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Sex Doll News, JY Doll Returns, Starpery, Climax Doll, & More

As we quickly approach summer, the temperature’s heating up, and so are the dolls. This week, brands released a boatload of new photos, as well as new heads. JY Doll and Yearndoll returned after a long absence, Climax Doll and Dolls Castle released some cute heads, and XT Doll teased a new innovation? Although it was mostly more of the same, there were still some interesting things to look at. Without further ado, let’s see what all the new photos are about.

WM Doll

WM Doll shared a new photoset of their 154cm (Body #19) with Head #408. An interesting combination with their rarely-shown pear-shaped body, which is sadly, quite heavy at 37 kg (82 lbs).

SE Doll

SE Doll shared another outdoor photoset, this time of their 167cm Vicky. However, this wasn’t the best showcase of her ROS mouth; she looks somewhat angry with her mouth opened..

JY Doll

After a long break, JY Doll returned with 4 new photosets. This includes various silicone heads and bodies, starting with the 161cm Yunxi. However, all 4 photosets appear AI-enhanced, which is common in most JY photosets nowadays. Still, she looks almost identical in the video, so maybe it’s just photo-editing (and good makeup).

Next, they released a new head called QiuYa (with ROS on the 172cm E-cup body). She looks quite pretty, but the AI is much more apparent here.

Last, we’ll wrap it up with their 170cm B-cup Fox and Dilia. These heads might also be new, but I’m not sure.


Zelex shared many new photosets, but I’ll just show 2 of them. This includes the SLE 153cm with Head ZXE208, and Inspiration Series 170cm with Head GE24. They both look elegant in very different ways.


Jiusheng shared a new photoset of their silicone 158D Yukiko. In a very different style than before, she looks quite fitting in the new hair.


FUDOLL officially released their 165cm Xiaobei, thus revealing the complete photoset. Looking sexy in a maid outfit, this was a nice debut for their 165cm body.


Yearndoll released their own version of the “openable and closable eyes” feature. I don’t know what they call their version, but this is their first update in 6 months (I thought they stopped designing dolls). It looks more-or-less on-par with other brands.


Jarliet released a new photoset of their 163cm Eve. Arguably one of their best silicone heads, she looks even better here than before. But, there’s definitely some AI or photo-editing here (which is always a shame), though she still looks similar in the video. I like how natural her ROS mouth looks.

A better look without the photo-editing

Starpery Doll

Starpery released a new 3rd Generation 176cm C-cup body (same proportions as the 176cm F-cup, but smaller breasts). They also added ROS mouth to their GiGi head for this interesting, tall and slim doll. She weighs around 39 kg (86 lbs) with WR 3.0, which isn’t too bad for a doll this tall.

They also released a new “MILF” head called Lucretia. Armed with a dagger and bright-red dress, these fancy photos paint a colorful scene.

Climax Doll

Climax Doll released 2 new silicone heads (with ROS): Hannah and Irene. With more-natural makeup than before, they look pretty cute on the 157cm body.

Dolls Castle

Speaking of new heads, Dolls Castle also released 2 new TPE heads, Kotone and Tallula. Also more-natural than their usual designs, these dolls look fairly decent.

XT Doll

Last but not least, XT Doll shared a new photoset of their 150cm Yina (Yunxi). Previously on the 163cm body, she also fits this much shorter body.

Also, they teased their latest innovation called “Anti-Puncture Articulated Fingers.” As demonstrated in the video below, their new finger bones won’t poke through the silicone. The release date is TBA.

Lastly, they shared a video showcasing their “63-joint bionic skeleton.” If you were curious what their skeleton looked like, this video showcases the skeleton’s various joints.


That concludes another week of sex doll news. This week, there were many new photosets, as well as new heads (and 1 new body). If nothing else, there was more variety, and I thought many of them looked decent. Not to mention, more innovations like XT Doll’s “Anti-Puncture Articulated Fingers” and Yearndoll’s “Facial Muscle Head.” Meanwhile, JY Doll’s return made me question every photo I see.. (whether they use AI and/or photo-editing). Sadly, this has been around since the very beginning, but it has become more confusing and hard-to-tell lately.. But as long as there are factory photos and videos, it’s at least tolerable for now.. As always, stay tuned for more sex doll news!

Thoughts on June’s 2nd week of sex doll news? Comment below!

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  1. Arnold

    I really like the weight reduction XT-Doll comes with and many other inventions they made… but I cant stand the granny look ass shape of their dolls LOL

    FUDOLL showed up with a lightweight as well, that is for sure some other level if its about body shape!

  2. kar

    oh, if I had a huge villa, with a huge palace, I would gather the best creations there in a row, Sailor Moon and her team, Xena, the Pink Ranger with Amy Jo Johnson in the title role, and Xena and others would be there then who I don’t remember anymore, in short, the heroic women’s team from childhood))
    Back then one could only dream of such full-length dolls, but today it is a reality.

  3. kar

    Jarliet is awesome, as if alive.
    Please note that most manufacturers produce clones, but sometimes, like an inspiration, really worthy options pop up

  4. Jackson

    WM Doll 408 head is so sexy, looks like a Russian beauty.

    Jiusheng Yukiko looks cute.

    Climax Doll Irene face looks like it was AI generated.

    XT Doll’s “Anti-puncture articulated fingers” is awesome! As one of my TPE dolls had punctured fingers! The Bionic Skeleton is innovative asf! Could make way for humanoid robots. But instead of metal they should just use carbon fiber!

    Great post this week, thanks!

    1. Steven

      Thanks for the comment. I don’t think Climax Doll’s Irene is AI-generated. They usually have unique (and often over-done) makeup like that.

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