You are currently viewing May 2022 Sex Doll News: WM Doll, Elsa Babe, Zelex, & More

May 2022 Sex Doll News: WM Doll, Elsa Babe, Zelex, & More

Another month flies by as manufacturers continue to produce and design new sex dolls. Although Covid is still problematic in China, production and logistics have mostly returned to normal. Game Lady Doll continued to dominate the spotlight this month, but other brands are still making a name for themselves. This month, we have interesting new releases from name-brands such as WM Doll, Zelex, Piper Doll, and more. Because we can’t cover every new head that comes out, here are just a few highlights from May.

WM Doll

WM Doll released their 175cm D-cup body with Head #142 in silicone. This tall, new doll weighs about 92 pounds. From the photos, the love hole placement is somewhat mediocre but manageable. WM Doll also released a new list of silicone heads (including TPE conversions and original designs). WM Doll seems poised to release more silicone dolls in the future.

wm doll silicone heads
WM Doll Silicone Head List (as of May 9, 2022)

Zelex was hard at work this month. They released 3 new photosets, although only the G77 head is new. These photos feature the pre-existing 165cm and 170cm bodies. Because Zelex doesn’t name their heads, the head numbers can be a bit confusing.

  • [170cm body with GE45 head] dressed as a queen or princess in a fantasy world.
  • [165cm body with GE44 head] cosplayed as Nyotengu from the video game series, Dead or Alive.
  • [165cm body with G77 head] resembles an Asian wife or MILF- was released on Mother’s Day. 🤔

Elsa Babe released three new gorgeous heads, Sakai Kanako (RHC031), Mizushima Suzuran (RHC017), and Sasaki Azusa (RHC019). All three heads look like fantasy models, which has been Elsa Babe’s trend lately. Elsa Babe describes Sakai Kanako as a tsundere, Mizushima Suzuran as “their attempt at a closed-mouth with oral capabilities,” and Sasaki Azusa as the girl next door. Impressive work as always from Elsa Babe.

Irokebijin released their first ever ass toy called “Succubus Ass.” It’s a relatively small (24x16cm/9.4×6.3in) silicone butt with a bendable tail. It comes in three different colors, and weighs about 3.4 kg (7.5 lbs). It has the classic “hemorrhoids” butthole that many people joke about which Mizuwali designed to prevent tearing. This could be an interesting toy, but at around $400, it probably won’t see many sales.

Mizuwali teased an upcoming 135cm silicone Irokebijin doll with a cute anime head. She will weigh 20 kg (44 lbs). No other details so far.

Piper Doll officially released the 140cm Miho TPE doll. This was Piper Doll’s first release since Mizuwali retired from photography. More info here: Piper Doll Reveals New TPE 140cm Miho Sex Doll

Game Lady Doll

Game Lady Doll released their new 167cm body with brand-new photos of Tifa and Aerith. The updated photos showcased the characters in their Final Fantasy 7: Remake video game costumes for maximum resemblence. Game Lady also released a 100cm mini doll with the Tifa head. You can find the related blog posts here.

The popular vendor, Dollto-China, now carries Game Lady Doll: Game Lady Silicone Sex Dolls They are the first established vendor to carry the Game Lady brand.

SE Doll released a new head called Queena on their 161cm F-cup body. She is dressed like an army girl, and looks both pretty and sexy. This is probably one of the best photoshoots I’ve seen from SE Doll.

Irontech released a new 175cm TPE body. The new body is tall, slim, and well-proportioned. It also appears to have good love hole placement.

Gynoid released their new 168cm Model 18 Arina doll. More info can be found here: Gynoid Tech Teases New 168cm Model 18 Arina Sex Doll


Starpery released some new photosets this month. The Rozanne head is new while the others are just new photos of existing dolls. Below you will find photos of the 174cm C-cup Slim Lubby, 172cm F-cup Rozanne, and 165cm Natalia. Starpery continues to impress with their beautiful and realistic Western faces.

That wraps up our sex doll news highlights for May 2022. Although Game Lady Doll is still the hottest new trend, it hasn’t stopped other brands from releasing new dolls and products. May isn’t over yet so there’s still more news to come. This post doesn’t cover every new head or body that came out, just the more interesting ones. There also hasn’t been much innovations lately, just new heads and bodies. However, the new heads this month have been excellent. Remember to hold your dolls close and stay safe out there. 

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