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New Sex Doll Releases, Upgrades, & Innovations

Another week is here, but something’s different in the air, and it’s not the TPE fumes. Lately, the news has been fairly uninteresting with mostly new photosets and some new heads each week. However this week, sex doll brands mixed things up with more focus on building, improving, and releasing little surprises. Of course, there were still some new photosets worth sharing, which we’ll ironically start with. But, it’s only up from here. What interesting new developments did brands release this week? Read on to find out!

SE Doll

SE Doll shared new photos of their 157cm Winola (Head #88). She looks pretty cute, and her outfit has a Pokemon Black/White 2’s Rosa/Mei vibe.


Irokebijin teased upcoming articulated fingers for their full-sized silicone bodies (probably 140cm+). Fans have long-awaited this upgrade and it’s finally coming. Mizuwali confirmed a few things on Twitter:

  1. Piper Dolls will eventually get articulated fingers (but Irokebijin comes first).
  2. It’s only for silicone dolls.
  3. It’s not compatible with smaller dolls.

JY Doll

JY Doll shared 2 new things this week. First, they teased an upcoming weight reduction for their silicone 163cm body. Since 2021, they offered weight-reduced TPE bodies, but this is their first silicone weight-reduction.

Credit to Marvel from Coeros for the translated video. Basically, they weighed the regular (~34.7 kg) and weight-reduced (~23.1 kg) 163cm body, showing a ~11 kg difference (pretty good). They also demonstrate the softness, which is hard to tell but seems a little firm.

Additionally, they released a new “Wheat” skin tone color for their silicone dolls. Previously, their silicone dolls only had 1 skin tone.

Elsa Babe

Elsa Babe released a new silicone 160cm M breasts body. It’s technically the same 160cm body they released 2 months ago, but now with Medium-sized breasts. Similar to before, the breasts seem larger than the name suggests (which many people pointed out). Still, it’s one of their most realistic bodies so far – now with 2 breast size options. There will also be a Large and “Mysterious” breast option next.


SHEDOLL had many new updates. First, they released a new head called Gu Xiaoyu, which means “small” or “gentle raindrops” in Chinese. She looks fairly cute with a very slight smile.

Next, they shared a video of their recent 163cm H-cup body, which is now fully ready for production. However, they still haven’t released any photosets or specific heads for this body yet. Additionally, they shared a video comparing their 158cm silicone and TPE bodies (both with silicone head).

Silicone 163cm H-cup Body
SHEDOLL Silicone vs TPE Comparison

Working quickly, they upgraded yet another head (Chu Yue) with oral structure and moveable jaw. Almost all their heads have this feature now.

Last, they released 2 doll stands for sale. One is the “crotch stand” seen before that supports the doll from the crotch with a rotatable base (round bottom). The other supports the doll’s back (with the same crotch part) with a velcro strap that holds the doll in place (rectangular bottom). The 2nd design seems to be for taller dolls, and they attach the base to an additional weight underneath. One of my readers actually designed something similar to this with a dolly containing a weighted wooden base, cushioned frame, & strap around the doll’s stomach.


My Loli Waifu released a new head called Betty. She looks cute although a bit generic – some people may like it though. She’s featured on their popular silicone 148cm B-cup body.


CosDoll released their 2nd generation “sucking vagina” feature. Unlike the previous version, the 2nd gen is an external device with several upgrades. It has 3 suction strengths, waterproof cords, and an external speaker on the device (for moaning sounds). The fact that it’s external is quite innovative – used like a removable vagina. No clue how well it works, but it’s interesting to say the least, and can be replaced unlike built-in versions.

TAYU (Art Doll)

TAYU made a little upgrade to their dolls’ teeth to look more white rather than translucent (I’m guessing with paint). This is default for all their doll “teeth” now.

Promo Photo Discussion

This isn’t news, but lately, I saw many posts with people comparing factory photos to promo photos. For years, these differences came from professional/factory lighting, photo editing, makeup, etc. However, one increasingly big reason is photographer makeup. Basically, brands send dolls to professional photographers, who use their own makeup, wigs, clothing, etc, to produce the best photos possible. Therefore, dolls from the factory won’t have the same makeup, wig, or clothing photographers use, which is deceptive but a very common doll industry practice.

Here’s a recent video from White Rabbit, a professional makeup artist and vendor, showing his work, but also demonstrating how photographers can completely change a head’s appearance through makeup.

Alas, that wraps up another week of sex doll news. It was definitely more interesting this week with all the updates, upgrades, and new releases. Irokebijin (and eventually Piper Doll) getting articulated fingers was exciting and unexpected news. We also know some brands’ plans now: JY will be weight-reducing silicone bodies, and Elsa Babe will work on their 160cm breasts, and convert silicone dolls to TPE. Lastly, SHEDOLL is a very interesting brand to watch out for. In only 9 months, they accomplished many innovative things like the electronic shower legs, mass-hair implanting technique, 148cm body with no gaping vagina, oral structures for every head, and now doll stands. They’re one of the more innovative brands constantly improving. Anyway, this week was a nice change of pace. As always, stay tuned for more sex doll news!

Thoughts on this week’s eventful episode of sex doll news? Comment below!

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  1. Pyronite

    I’ve been looking on a lot of websites for a silicone one that has a big butt, but I can’t find it. I only find models with big breasts. At the moment I was able to find this one even though she has really big breasts lol. Her name is Emma (145cm) and she belongs to FJ Doll. Do you know any silicone model that has a big butt like the tpe ones?

    1. Steven

      Hi Pyronite,
      Off the top of my head, Irontech’s silicone dolls have big butts. Maybe also JY Doll and Piper Doll. Now that I think about it, many silicone brands don’t have huge butts since they focus more on realism. Irontech might be the brand to look at.

  2. Stephan

    Hello Sir, thanks for another great update. I appreciate your comments on the promo photos. Really doll buyers and lookyloos have completely different picture needs. If I want to look at pretty dollies, then dress them up, make them up, etc etc. But If I am actually shopping then I don’t care about the outfit, or the hair, or the makeup unless its included. Too many vendors put up 10 pictures of a girl in cloths you don’t get, and never even show the dolls profile or Love Hole Placement.I wish all vendors would show nude front back and side views in a relaxed standing position, so the customer can see what is actually for sale. Just my two cents worth.

    1. Steven

      Hi Stephan,
      I believe that is what most customers want. However, for various reasons – mainly to make sales and money – brands want their “product photos” to look as attractive as possible, which involves custom makeup, wigs, and clothing (from photographers), as well as hiding any “problems” with the doll. For example, most photos will hide the neck seam, LHP, vaginal gaping, seamlines, certain angles, among other things. Some brands do show their dolls standing (front and back) like SE Doll, but generally, brands will try to hide anything that doesn’t make the doll look good. This is why factory and customer photos are so important. This is, unfortunately, not good for consumers but that’s just how the doll industry works.

  3. Marvel

    Thank you, Steven, for updating us with the latest doll news of the week. We really enjoyed it. We are delighted to see that you have updated a video about JYDoll’s silicone doll weight loss. In fact, we were fortunate enough to receive an invitation from Mr. Sun, the general manager of JYDoll (the handsome guy in the video), to create an English translation of the video. Here’s the link: We also received the 163cm silicone doll after her weight loss and will be making an unboxing video for her in one or two weeks, which we will be sharing on our YouTube channel.

    1. Steven

      Hi Marvel,
      Thank you for the translated video. I added it to my post and credited you. I understood the main point of it, but it’s much more interesting to watch with the English subtitles. 👍

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