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New Sex Doll Photos, Gynoid Model 19, Sino, & More

May is heating up as the sex doll industry slowed down a bit. Due to a 5-day holiday in China, there was less news than usual. However, there was still, surprisingly, more news than expected. Rain or shine, things simply keep on moving in the sex doll industry. This week, brands shared lots of new photosets, as well as Gynoid finally releasing their Model 19 sex doll. Nothing too interesting, but considering there was a week-long holiday, some news is better than nothing. Things should pick up in the upcoming days, but for now, here are this week’s highlights.

WM Doll

WM Doll shared a new photoset of their 166cm C-cup body with Head #432. The once-popular 166C returns with the pretty elf head (#432), now cosplayed as an Egyptian catgirl? Not sure what this costume is called, but it looks good, with a slightly anime look.

Angel Kiss

Angel Kiss shared a new photoset of their 165cm body with Head #S273. This classic WM Doll head looks very pretty in this Southern-style photoshoot.


Jinsan showcased their various anime dolls at the 2023 Firefly ACG Expo in Guangzhou, China. Unsurprisingly, they fit right in at this anime, gaming, and cosplay exhibition. From my limited research, Jinsan was the only sex doll brand there, but they didn’t actually have a booth; they just showcased their dolls on a stone bench.

SE Doll

SE Doll shared a new photoset of their 163cm Irene (Head #23). She has a relatively mature face, and looks quite sexy in a one-piece lace lingerie.

JY Doll

JY Doll shared 3 new photosets or new heads (It’s hard to tell since they rename their heads in every photoset now). Below you’ll find the full silicone 160cm FeiFei, 161cm Elma, and hybrid 162cm Yana. As usual, they all look quite pretty and realistic. Interestingly, I find that FeiFei and Yana looks very similar to some Irontech heads.

Doll Forever

Doll Forever’s photographer, Dollface, teased the 4th and final head, Candace, for the silicone 160cm body. She has an interesting “cat-like” face, but in a good way. 


After some delay, Gynoid officially released their Model 19: a new 168cm body with “Leyla” head. She came with 4-5 different photosets, which probably explains the delay. With a pretty Asian face, and tall, slim and busty body, she’s another interesting option in Gynoid’s lineup of dolls. Oddly, I think her knees look a bit weird – like the knee joints are too far apart – but maybe it’s just me (some photos look better than others).

Sino Doll

Sino Doll teased an upcoming Top-sino 169cm (T169) “Slender” body, with 3 new heads. These heads include the T23 Mi Daqiao, T29 Mi Xiaoqiao, and D10 Nozomi Ishihara (JAV authorized head). They look decent, and similar to Sino Doll’s usual style.


I showed this before, but I’ll show it again since the infographic is in English now. TAYU has an upcoming 158cm body, and the translation confirms it was 3d scanned from a real woman (which was assumed before).

TAYU also shared a new photoset of their 161cm F-cup Katniss. Unfortunately, I forgot to show this head when it first came out (about 3 months ago), but I also wasn’t a huge fan of it. However, the photographer, AruAru, made her look much better here (with makeup and editing of course, which likely won’t come with the doll).

Game Lady Doll

Game Lady’s month-long contest is finally over with 2B (from Nier: Automata) triumphing after 3410 total votes. Not surprisingly, I think most people expected this outcome since the first week. Although divided, I think people are still eager to see an original 2B sculpt (that isn’t just a random cosplay). I also think it will sell very well with huge viral potential.

That wraps up another week of sex doll news. Due to the Chinese Labor Day holiday, there was less news than usual, but still more than expected. Although there weren’t many releases, there were pretty photos and teasers to look at. Honestly, new photosets are useful since they resurface heads and bodies that people may not have seen before or forgotten about. Anyway, there isn’t much else to say about this week, other than Game Lady’s upcoming 2B head is something to look forward to. As always, stay tuned for more sex doll news!

Thoughts on the Chinese Labor Day special of sex doll news, comment below!

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  1. George

    I wish there were more companies making video game or cartoon dolls.

    1. Steven

      Hi George,
      I agree. It’s still a very popular, yet untapped niche. Honestly, I’m surprised more companies haven’t copied Game Lady in creating 1:1 video game replicas. I’m guessing they’re afraid of potential copyright issues.

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