Imagine having a companion who is always there for you. No more pointless dating or unhealthy relationships full of arguments and drama. You can have sex anytime you want with the most beautiful woman of your dreams. Your lovely doll is always waiting for you to hug, kiss, and sleep with her. Life is simple, and life is good. Regain your happiness today!

Where to Buy a Sex Doll?

If you’re new to sex dolls, you probably have no idea where to buy one. Sex dolls are rising in popularity, but so are scammers! Cheap, imitation dolls have flooded the marketplace and it’s harder than ever to find a trustworthy website. We made shopping for a sex doll easy. We gathered three of the best websites to find high quality dolls from top brands at competitive prices.

Vendors We Trust

Silicone Lovers, SexDolls-Shop, Silicon Wives are all trustworthy vendors. They were rigorously vetted by the biggest and most trusted doll community on the internet (The Doll Forum). The TDF community and I can both guarantee they sell authentic dolls at highly reasonable prices, and have one of the best customer-centric customer support teams out there that are responsive and professional. You cannot go wrong with any of these websites (Each has a slightly different selection of dolls).

Tip: Don’t be afraid to contact vendors! Feel free to email them and ask them anything!

Top Sex Doll Brands

Now that you know where to buy a sex doll, it’s time to learn about the different doll brands you can choose from. Here are a few of our favorites.

When choosing a doll, remember to consider the height and weight! They tend to be much heavier than expected.

WM Doll is the most popular sex doll brand in the world, and for good reason. Known for their high quality material and attractive head designs, WM Doll makes some of the most realistic and attractive faces and bodies in the market.


+ Most Popular Doll Brand

+ High Quality Dolls

+ Over 300 Heads/Faces to Choose from

+ Many Body Types to Choose from

+ Realistic Faces and Bodies


– Long production and shipping time but worth the wait

Piper Doll has the softest and most luxurious TPE material in the market. Designed by the famous designer and photographer, Mizuwali, their anime-inspired dolls are one of the most innovative TPE dolls out there! Cute faces, curvy bodies, delicious bubble butts, and a seamless neck design is what they do best.


  • High Quality Dolls
  • Softest TPE Material in the Market
  • Highly Flexible Skeleton (EVO)
  • Seamless Neck Design
  • Fantastic Butts
  • Combines Anime Fantasy with Realism
  • New Silicone Version of Their Dolls


  • Limited Selection of Dolls
  • Their anime faces won’t appeal to everyone

6YE Premium is an excellent doll brand known for their realistic dolls. Most recently, they released their Amor series which has anatomically correct vagina placement that many other doll brands lack. This correct positioning makes a world of difference when it comes to sex. In the meantime, all their other dolls (non-Amor) are still very attractive.


+ High Quality Dolls

+ Anatomically Correct Vagina Placement (Amor) 

+ New TPE formula does not require oiling or powdering


– Their dolls lack a certain charm, making them less popular than other brands

– Amor series has limited body types at the moment

JY Doll is a popular, more affordable doll brand. They make very attractive dolls as featured by their exquisite photography, including realistic silicone heads on TPE bodies. They had quality control issues in the past, but still have many happy customers.


+ High Quality Material

+ Realistic Faces and Bodies

+ Attractive Silicone Head Options

+ Affordable Prices


– Quality control issues have prevented them from becoming TDF-approved

– Their Silicone heads do not fully match the TPE body in skin tone, and are very hard

If you love WM Doll, then you’ll love YL Dolls. Made in the same factory, they are very similar to WM Dolls but with different faces and bodies. Their attractive dolls have won the hearts of many new doll owners.


+ High Quality Material

+ Attractive Faces and Bodies

+ Many Heads to Choose From

+ Unique Faces including Vampires


– Their dolls tend to be less realistic than WM Doll (Not necessarily a bad thing)

Made in the same factory as Piper Dolls, Doll Forever and DH168 2019 series dolls offer attractive Asian and anime-inspired dolls. They are basically Piper Dolls with a removable head. Doll House 168 focuses on Asian and anime faces, and Doll Forever specializes in Western faces.


+ High Quality Dolls

+ Softest TPE Material in the Market

+ Highly Flexible Skeleton (EVO)

+ DH168 Has Anime Dolls like Shiori and Lazuli


– Their faces are more cartoony/fantasy than realistic

– Their older DH168 dolls are not made with their new Soft TPE material

Irontech Doll is a brand that started growing traction in 2018. They are known for their artistic style, with beautiful Western faces, realistic bodies, and quality material. If you’re into pretty, young adult girls with Western features, you’ll love Irontech Doll.


+ High Quality Dolls

+ Attractive & Unique Faces

+ Realistic Faces and Bodies

+ Detailed and Realistic-Looking Vagina


– Unique face style (with big eyes) won’t appeal to everyone

– Their photography tends to be heavily edited/photoshopped

Looking for Silicone Dolls?

Silicone dolls are more durable, require less maintenance, and usually look more realistic compared to TPE. However, they tend to be harder, do not feel as soft and realistic as TPE, and are more expensive. We personally recommend TPE dolls but here’s a few of our favorite Silicone doll brands. Important: Silicone dolls are noticably firmer than TPE dolls. TPE dolls (above) are better for sleeping with, cuddling, and kissing.

SANHUI is a popular silicone doll brand best known for their distinctive anime-inspired faces. If you’ve been looking for a realistic anime waifu, you’ll love the selection at SANHUI. 


+ High Quality Dolls

+ Anime-inspired Faces

+ Soft Belly and Butt Implant Options

+ Some of Their Dolls Have Seamless Necks (AIO)


– Not everyone will like the anime-style faces

– Limited Heads from Choose From

DS Doll (Doll Sweet), also known as EXDOLL, is the most popular Silicone doll brand. They make incredibly realistic faces and have been in the business for almost 10 years. They specialize mainly in Asian faces and are one of the most realistic face designers out there. 


+ High Quality Dolls

+ Realistic Faces and Bodies


– More Expensive than Other Brands

– Mainly Asian Faces (Not necessarily a bad thing)

– Only Petite Bodies are Available

– No Oral Function

Sino Doll is an up-and-coming Silicone doll brand. They are very customer-oriented and have been growing quickly thanks their interactions with the doll community. They have very unique faces and bodies, including their hyper-realistic Top-Sino line.


+ High Quality Material

+ Realistic and Cute Face Designs

+ More Affordable than other Silicone brands

+ Innovative options such as “Standing Feet without Studs,” Textured Skin, & Implanted Hair

+ New Top-Sino Dolls are Very Pretty and Realistic


– Limited Heads to Choose From

– Their R+S Makeup is very expensive and temporary

GYNOID Tech is a new and highly innovative silicone doll brand. They have the most realistic-looking faces and bodies on the market, almost indistinguishable from a real woman. With natural skin texture and revolutionary doll hands, they are making a statement in the silicone doll world.


+ Most Realistic Looking Faces and Bodies

+ Textured Skin with Natural-Looking Pores and Blemishes

+ Detailed Hands with Fingers that Bend Correctly (The Best Sex Doll Hands)


– Very Expensive

– No Oral and Anal Functions at the Moment

Don't Get Ripped off!

When it comes to sex dolls, there are two ways to get ripped off:

  1. Buying a cheap or counterfeit/imitation sex doll from an untrustworthy vendor.

As they say, “You get what you pay for.” Most dolls under $1000 (except for mini dolls) are not authentic top-brand dolls. Many stores sell cheap replica dolls using another company’s photos to trick customers. The dolls they sell will not look the same as the photo, are of inferior quality, and break quickly. More and more of these websites are popping up. A general rule of thumb is do not purchase a sex doll from Aliexpress, Ebay, or Amazon. Top doll manufacturers do not sell on any of these websites.

2. Paying overpriced for the same doll you can get elsewhere for less.

Due to the fear of being scammed, many people are paying premium prices in hopes of getting an authentic doll. But why pay more for less? Don’t get ripped off paying more than you need to. As long as you purchase from one of our trusted websites, you will always get an authentic doll at the best prices possible.

We Already Did the Work for You

When we ran our sex doll store in the past, we always sold authentic dolls at the best prices possible, and this angered a lot of other stores; but we have no regrets because our customers always came first and we weren’t in it only for the money.

We have gone through every trusted TDF-approved vendor as well as many lesser known stores, and narrowed it down to the best ones we could find. Not only does the price have to be good, but so does the customer service. We spoke extensively with these vendors and can confirm they have top-class customer support, and their customers always come first. Combine that with a large selection of authentic dolls and appealing pricing, they are without a doubt, the best sex doll stores to buy from.

Start Finding Your Dream Doll Now

Sex Dolls Shop™ is a highly prestigious sex doll vendor to order from. Their customer service is top-notch and they offer an excellent selection of dolls at great prices. You’re not just getting a doll, you’re getting a team that cares and helps you every step of the way. They are one of the safest and most trusted websites to order from. You simply cannot lose ordering from them. 

Silicone Lovers is a very popular and rapidly-growing vendor from the UK. With over 19 top brands to choose from, they have one of the largest catalogs out there. They offer both TPE and silicone sex dolls, and have very friendly and helpful customer service. Combine that with a huge selection of dolls at amazing prices, and you have an almost perfect sex doll store.

The Doll Channel is the only vendor with an active and growing Youtube channel and community. They specialize in smaller sex dolls and can import dolls to their address and then ship it to you domestically to avoid customs issues. They also have in-stock dolls ready to ship in the USA. Not the prettiest website, but they have very affordable pricing, many in-stock wigs and accessories, and a points/reward program.

Silicon Wives has been in business since 2015. They offer popular TPE brands such as WM Doll, as well as some silicone brands like Sanhui. With years of sex doll experience, an easy to navigate website, and good customer service, they are a great, reliable website to order a doll from. Their staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and make it easy to find the doll you’re looking for.

My Robot Doll is a trusted vendor that ships worldwide including Europe. They have a large selection of top brands, including more elusive brands such as MZR Doll, Aibei, and Aotume. They are the leading vendor for Sino Doll, and offer the hyper-realistic Top-Sino series. With excellent customer service, many satisfied customers on TDF, and very reasonable prices, they are a fantastic vendor to order from.

Sex Doll Genie is professional and trustworthy sex doll vendor. They have a huge selection of dolls including both TPE and silicone dolls, fast customer service, and a US shipping option (where they clear customs and then ship you the doll domestically). They are a fast-growing company with premium service. 

Sexy Sex Doll is a very popular TDF-approved vendor that ships worldwide. They have personally visited the factories of the brands they sell, and are highly experienced in sex dolls. They offer a huge selection of top brand dolls, provide decent customer service, and have a special reward program to shop and earn points. You can use the points for discounts on future doll purchases.

Real Love Sex Dolls is one of the most popular and most trusted sex doll stores on TDF. They offer a great selection of WM Dolls, and are currently adding more brands such as Piper Doll. They are one of the oldest stores out there, yet continue to be one of the most modern. They also have great seasonal promos and deals often, so be on the lookout!

Tons of new articles including Doll Customization Options Guide, Doll Care Guide, and more coming soon!