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Irontech Doll Releases Real Lady Series Sex Dolls (170cm Body)

On August 31, 2023, Irontech officially released their highly-anticipated Real Lady series. Teased for several months, Irontech’s ultra-realistic Real Lady 170cm body is finally here. But what is Real Lady? Basically, Real Lady is Irontech’s version of doll bodies molded from real women (while the heads are just regular Irontech heads). A few brands have already done “real-person scanning or molding” in the past, such as Zelex and Starpery, but now it’s Irontech’s turn to take their realism to the next level. Here are some photos of their latest body:

As you can see their new 170cm body looks super realistic with fine details. The rib bones, elbows and knees, hands, feet, and vagina all look very realistic. However, there are even more details that you can’t see simply from these photos. One of their main features is realistic skin texture – not body paint, but actual texture. Watch this video to fully see it:

Real Lady 170cm Body with S41 Joline Head

Now, let’s look at a few photosets of the 170cm body, starting with a brand new head called Joline. This beautiful head has large eyes, giving her a cute and pretty look.

Real Lady 170cm Body with S38 Flora Head

Next, we have a photoset from the original Real Lady teasers. It features an unnamed model, who I believe that body was molded from. Personally, I find her a bit distracting, but these initial photos were probably a form of homage to her.

Luckily, Irontech did share a photoset with just the 170cm Flora, but in a much different look. Here, she has a very dark and mysterious style, but in a sexy and seductive way.

Real Lady 170cm Body with S40 Eileen Head

Next, the model returns in another early set of teaser photos. This time, she’s with Eileen, who was showcased recently with this body.

Real Lady 170cm Body with S36 Nabi Head

Now that the model photos are over, we have a brighter set of photos next. These feature the Nabi head, which is fairly rare. She looks quite pretty here, although the neck seems strangely thick in these photos.

Real Lady 170cm Body with S39 Layla Head

Last but not least, they shared photos with their most recent head, Layla. In my opinion, this head brings a stark contrast to the body, revealing its flaws. Mainly, the head looks too small, but also too young (?) for the body. This photoset highlights the body more than the previous ones, and shows that regular Irontech heads don’t quite work on this overly-realistic body.


After months of teasers, Irontech finally released their Real Lady 170cm body with several photosets. As you can see, the body is extremely realistic with impressive skin texture, but also some drawbacks. The most notable is the hefty 43 kg (95 lbs) weight. This certainly isn’t a light doll by any means. Also, I know that some people prefer fantasy bodies over overly-realistic bodies, so not everyone will like the sculpt. Personally, I think the body shape is okay, but because it’s so realistic, it runs into a big problem: it doesn’t match the heads. Examining the photos closely, the head-body combinations always seem slightly off – mainly the heads look a bit cartoony in comparison. Hopefully, they create heads specifically for Real Lady, rather than just bodies. Overall, this was an impressive step toward realism but could still use a bit more refinement.

Additional notes: Some TDF members believe that this body wasn’t molded from a real person due to “unrealistic proportions and LHP.” However, I believe that it was – or at least partially. Most likely, they edited or tweaked the final mold before release (they had a prototype of this body since May 2023). This body also has articulated toes.

Thoughts on Irontech’s new Real Lady series or brand? Comment below!

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  1. Jem

    The hips and thighs are larger than I would like, which is why Nabi looks awkward because Japanese women are typically slender. I would like to see the breasts a couple sizes larger. I hope that Real Lady is paying attention to our posts.

  2. Erick

    Exactly, the “head matter” is a first thing to point out. If we look at the Suki s-20 with huge legs it matches perfectly an it looks so beautiful. Now it makes a contrast, they should at least improve make up in their faces in order to match the body. Still i notice some other sins by IronTech, and that is: the video clips are too short, and the photosets should have been done with more heads, such as the very same S-20 or Kitty S-32 (which are some of the irontech’s best sellers)

    A heavy doll might be difficult to play with, yet as sculpture, real lady is fantastic. Maybe more try-outs with different outfits would be awsome.

  3. Jackson

    Thanks for the post. I wonder how the skin feels?

  4. IconOkee

    Looks almost as good as Funwest’s promo pics

  5. argo

    The 170CM looks very good but 43KG is heavy. Irontech(as well as other brands) should invest development into weight reduction instead of lackluster features like autoclamp vagina. I know brands like SM and Doll4Ever have somehow made a type of soft foam core so that their normal body sized dolls are lightweight and soft at the same time.

    1. Steven

      Hi Argo,
      My thoughts exactly. Brands should focus on improving their dolls first (weight reduction, LHP, softness, durability, etc.) before adding all these electronic features. I haven’t followed SM or Doll4Ever much, but TAYU seems to be the gold standard right now in terms of weight and softness.

  6. Arnold

    I noticed the heads as well, they are far behind of the bodies and dont match at all.

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