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Funwest Doll Launches New Silicone Sex Dolls (FS Series)

On June 17, 2024, Funwest Doll launched their FS Series, a new lineup of silicone sex dolls. Taking their dolls to the next level, they’re the latest TPE doll brand to embrace silicone. Over half a year in the making, they officially launched with 10 photosets featuring 9 heads and 5 bodies. This was surprising since I thought they’d release one doll at a time. These aren’t just TPE-to-silicone conversions either. While the 159A body appears to be the same, the other 4 bodies are brand-new. Meanwhile, there are 4 new heads, and 5 previous heads returned in silicone. Since there’s a lot to unpack, let’s jump straight to the photos.

157cm D-cup Alexa

Starting with a brand-new head and body is the 157D Alexa. Her elegant face and slim body combine for an interesting, comic-book style look. The body weighs 32 kg (70.5 lbs).

166cm F-cup Juliette

Next, we have the 166F Juliette, which is another new head and body. Showering herself (which I wouldn’t recommend), she has a beautiful European-inspired face. This well-rounded body weighs 33 kg (73 lbs).

160cm E-cup Cherie (ROS)

Next, on the 160E body again is their first-ever “ROS” head (oral structure and movable jaw) called Cherie. With a soft gaze and sleepy look, she looks quite cute. The opened mouth looks fairly natural with slightly-puckered lips.

160cm E-cup Juliette

Possibly their favorite body, Juliette returns with Wheat skin tone this time. In these elegant and classy photos, she fits this shorter body just fine.

160E Chloe

On the same body, the TPE Chloe head returned in silicone. She looks almost identical as before, and pulls off this fantasy cosplay quite well. However, these photos seem very edited, but maybe it’s just the greenscreen background.

168cm D-cup Lexie (Real Skin Texture)

Next, we have a new 168D body with the old Lexie head. This tall and special body is the only one with “Real Skin Texture,” which I believe in molded on. Since their photos are relatively small, you can’t really see the texture but it’s there.. Oddly, this body is significantly heavier than the others at 42 kg (92.6 lbs).

160cm E-cup Jasmine

Next, Jasmine also returned in silicone with beautiful and smoky makeup. She looks incredibly pretty here, but these photos seem very touched-up.

160cm E-cup Natalia

One final photoset of the 160E body features a new head called Natalia. With an interesting and exotic face, she looks like a high-class princess.

159cm A-cup Lucy

The last body is the 159A, which according to the specs, is identical to the TPE version (but lighter). Lucy returned looking like a cute painter, and the body weighs 30 kg (66 lbs) – 7 kg less than the TPE version.

159cm A-cup Alice

Last but not least is the 159A Alice, returning in silicone. Like a grand finale, this cute doll presents herself as the jackpot in this red-light casino.

The Plumber's Crack

A while ago, someone commented that some dolls had weird-looking butt cracks. I think it’s apparent in some of the photos here. Perhaps a combination of not-so-great LHP, cheeks spread out, lighting, and camera angle.

It’s a bit better in some photos than others. Sometimes the LHP looks quite poor, and sometimes it looks ok. Ultimately, it depends on the angle and posing.


Funwest Doll is the latest TPE brand to dip their toes into silicone, and launched with quite a bang. With 10 photosets and many new heads and bodies, it’s surprising how long they kept this a secret. For those who wanted a Funwest Doll in silicone, this seems like a nice option. Their dolls look exceptionally beautiful in these debut photos.

However, keep in mind that many of these photos look edited and touched-up. I didn’t see any factory photos yet, but there are many videos where they look similar (to the photos). Still, their behind-the-scenes show the photographer perfecting the makeup, wig, and clothing before each photoshoot; therefore, a doll straight from the factory won’t look quite as good. And like all new releases, there aren’t any reviews yet so the jury’s still out. Time will tell whether Funwest Doll’s new FS Series is a hit or miss.

Thoughts on Funwest Doll’s latest silicone sex dolls? Comment below!

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  1. IconOkee

    I hope they’ll have silicone Bella, Sophiemina, and Lily.

  2. Adam

    Hello Steven! Thanks again for another week of news!!
    Thanks also for the butt crack part! I commented that a few posts ago. You’re right, its a combination of things. Maybe the best looking butt crack and LHP is the 159A which they didnt modify. I was following her as TPE. Now I will wait a few reviews of the softness and I guess I will buy her.

    1. Steven

      No problem. I also noticed that the 159A’s butt looks the best. In the standing behind photos, all the bodies have a slight gap between the cheeks, but it isn’t as prevalent on the 159A.

  3. dan

    Nada nuevo bajo el sol,antes me encantaban estas muñecas,ahora las veo a todas iguales xd,creo que ya perdí el interés en comprarme una…

    1. Steven

      Hi dan,
      I think that’s normal. With so many brands releasing new heads, bodies, and photos every week, you’re probably getting “doll fatigue.” Especially when certain brands share new photos of the same dolls every week; it can get tiring to look it.

      But news is news.. I’ll keep you updated even if it’s more work for me. We really need some new innovations soon though. Or at least more unique designs – but not Dolls Castle-unique. 😂

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