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New Sex Dolls, Torso Trend, Lots of Photos, & More

As we open the door to June, a mountain of photos spill out from within. This week, brands dumped more photos than the 500 pounds of pasta found in a random New Jersey forest. With so many pretty photos to look at, it was hard to narrow it down to just a few. Therefore, I included more than usual – truly, a feast of photosets and new releases await you. There were new heads, bodies, and a sex torso trend (possibly started by Zelex last week). Therefore, strap in tight as we dig through June’s mountainous pile of news.

WM Doll

WM Doll released the B21 Torso, a sex torso based on their toned 164cm body. This is probably the “fittest” torso on the market, and is showcased with the original Head #471.

Angel Kiss

Angel Kiss shared a new photoset of their 159cm body with Head #159. She has a pretty face on a slightly short, but well-proportioned body.

SE Doll

SE Doll shared a new photoset of their 157cm Melody. Dressed in a sporty getup, her cute face is instantly contrasted by her well-endowed chest and enormous thighs.

JY Doll

JY Doll released 2 new heads, as well as a new photoset. Fancy (who was originally cosplayed as Tifa) returns in a very different look. Meanwhile, 2 other heads debuted: Delia (soft silicone), who has a maturish European face, and Azi (silicone), an Asian head on a thick 125cm TPE body.

Funwest Doll

Funwest Doll shared a new photoset of their 157cm Lily dressed as Street Fighter’s Cammy. Although they recycle the same heads every week (in different photosets), they’ve been very smart with their cosplays. With the release of SF6, this was the perfect time for a Cammy cosplay.

Piper Doll

Piper Doll released two new TPE torsos: 75cm Jessica and Ariel. Almost 3 years since the release of their Akira torso, it’s a bit odd seeing these torsos reappear. However, it’s better late than never as these Piper Doll classics become slightly more accessible at 19 kg (42 lbs).


Irokebjin shared 2 new eye options including “Cat Eyes,” as shown on their Cat Akane heads.


Irontech released a new silicone 163cm body with their recent S38 Flora head. Compared to their usual thick bodies, the 163cm is slimmer with smaller breasts. As expected, Flora looks super sexy here, but unfortunately, there’re no standing nude photos (which is uncommon).

Irontech also shared two new photosets. First, they combined their Misa head on a TPE 154cm body. Her cute face fits well with this slim, but busty, body.

Next is the 148cm Miyuki in full silicone, who looks quite sexy and cute in an arcade. Lately, they focused on scaling-down heads for shorter bodies (mainly for the Asian market). Since not everyone can handle the thick (but heavy) full-sized Irontech dolls, downscaling heads for the 148cm body seems like a smart compromise.

Last, I included some vaginal photos from the photosets above for comparison. The only one that’s unclear is the 148cm’s vagina which is puffy and closed in every 148cm photoset.


Speaking of 148cm, Jiusheng released a new 168cm body (with Lisa head) that’s a scaled-up version of their popular MLW 148B body. This tall and fit body looks super sexy, combined with Lisa’s youthful, European face. The photographer did an amazing job with these photos.

Elsa Babe

Elsa Babe went full-on anime this week, starting with a new head called Hirano Rin. She has an intense and focused expression, giving some Ghost in the Shell vibes. Definitely, an interesting and badass-looking face.

Next, they released a new 125cm silicone body. This interesting, pear-shaped body is bottom-heavy with thick thighs, and smallish breasts by default. It’s featured with the Arisugawa Yumeko, and recent Ijuuin Maki head, which were definitely meant for this body. Without a doubt, this will sell very well in Japan.

Last, they converted their 102cm mini doll to TPE. With XL breasts, this cute mini doll will be their most affordable option so far.


Zelex released 2 new heads: GE111 and GE123. Head GE111 has a model-like face, and is shown on both the TPE 168cm and silicone 175cm bodies. Meanwhile, Head GE123 has an interesting Asian face (possibly Korean-inspired).

Zelex also shared a bunch of new photosets with random heads. However, since we’re overloaded with photos this week, I’ll just show the leggy ones. 😉


Upon seeing a torso trend, Starpery resurfaced their 105cm sex torso. Only shown once before with the Queen head, it returns with their Rozanne head. Definitely an interesting option, but since only parts of the legs are missing, it doesn’t reduce much weight.


Jarliet continued pumping out silicone heads. This week, they released the Lynn (with oral structure & moveable jaw) and Vicky heads. Very interesting contrast of heads – an Asian schoolgirl and a European teacher.

SY Doll

Since SY Doll’s celebrity dolls were interesting to look at last week, here are 2 new heads by SY: Heads S11 and S5. This time showcased on their TPE 170cm body. While I don’t recognize all their heads, Head S5 looks a bit like Amber Heard to me.


That wraps up a jam-packed week of news. With too many photos to count, there was quite a lot to look at, including both silicone and TPE dolls. In terms of trends, there’s definitely a torso trend, possibly started by Zelex last week. There’s also an ongoing “scaling-down” trend from brands like Irontech and Elsa Babe, who want smaller doll options. In some ways, it’s related to the torso trend by reducing weight and size. Ultimately, brands are filling in their selection/catalog gaps to appeal to everyone. Jiusheng’s upscaled 168cm body will appeal to a new audience as well. Anyway, a lot came out this week, which was quite unexpected. Hopefully, this momentum will continue into the next week. Until next time!

Thoughts on June 2023’s first week of news? Comment below!

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  1. Gigadrill0000

    Very interested in the new 125cm elsababe perfect size and weight plus great body. The new vampire succubus head is cute too.

  2. Biden

    Irokebijin cat girl heads should only have cat ears and no human ears just like in anime.

  3. Arnold

    I think the S11 (SY Doll) is a really nice natural mature face, actually they nailed it in mine opinion.

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