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New Sex Dolls, Fanreal Maria, Jarliet Silicone, & More

April showers are over as May blooms with more sex doll news. This week was fairly typical; brands shared photosets, released new heads, and teased upcoming surprises. Having said that, you won’t want to miss the pretty dolls, including rarely talked about brands like FANREAL, Jarliet, and Sino Doll. Without further ado, let’s wrap up April with a final bit of news.

Angel Kiss

Angel Kiss shared a new photoset of their 165cm body with Head LS17. It’s the same doll from 2 weeks ago, but these new photos highlight the body quite well. Also, I think the face is growing on me. She seems cuter than before.

Doll Forever

Doll Forever released a new head called Friday on their silicone 100cm body. It’s a somewhat cute, wide-eyed mini doll cosplayed as Wednesday Addams, but it’s not Wednesday; it’s Friday.

Piper Doll

Piper Doll teased their newest 155cm silicone sex doll. Their last original doll (Miho) was released over a year ago, so it’s been a while. This new doll comes in a very different style unlike previous Piper Dolls – more like a face Irontech or Zelex would make. It received mixed, but mostly uninterested reactions, but could appeal to a new or wider audience.


Irontech released a new head: S38 Flora. Dressed as a carpenter, she has a beautiful face with a distant gaze, similar to their Fenny head. They also released a new photoset of their mature S22 Maria head. Both heads are on the 165cm body.

Almost a year ago, Irontech released many robotic sex motions for their TPE dolls. Now, they’re testing them on their silicone bodies. They teased the upcoming “electric hips” and “blowjob” robotics coming soon to their silicone dolls.

Elsa Babe

Elsa Babe released their latest anthropomorphic (furry) head called Zana Fox. This might be the weirdest one yet, but they specialize in unique heads. For some reason, they portrayed her has a bank robber – maybe because the face looks like a mask. I think it looks ok, but not really my type of foxgirl.

Elsa Babe also showed off their new TPE 160cm M-breasts body. If you remember, they’re converting all their silicone bodies to TPE. Previously, they converted the 148cm and 150cm bodies, and now the “plump” 160cm body is ready. It looks pretty good as expected.


MLW officially released their previously-teased Sora head on the 148cm B-cup body (silicone head, TPE body). I wasn’t so sure about this head, but she looks better here than in the teasers.


FANREAL released a new head called Maria on their 170cm G-cup body. It’s their first Western head, and looks exceptionally beautiful. Some people compared her face to Selena Gomez, and I do see some resemblance. Overall, I love her cute and natural smile, which brings life to the face (but obviously, has no oral function).

Sino Doll

Sino Doll shared fancy photosets with 2 anime-inspired heads: S30 Linyin and G1 Luozi. The popular S30 Linyin returns in a fancy officer attire, while Luozi looks shyly cute in a futuristic bunny outfit. Although I didn’t show most of the photos, the LHP looks quite bad on this body unfortunately.


Jarliet is a brand rarely spoken about; I assumed they stopped releasing dolls years ago. However, this budget TPE brand re-emerged with 2 silicone bodies and 4 heads (2 of which have oral structure & moveable jaw). There’s a thick 154cm body, and slim 167cm body. The heads are their usual Western-style, with one Asian face that highly resembles JY Doll. I didn’t expect this from Jarliet.

Game Lady Doll

After a month, Game Lady’s contest has finally come to an end. They haven’t announced the winners yet, but here are the results as of April 28, which are most likely the final results. Although 2B will probably win, I’d imagine they’ll make heads for some other top-voted characters as well.


That wraps up April’s final week of sex doll news. There were some interesting things to see, particularly FANREAL’s new Maria head, and Jarliet’s unexpected silicone dolls. Without a doubt, the gorgeous “Maria” will bring FANREAL into the Western market, while Jarliet provides an affordable silicone option (like Qita).

Due to a 5-day Chinese holiday called Labor Day, there might be no news next week – so let’s cherish the news for now.. This week, there weren’t many trends; perhaps more mature heads than usual. Since more brands and vendors were banned on Twitter, that could contribute to more mature-looking dolls. Anyway, next week will be unpredictable due to the holiday, but there’s always news in the sex doll industry so stay tuned!

Thoughts on April’s last week of sex doll news? Comment below!

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  1. André

    Hi Steven!

    I’m André from Germany and I am looking forward to buy exactly this beautiful doll, but I don’t know where to get the exact 100% identical doll, so I ask you, because after days of search for a legit seller of her I found this forum here and I think you could maybe tell me. The doll I am looking for is this one:

    She’s really sexy and wonderful. Could you give me an advice where I can find her? That would be awesome! Thank you very much and best regards from Germany!


    1. Steven

      Hi Andre,
      I recommend MyRobotDoll. Most vendors haven’t added the silicone Jarliet Dolls yet.

      1. André

        Hi Steven! Thank you for the fast response. I never heard of that site before. It seems to have almost every doll from all the manufacturers. But I can’t find one special irontech doll, I think about to purchase, but maybe you could help me, where to find her. It’s the following one:

        I am a little bit confused, because I found her under other names and much lower costs on maybe fake seller websites, like this one:

        You know what I mean?

        So, where can I find a real seller of this doll, someone who I can trust for a affordable price? I didn’t make a final decision which doll to buy, but this one is definitely the burner, but I can’t find her on myrobotdolls, so could you please help me to find a trustworthy seller of her? That would be great! Thanks in advance. Best regards from Germany. André

        1. Steven

          Hi Andre,
          That is the Irontech TPE 161cm with Mika or Miki head. If you contact MyRobotDoll or any Irontech vendor, they will add it (if they don’t have it listed). I can’t see the 2nd link (it’s blocked for me) but this doll should be around $1700 more-or-less. I recommend a reputable vendor since it’s not just about a good price, but also good customer service. Dollstudio is a reputable German vendor that carries Irontech.

  2. Robert

    Glad to see you covering news about Fanreal. I hope they expand and become more popular in the west.

    Will you do more news about Fanreal in the future? Or was this like a one-off thing because of the Maria head?

    1. Steven

      Hi Robert,
      I’ll try to cover Fanreal more in the future. Recently, they released some photosets, which I mostly ignored (wasn’t sure whether to show them or not). Since Maria’s a new head, it was definitely news-worthy, but maybe I’ll show some other photosets in the future. It’s a bit hard finding news/updates about Fanreal, and they release things relatively slowly, so they won’t appear much.

  3. George

    I hope the doll I ordered is not in that Illinois dust storm lol

  4. Jackson

    Thanks for the news! I wasn’t expecting that new western FanReal head. But I thought that the Irontech brand already incorporated the above mentioned electronics.

    1. Steven

      Hi Jackson,
      FANREAL’s new Maria head will definitely open them up to the Western market, and bring more attention to them, which is a good thing. As for Irontech, I forgot they already teased the “bobbing head” last week, but basically, only their TPE dolls have the “sex robot” features. Currently, they’re testing these functions on their silicone dolls. I think their silicone dolls only have the “sucking vagina” option right now.

      1. Flo

        What are your thoughts on the sucking vagina and/or the robotics in general? are they worth it?

        1. Steven

          Hi Flo,
          Sex doll robotics are still in the early stages, and I find them quite primitive at the moment. Personally, I wouldn’t get them due to some reasons like: adds to price, could break or stop working, adds weight to the doll, loud electronic sounds, etc. However, at least one person on Reddit really likes his Zelex sucking vagina. I’d suggest waiting for a promo that includes free robotic upgrades. Otherwise, some people think it’s worth it (but not many people have them). Other electronics like heating and moaning systems aren’t good in my opinion; they work poorly, and the moaning sounds are annoying.

          1. Flo

            Hey Steven,

            Thanks for the answer. Awesome blog keep it up 🙂

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