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Belle Delphine Releases Custom Sex Doll of Herself?

On April 3, 2024, something monumental and unexpected happened in the world of sex dolls. That’s right, top Onlyfans model and original “Simp Queen,” Belle Delphine, supposedly released a custom sex doll of herself. Over the years, the “gamer girl” sold many strange and viral things online, such as her “bath water” to millions of her adoring fans. Yet, she never released something that I know many people have asked for – something that seemed so obviously related (and potentially successful) like a sex doll. Well, that time has finally come.. Today on X, Belle Delphine promoted a customized sex doll of herself, which you can only order by messaging her on Onlyfans.

The Gamer Girl Sex Doll

There has been many Belle Delphine-doll attempts in the past, such as custom-makeup jobs from Sino Doll, and SiliconeLover’s Belle – but never anything official. But is this official? Knowing Belle Delphine’s history of trolling and controversial antics, this raises many questions – such as: Is this actually a custom-made Belle Delphine doll? Is it actually for sale or just a marketing hoax? Because the photos are limited, I can’t really tell if it’s a custom doll or not. Most likely, it’s just a random TPE doll with custom makeup. If you have more info, please comment below. Ultimately, it sounds like she just bought a sex doll, did the makeup, and is selling it to a subscriber (as a one time thing).

Whatever the case may be, it’s nice to see large influencers embrace or speak positively about dolls. Her tweet has gotten almost 500k views in 6 hours (1 million now in 24 hours), shining a rare spotlight on sex dolls. So far, the comments have been mostly positive with some edgy jokes here and there. I’d expect a huge influx of people into the wonderful world of TPE and silicone dolls in the coming weeks, like when Game Lady brought in thousands of gamers. Until more info comes out, all we can do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

Thoughts on Belle Delphine’s official sex doll? Comment below!

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  1. Johnny Knoxville

    It’s in a coffin so you can bury that damn thing in your backyard so you forget that you bought it

  2. Redrobot3d

    I have the feeling that its a doll she dressed up like herself. I’ve asked the companies I worked with and none of them have said anything about working with her on an exclusive doll.

  3. Aaron

    I would buy but only if she gave a bonus worn out nutty bra

  4. Ricky

    If that doll is the same size as her then My member is as big as Ron Jeremy’s. But it’s not!! Check the photos and compare their head and thigh sizes. It’s obviously not the same size. – Ricky at THE DOLL CHANNEL

  5. Jerry

    Where can I find her doll?

    1. Steven

      Supposedly on her Onlyfans, but I don’t know if she already sold it or not.

  6. Robert

    Hope we soon find out what the price is. I don’t expect it to cost less than a silicone would (even though the one she is selling clearly looks like TPE)

    1. mark

      That coffin it ships in would cost about £1000 on it’s own, it’s her custom touch to it that will cost money (includes her own clothes) and she wants to make a profit so you can expect it to sell at least double the base cost…£5k

      And people will pay it.

  7. Steven

    After writing this, I realized Belle didn’t “release” a doll, but rather, bought one, made it look like her as much as possible, and is now selling that one doll. Or am I wrong and she has a doll business now? I guess we’ll find out..

  8. IconOkee

    which brand is it? I hope we’ll get more pics of the face

    1. Steven

      Not sure on the brand, but it kind of looks like WM. See my other comment. I posted it a bit late.

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