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Sex Doll News, Sanhui Smart Eyes, New Bodies, Trends, & More

Things are heating up as we head into April. A solar eclipse darkened the sky for a brief moment to reveal, more sex doll news. This week, Sanhui became the first global brand to release “movable eyelids” (similar to Earth Doll’s Facial Muscle Head 1.0). Now, the race is on as every brand wants in on the action. Meanwhile, brands released many new heads, bodies, and photos. Cute dolls, bouncy breasts, Rosretty did the unspeakable, and Aibei embraced silicone? Read on for the latest scoop.


Sanhui unveiled their latest movable eyelid feature called “Smart Eyes” on one of their mini dolls. Finally, the race is on for every brand to remake USDOLL’s “Facial Muscle Head.” While Sanhui’s Smart Eyes look functional, it seems the eyes can’t close all the way. The next step would be adjustable eyebrows and mouth, and hopefully they push this feature onto their full-sized dolls next. (It usually requires creating an entirely new head)

SE Doll

SE Doll shared new photos of the silicone 167cm Jenny, and TPE 161cm Hannah. With smoky makeup, Jenny looks very athletic, while Hannah has an old-school skater girl look.

Irontech Doll

Irontech shared 3 new photosets featuring their silicone 167cm body. Starting with Yeona who looks very different and cute in tan skin.

Next, they cosplayed their Lexi and Molly heads as Daphne and Velma from Scooby Doo. Daphne looks quite sexy, while Velma didn’t quite hit the mark. I guess they don’t have a head or body that resembles her.


Zelex released a new Head GE139 for their Inspiration Series 170cm body. It’s been a while since they released a new Inspiration Series head – not sure if it’s an ROS version of an existing head, or completely new. She looks somewhat unique with a Cleopatra-type of wig.


MLW shared a beautiful new photoset of their 148B Sora. With soft lighting, complementary colors, and cute poses, this is the best that Sora has ever looked.


EXDOLL teased an upcoming 174 SEVO body (currently in presale). According to EXDOLL, this body has the “biggest breasts and longest legs ever” of all their dolls. Interesting to see EXDOLL go the tall route lately.

FU Doll

FU Doll teased an upcoming silicone 136cm G-cup body. Weighing at 25 kg (55 lbs) with head, the breasts look very bouncy to say the least.


And last to tease a new body is Jiusheng. However, theirs is still work-in-progress with no height info. They shared this mini 3D-printed sample.

Real Girl

Real Girl had some cute new Asian dolls. Since their dolls come from many different factories, it’s hard to know the quality, but they look pretty cute (full silicone).


Bezlya’s photographer nailed another sexy photoset of their 155Mcm Campanula. Dressed in a racer-girl style bikini, these photos highlight her hentai-style body.


Normally, I avoid showing Aibei dolls, but this is one of their better new heads as of late. Looking more realistic than usual, it’s a pretty nice sculpt. They just need to embrace silicone if they want to catch up to SY Doll.

But wait, stop the presses. They do have a silicone doll? Aibei released their first ever full-silicone 167cm doll with Head AB11. Since they produce Funwest Dolls, the head looks nearly identical to Funwest’s Lily. As for the body, it’s quite busty and well-proportioned, weighing a decent 33 kg (73 lbs).

Game Lady Doll

After a long absence, Game Lady returned with two new heads, Heads No. 24 and 25. Basically, 2B and “normal expression” Tifa have movable jaws now. More info here.


Rosretty (aka SY Doll) has had pretty controversial AI photos lately – drastically changing their dolls’ appearances with AI. However this week, they took it one step too far.. straight-up photoshopping a doll’s face (with AI) onto a real cosplayer’s body. And they’re using these as promo photos.. Shame..

Influencers Take Over

From Rosretty’s antics to Belle Delphine, the biggest new trend seems to be influencer sex dolls. Two weeks ago, Irontech teamed up with Violet Voss to create a replica sex doll of her. Later, Belle Delphine had a sex doll, and the next thing I knew, Jinsan messaged 100’s of Onlyfans models and influencers if they wanted a replica sex doll of them. Additionally, several vendors already have influencer sex dolls in the works, like My Robot Doll and The Doll Channel.

I think the signs are clear: this is the next big trend, and will probably benefit the industry overall. Large influencers promoting dolls to an audience who’d probably want one. It’ll definitely bring more people into the world of dolls.


That wraps up another week of sex doll news. There was a lot to see, with 2 big, important trends. The race is on for brands to create openable and closeable eyes to stay ahead of the game. Competition is a powerful force sometimes, and hopefully, “movable eyelids” become as common as ROS or articulated fingers one day. Next, there’s the big influencer sex doll trend going on. There were some in the past, but suddenly now, brands and vendors both realized the huge money (and marketing) potential in it. Expect to see more Onlyfans models, influencers, and streamers recreated as sex dolls soon. As for Rosretty, I can only shake my head – that’s a trend I don’t want to see.. As things heat up in the sex doll industry, remember to stay tuned for more sex doll news!

Thoughts on April’s official first week of news? Comment below!

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  1. NexusHunter

    Hello, I been shopping around for a Bezlya doll but I’m uneasy about some of the vendors. I want to be sure I’m buying an authentic doll for 4k. So far Kuma Doll looks reputable. Does anyone have other suggestions?

  2. Artur

    Could you elaborate on the efforts from My Robot Doll and The Doll Channel to make the influencer dolls? Any idea who they are recreating?

  3. Gage

    Excited to see the pricing on the new FU Doll! So lightweight too. I have a larger doll and just don’t use it much because moving her around can be a pain. I wish more manufactures would make smaller dolls.

  4. Zenrel

    I’m very impressed with Bezlya’s 155Mcm. Too bad it’s hard to find a trusted vendor that sells their silicone line. I saw Rosemary’s japanese store sells them, but the English version doesn’t. Just TPE.

  5. Rebel Drifter

    Crazy how this landscape is changing so rapidly. I am very excited to see these videos you posted with the breasts. Are they Gel? I wonder… Either way – amazing post! Thanks again 😀
    I’m still waiting on my Piperdoll that I need to unbox on my channel… Can’t wait.

    1. Steven

      Almost every silicone doll has gel breasts by default so I’d say yes. Have fun with your Piper Doll. 🙂

      1. Rebel Drifter

        I am trying to analyse it. I of course fully agree with you and thought the same but was wondering… Thanks again 🙂 You are a source for me and many others to cross check a lot of things.

  6. Rass

    I feel like some brands like Rosretty create a sub brand to try target some types of people without endangering their brand. Some people will be fooled by AI and what they will think about the brand after the purchase won’t matter to the main brand.

  7. Jackson

    That Velma doll looked very good in my opinion.

    That EX Doll Boa handcock doll looked sublime!

    Real girl R104 looked very cute!

    That Beyzla had a very nice body!

    It looks like influencer sexdolls are really taking off.

    I hope that more doll brands introduce movable eyelids and improve upon them!!!

  8. Rass

    Aibei AB11 and MLW look amazing, too bad MLW is too small. The first Iron Tech face is nice as well, but ROS is weird, that’s not how a mount is opened – the lips are opened from the middle muscles and the corners just follow, but this ROS implies the corner’s muscles open too.

    Thanks for the article!

  9. ItsAme

    The FUDOLL is actually 136cm it seems.

    1. Steven

      Oh, thanks for the heads-up. I was a bit confused with their tweets. I’ll update it.

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