but there’s no eye bulging.

That wraps up the news this week. It was another quiet week as things quickly returned to normal. Since Halloween is coming up, brands will probably release some costume photosets soon (not necessarily new dolls). Although quiet on the surface, brands are always working behind-the-scenes, such as Starpery expanding their global presence. In addition, the Venus Berlin 2022 Expo in Germany is coming up soon, and may be worth looking into as it will feature some recognizable doll brands this year. Until then, stay tuned for more sex doll news.

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