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New Sex Dolls, Mini Dolls, Starpery Photos, & More

Quite a lot happened this month, including 2 back-to-back Shanghai adult expos; I covered the latest one here. While some brands were busy with expos, other brands shared quite a bit of news. This week, sex doll brands released cute new heads, sexy bodies, and exquisite photography. Last week, Zelex dropped a bunch of new photosets, and this week was Starpery’s turn. Without further ado, stay tuned for the most random week of mini dolls, ahegao faces, centaurs, and more.

SE Doll

SE Doll shared a new photoset of their 166cm Charlene (Head #121). She looks fairly cute, and bunny outfits are always a winner.


Qita released a new silicone body and head: the 164cm Joanna. She looks fairly cute in classy, office attire. Due to no full-body photos, her body shape is somewhat unclear, but at least there are love hole photos.

Doll Forever

Doll Forever officially released their silicone 160cm body with 2 heads so far, Jian X and Anna May. This week, we have Anna May and a teaser of their next head, Heather. For reference, all 4 heads will have “oral structure and moveable jaw,” and the body impressively only weighs 24.5 kg (54 lbs). Personally, I’m not a huge fan of Anna May’s design, but Heather looks great.

They also released 2 new heads for their silicone 60cm body: Liora and Bianca. Both heads look very cute with unique makeup (little patterns) on their face.

Last, Doll Forever teased an upcoming doll or head. Apparently, it’s a 100cm head called Friday, cosplayed as Wednesday. I’ll show the photos next time.

Elsa Babe

Similarly, Elsa Babe also released 2 new heads. First is Hoshino Kanami, a redesign of their first “ahegao” head (150cm Hoshino Suzumi) for the 165cm body. Since I think “ahegao faces” are funny, it looks pretty good to me. They also scaled-down their cute and cheerful Mishima Nico head (148cm) into the 102cm Mishima Chika.


The innovative SHEDOLL teased the first-ever centaur sex doll. Perhaps due to the viral AI-generated centaur photo a few months back, many people seem interested in centaurs. Personally, I thought it would never happen due to how much material is required, but SHEDOLL made it happen. And it looks way better than Climax Doll’s horse head doll.

However, it’s not perfect. I’m surprised they made an entire centaur mold but skimped out on the hooves. The body also seems a bit thin. Since there are no nude photos, I’m a bit skeptical about this design (and whether it’s even real). I guess we’ll wait and see.


As previously predicted, Starpery is the latest brand to add the external sucking vagina (that Cosdoll and Zelex previously added). Eventually, I think every brand will have this “pink device” sucking vagina, which isn’t a bad thing if it works well. According to the video, it hasn’t had any after-sale problems in domestic markets.

Last week, Zelex unloaded 6 new photosets, and this week was Starpery’s turn. They shared new photosets of the 172F Gill, 165G Cynthia, 165G Adele, and 172F Honey. Some very exquisite photography bringing new life to these earlier heads.


EXDOLL released a new head called Katherine (Hua Lin) on their thick 167-SEVO (166cm) body. This is the first detachable head in the CyberFusion series, and features a sexy Mai Shiranui cosplay. She looks quite pretty and realistic, especially the hands and feet. However, despite looking super sexy, this body caught flack in the past for poor LHP, and weighs about 39.5 kg (87 lbs).

JY Doll

JY Doll shared a new photoset of their silicone 160cm body with L.Dream head. These bright and simple photos highlight her cute face, petite body, and love holes very well.


MLW shared 2 new photosets of their 148cm B-cup body. First, Arisa (silicone head, TPE body) appears in a simple yet glamorous photoshoot with implanted hair. Then, they showed Mia in full silicone to contrast the TPE body.


TAYU teased an upcoming 158cm body that’s supposedly modeled off of a real woman. They highlighted the spinal and frontal details, and it’ll be their most detailed and realistic body thus far.

Game Lady Doll

Last, here are the latest numbers in Game Lady’s contest. Things have finally begun to slow down, with Ahri sneaking up on 2B. By now, I’m sure many people compiled a hefty list of red flags (like numbers randomly swapping), but I’ll just pretend this is real. None of it matters anyway. Game Lady has the final say at the end.


That wraps up a fairly packed week of news. There were lots of new photosets, releases, and teasers ranging from mini dolls, thick dolls, everything in between, and centaurs. Lots of interesting things to see, more options to choose from, and pretty photos to look at if nothing else. Recently, I noticed 2 brands reemerging, which are Doll Forever and EXDOLL. Both hibernated for some time, but Doll Forever came back swinging as of late. Meanwhile, many vendors suddenly began adding EXDOLL, who also became super active on TDF. Big things may be coming for both brands. In terms of trends, it was more of the same: oral structure & moveable jaws, sucking vaginas, and mini dolls. Let’s see which brands add the external sucking vagina next. As always, stay tuned for more sex doll news.

Thoughts on the latest week of sex doll news? Comment below!

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  1. Crazedcat

    Any more info on that new Tayu sculpt? I’ve been searching and can’t even find the original info you reported.

  2. Jackson

    Thanks for the update! Cool stuff they’re doing! But yeah I definitely believe that gamelady shuffled some numbers around. As I’m sure that both Ashley Williams and Miranda Lawson from Mass Effect had a lot more votes 🗳, but that’s just me.

    1. Steven

      On April 15-18, Ashley and Ahri’s numbers randomly switched. Ashley went from 311 -> 303, and Ahri went from 302 -> 311. That was the most obvious since they were both near the top.
      But at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter. The purpose of the contest was to see which characters are popular. Ultimately, they get the final say in the end, but I think they’ll pick multiple top-voted characters as their next dolls.

      1. michael

        where can i vote?

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