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April 2022 Sex Doll News: GameLady Brand, Zelex, & More

Another month flies by as Chinese manufacturers continue to design and release new sex dolls into the ever-expanding marketplace. March and April was quite scary with several Chinese cities locking down due to Covid-19. Many factories shut down for 1-2 weeks but everything seems back to normal for now. This post won’t cover every new head and body that came out in April 2022 (because there is simply too much to cover)- just some noteworthy highlights of the month. There were some interesting new heads and brands in the news this week.

WM Doll released the new #467 head on their 156cm B-cup body cosplayed as From Overwatch. 

Game Lady Doll

Game Lady Doll (GLD) went viral this past month despite having no website, social media, or any marketing. As soon as they released their “Tifa Lockhart”-inspired sex doll, word spread like a wildfire through the sex doll community. Shortly after releasing their Tifa-inspired head, they released an Aerith-inspired head, also from the game, Final Fantasy 7: Remake. They then teased that 2B (from Nier: Automata), Aya Brea (from Parasite Eve), and Ada Wong (from Resident Evil) were up next. After some digging, I discovered that GLD is made in the established Zelex factory. It seems Zelex was feeling extra confident this week and released 2B under their own brand.

Around April 17, 2022, GLD sent a notice to all their vendors to temporarily take down their dolls. The reason isn’t clear but it’s most likely due to licensing/copyright issues. Most vendors have removed the Game Lady Doll brand from their website for now. Update: GLD doesn’t want their dolls listed in Japan. Most non-Japanese vendors have added them back.

Zelex released several new heads this month including a 2B-inspired doll from the game, Nier: Automata. In the beginning of April, they teased 4 new heads and have quickly released them one by one. Like usual, Zelex’s heads are expertly crafted and look highly realistic. No doubt you will find similarities to GLD. They are still finishing up the photoshoots for the final 2 heads.

JY Doll released many new dolls in the past month. This includes the 162cm silicone Arya (a busty and thick Asian doll), 157cm TPE Yan (an ahegao face doll), 153cm silicone Ava (European-inspired doll), and 125cm TPE Kaya (thick devil doll). These 4 releases all look very unique and distinct from one another. JY Doll has been pumping out dolls and turning up their marketing recently.

Elsa Babe released 2 new anime heads, AHR003 Tsuruta Haruna and AHR005 Mishima Nico. They are both featured on a 148cm body with small breasts. Oddly the AHR005 came out before the AHR003, and there’s no AHR004. Both heads have big anime eyes, but Tsuruta Haruna (cosplayed as Nami) looks more mischievous while Mishima Nico (cosplayed as Rem) looks more surprised or happy.

Sino Doll Launched XNXDoll Brand

Apparently Sino Doll launched a new brand called XNXDoll (Xiannaxin) back in January 2022, but I never noticed it until now. I thought it was the name of a porn website, but it’s actually their new line of dolls that targets the “Western audience.” Currently they have 4 heads in this separate brand, which can be used on XNXdoll and GD Sino series bodies. They have all the Sino Doll customization options and similar pricing.

Sino Doll Releases Akari Tsumugi Head

On April 10, 2022, Sino Doll released their 6th JAV authorized head, Akari Tsumugi. The head is showcased on a 158cm body, and looks similar to the actress with a very neutral expression. 

Irontech didn’t release any noteable new dolls but they released some hot new photos of some of their existing dolls. These photos feature the Viola and Lola head on the 163cm Minus body. They did release a new silicone pregnant body back in March but I rather not show it since it’s very niche. 😆

That wraps up the most noteable sex doll news highlights in April 2022. Again, it does not cover everything. There has definitely been a rise in video game and cosplay-related dolls lately. Luckily, the Covid situation in China (that began in March) hasn’t affected the sex doll industry too much, but cases are still rising. The annual China Adult Care Expo is coming up on April 22, 2022. I will surely cover it this year once again, but I wonder how the Covid situation in China will affect it.

Update: I found out the 2022 China ADC Expo was postponed indefinitely. Unfortunately, no expo this year. 

More news will be added as it comes in. Hold your dolls close and stay safe out there.

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