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New Sex Doll Releases, Photosets, Teasers, & More

April is looking like a month of celebration as the economy improves with stock and crypto markets skyrocketing. Meanwhile, some drama happened this past week in the world of sex dolls. From sex doll brands, owners, and vendors getting mass reported and banned on Twitter, to the reporter herself getting banned (and later unbanned), it was quite a wacky week. As a result, some brands and doll owners have disappeared from Twitter. As for new releases, this was a photo-dump type of week with lots of photosets, videos, and teasers. Zelex alone dropped 6 new photosets. Without further ado, let’s make our way through this week’s mountain of photos and videos.

Angel Kiss

Angel Kiss shared 2 new photosets of their 165cm body with Heads #159 & #370. They’re both classic WM Doll heads, and look very pretty in silicone.

SE Doll

SE Doll released a new head, Head #119, on their 166cm Kemeny. She looks pretty cute with a futuristic outfit and short wig.

SE will also release a sex doll stand soon. It has wheels to move the doll around, and a pole (with a strap) to hold the doll in place. Many brands seem interested in creating stands now, which is useful in photography and transportation.

Funwest Doll

Funwest Doll shared new photosets of their 162cm Assos and 169cm Chloe (cosplayed as Mikasa Ackerman). Even though they’re constantly reusing the same heads, their photography and costumes are fun to look at.

Doll Forever

Doll Forever teased a new 160cm full-sized silicone body. This body will launch with 4 new heads, starting with Jian X (cosplayed as D.Va). All 4 heads will have “oral structure and moveable jaw,” and the body supports articulated fingers. With weight reduction, the 160cm body (with head) only weighs 54 pounds (24.5 kg) – very impressive!

Their photographer, Dollface, teased the four upcoming heads below.

Piper Doll

Mizuwali shared photos of a “special version” 100cm Ariel (SAF) with new makeup. She looks significantly more realistic now with freckles, smoky makeup, and implanted hair. I assume the “special ver. makeup” is a customization option.


Irontech teased a robotic blowjob/electric oral feature. We’ve seen this before from other brands like MLW, where the head bobs back and forth. Since Irontech already has many robotic sex features, this is a fitting addition.

They also shared some softness comparison videos. First, they compared the softness between their silicone “Standard Ass,” “Gel Ass,” and “Softer Gel Ass.” Then, they compared their “Gel Breast” and “Softer Gel Breast.” Needless to say, there’s quite a noticeable difference in the levels of softness.


Zelex shared a video comparing their default EVO skeleton with their new EXP skeleton. The ball-jointed neck and shoulders provide new angles of movement, which is great for posing.

Zelex also dropped 6 new photosets out of nowhere. This includes the TPE 170cm body with Heads GE07, GE87, and GE88; followed by the TPE X165 body with Heads GE81, GE122, & GE45. Lately, they’ve been heavily promoting their TPE bodies with silicone heads.

170cm Body with Heads GE07, GE87, and GE88

X165 Body with Heads GE81, GE122, & GE45

Elsa Babe

Despite nothing new, Elsa Babe shared some interesting photos. First, they showed factory photos of their 150cm Aida Rina with a custom “Pure White” skin tone. This is yet another custom skin tone they’ve done. They also shared photos of their 160cm L-breasts Mizushima Suzuran in a sexy leopard outfit, and 160cm S-breasts Hinata Himawari in a fitting Hinata (from Naruto) cosplay.


Unexpectedly and all-at-once, TAYU released “oral structure and moveable jaws” for all their soft silicone heads. All TAYU heads now have the option for realistic teeth, tongue, and uvula, as well as hinged jaw.


Gynoid teased their latest Model 19 sex doll. She has an Asian face similar to Gynoid’s other heads, and a tall, petite body. Like most of their teasers, there’s no information other than some photos.


XYCOLO officially released the Nana head (with oral structure and moveable jaw) that they teased last week. Many people expressed their immeasurable disappointment with this head sculpt, and how it ruined their day, which I have to agree with.

Game Lady Doll

Game Lady continued posting updates for their contest so here are the latest numbers. As of April 15th, 2B (Nier: Automata), Ashley (RE4 Remake), & Ahri (LOL) are in the lead.

That wraps up a media-filled week of news. From teasers and new photosets to comparison videos, there were a lot to look at. Doll Forever seems to be making a comeback, and several brands are still catching up on the “oral structure and moveable jaw” craze. Other than lots of photos and videos, there isn’t much else to say. To add to the intro, things are getting messy on Twitter as some brands and doll owners either went private or left Twitter all-together. I kept things vague to avoid unwanted attention. As always, stay tuned for more sex doll news.

Thoughts on mid-April’s sex doll news? Comment below!

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  1. Brad

    I’ve never made a Twitter account, and every year I feel better and better about that decision.

  2. Nautius Maximus

    Hi Steven. Thanks for doing this great blog every week. I always look forward to Monday so I can see what’s new in doll world. It looks like Doll Forever has a winner with that new 160 silicone. It’s nice to see at least one company taking a shot at workable height and weight. Most manufacturers seem determined to do the opposite.

    1. Steven

      Hi Nautius,
      No problem. I’m glad you enjoy reading them every week. 🙂
      I also like the proportions of Doll Forever’s new 160cm body. To be fair, other brands also have bodies around ~160cm, but they do tend to be heavy. So far, there’s no info on D4E 160cm’s weight.

      1. Dollface

        The Doll4ever 160cm weighs in at 54 pounds! And that includes the head.

        ~ The last head you have shown is actually Dora elf on the 145cm Fit Body and not part of this release.

        We have 4 heads to photograph. All oral capable with moveable jaw.
        Sets are completed and released on two of them, JIan X and Anna May.

        Steven, if you contact us, we can send you more photos.

        1. Steven

          Hi Dollface,
          Ahh, thank you for the correction. And wow, 54 pounds is lighter than expected!

          I’ll update my post, and email you soon, or you can email me at If you can send me photos, I’ll add them in my next post. Also, let me know how I can properly credit you. Thank you. 🙂

    2. Arnold

      I only do not understand one thing, Piper Doll does have a perfect LHP, Doll Forever is from the same house but the LHP isnt placed correctly, same with Dollhouse 168, sad bc DH168 does have such outstanding wonderful faces into their collection.

      1. Steven

        Although they’re made in the same factory (except <2019 DH168), one possibility is they have different body designers. Mizuwali designed Piper Doll's bodies (and probably some older D4E/DH168 bodies and heads, but improved his designs for Piper Doll). Many D4E and DH168 bodies are older and have never been updated.

        1. Arnold

          Yes sadly they dont bring much new things at the market, it are high quality dolls and no photoshop, what you see is what you get.

  3. George

    Sex doll companies should come up with ways to build an ship dolls in less than three weeks.

  4. Jackson

    Irontech is on a role this week! Those softer options are pretty cool! I just hope that they are just as durable as the regular ones?

    1. Steven

      Hi Jackson,
      Unfortunately, the softer options will be more delicate and prone to damage/tearing. It’s the unfortunate trade-off between softness and durability. Maybe one day the material can be both jiggly soft and durable. I believe TAYU’s material is the closest right now (and they’re also the lightest).

      1. Arnold

        Hi Steven,
        The soft options of a Tayu gives the doll way more weight, I think Gynoid will be the winner bc their soft options are standard ive read, but for as a sexdoll I think Tayu will be a better choice, for posing/photo’s I think Gynoid will be a better choice.

        1. Crazedcat

          I have the 148D with all ultra soft gel options and total weight with head is 50.1 lbs. It actually adds less weight than advertised.

          1. Arnold

            Hi Crazedcat,
            It is only possible in this case to compare a Gynoid 155 with a Tayu 148, the Gynoid is 22kg and the Tayu is 19kg + soft butt (3 till 4kg), makes it 22kg at least, but a Gynoid is a 7cm longer doll.

          2. Jackson

            How does the ultra soft gel option feel?

            1. Arnold

              Hi Jackson,
              The “soft” and “extra soft” gel options feels both very good, some rl girls do have a more softer butt while some other rl girls do have a more fermer butt and age is also playing a role into this, most dolls are into the age around the 20 years old, so in this case I should personal go for the normal soft gel butt, the bouncing of the butt fits more to a 20 years old person in mine opinion and not only for this bc I also think the “extra soft” gel butt will have a thinner silicone skin around the gel and will make it less durable.
              Some very important note, it is not recommended with the gel butt to let a doll sit on a chair, especially not for a long time, something to think about if you take a doll for sex pleasure or for posing activities.
              My silicone doll with no gel butt sometimes sits for a month on a chair without any problems, dont do this with a gel butt doll.

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