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Sex Doll News, Anime Dolls, EXDOLL, SGD Studio’s 2B, & More

Halfway into June, sex doll summer marches on with many new heads, bodies, and photos. This week, anime took over once again, EXDOLL returned with 2 new bodies, and SGD Studio unveiled their latest doll/figure. Also, there were tons of new photosets as expected. Without further ado, let’s jump right into the news.

Jinsan Doll (WM)

Rejuvinated by the power of anime, Jinsan released a new silicone 140cm body (with anime Head Y012). Similar to their recent TPE 140cm body, it’s pear-shaped and weighs around 21 kg (46 lbs). Lately, they’ve been churning out anime dolls left and right.

SE Doll

SE Doll shared a new photoset of their TPE 163cm Winola. She looks quite pretty here with top-notch makeup as always.

JY Doll

JY Doll released a new silicone head called Taran. She looks fairly interesting, and fits well on the 157cm body.

Irontech Doll

Irontech played around with their rarely-seen 148cm G1 Xiaying, trying out different cosplays on her. She definitely looks interesting with a half-anime, half-realistic look. Maybe they plan to revive their thrown-aside G-series (which only has 3 heads).

In addition, they collaborated with Eila Adams to create a replica sex doll of her. Since they still haven’t released their first replica yet (Violet Voss), it’s unknown how their replicas will turn out.

Elsa Babe

Elsa Babe released a new anime head called Shimizu Minto. Not the first crying doll I’ve seen, but a first for Elsa Babe. It’s a niche Japanese cute aesthetic, but I can sense some controversy over this.


Zelex shared 2 new SLE photosets. They’ve been busy showcasing Head ZXE201 on every body – this time on the 160J. Since her face contrasts the body so much, it really highlights how exaggerated the 160J looks. It reminds me of WM’s Bimbo Doll body.

They also shared new photos of the SLE 171C with Head ZXE213. A much more natural combination compared to above.


EXDOLL released a new head and body: the 168R Ellie. The first in their new R-series (which is like a mix between EVO and SEVO), it supposedly took a lot of research and data-collecting to create. Oddly, they didn’t share the specs but she looks quite good. She supposedly looks and feels more realistic, with certain areas like the chest, abdomen, and waist softened.

They also released a new 174 SEVO PRO body. At 174cm and 39.5 kg (87 lbs), she’s both tall and heavy with a slim figure and large breasts. 


Jiusheng shared a new photoset of their 158D Pamela dressed up as the video game character, Mai Shiranui. Personally, I think they missed a huge opportunity to design an actual Mai head (like with Yuffie). Although she looks ok, this could have been a much bigger hit.


Fanreal shared 4 new photosets of their 155cm and 170cm Maria and Della. Since there are so many photosets of them already (that all look similar), I’ll just quickly breeze through these.

Jarliet Doll

Jarliet shared another photoset of their pretty Eve head with ROS. Just a continuation of their previous photoset, but are still worth seeing.


FUDOLL shared a new photoset of their recent 165cm body with Head J025. They’ve been heavily promoting this lightweight 27 kg (59.5 lbs) body lately.

XT Doll

XT Doll shared new photos of their 161cm Irina. Shown only once before (which I really liked with glasses), she has a pretty attractive and realistic face.

Yue Doll (Cooby Doll)

Yue Doll released a new head called Yunhan (or Yun) on their 158cm body. Although she’s not AIO (seamless neck) like their flagship models, she’s still pretty cute.

They also shared another video of their oral-to-anal cleaning, which is always interesting to watch. They’re still the only brand with this feature.

Funwest Doll

Over half a year in the making, Funwest Doll officially launched their FS Series line of silicone dolls. Read more here.

Climax Doll

Randomly browsing on Reddit, I stumbled upon a custom 140cm Lola Bunny doll. Courtesy to pandacue, who ordered this custom doll from Climax Doll for $6000 (and waited 6 months). It’s always cool to see unique custom-made dolls (that I didn’t know were possible). But if Climax Doll can make a horse head, they can make this. 

SGD Studio

Last but not least, SDG opened pre-orders for their upcoming “Battle Girl” doll (2B from Neir: Automata). After finally fulfilling all their Tifa orders, SGD Studio moved onto the next chapter (despite many upset customers). The upcoming 2B is about 75cm tall with an estimated delivery time in Q1 2025. But knowing SGD Studio, expect much delays.


That wraps up another week of sex doll news. This week was mostly more of the same, with some interesting new releases here and there. Hopefully, brands are just buying time as they work on things behind-the-scenes. For example, Funwest Doll kept their silicone dolls under wraps for half a year, and SGD Studio’s 2B just randomly showed up. All these little photos and releases help keep us busy until suddenly the next “SLE” or something cool just randomly appears. But anyway, Funwest Doll’s FS Series was the main highlight this week. Will the month of June finish strong? Stay tuned for more sex doll news.

Thoughts on June’s latest week of news? Comment below!

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  1. DrAxe

    I honestly don’t understand why Fanreal continues to display their older dolls instead of making new ones.
    They should make new 170cm dolls like they did before.
    Would personally love to see some tall milf dolls with perfect curvy and feminine physique instead of the typical petite faces.

  2. Thomas

    Why are there many customers upset about SGD Studio? Wasn’t Tifa a huge success?

    1. Steven

      From what I heard, it was heavily delayed (about 6 months late). Customers began receiving their Tifas in May and June but it came without the outfit (which was supposed to be included). The outfit is still delayed without ETA (most customers only have Tifa in her underwear right now).

      Also, supposedly there’s a new batch without a hole in the back that people are confused about. Basically, lots of delays and confusion..

      Oh, they’re also asking customers to pay an extra $35 to ship the clothes now (even though it was supposed to come with the doll)..

  3. Joe

    Sgdstudio had many upset customers on the new Tifa doll?
    Can you please clarify on the issues?

    1. Steven

      Hi Joe,
      From what I heard, it was heavily delayed (about 6 months late). Customers began receiving their Tifas in May and June but it came without the outfit (which was supposed to be included). The outfit is still delayed without ETA (most customers only have Tifa in her underwear right now).

      Also, supposedly there’s a new batch without a hole in the back that people are confused about. Basically, lots of delays and confusion..

  4. Rass

    Not going to lie, I can think of a few ways to order that mouth to butt feature.

  5. Adam

    Hello Steven!! Best week ever, two posts!! 🙂 thanks as always!
    Talking about butt cracks, the Yue Doll has an amazing and very realistic LHP.
    Also this jarliet Doll head is so beautiful too.
    Have a good week!!

  6. Jackson

    That JY Doll looked hot!

    That Irontech Doll 148cm kinda looked like, Makima from Chainsawman.

    That Zelex 160J Doll had a nice ass and tits.

    EX 174cm was gorgeous in that bunny outfit🐰 ! Didn’t know that they made dolls that tall!

    FanReal 170cm dolls looked like great European beauties!

    Cooby Doll Yunhan had some very nice lingerie. Especially in the back area!

    Climax Doll did Lola Bunny lol wtf!?? Is nothing sacred lol!??

    SGDs 2B looked awesome! I wonder how it feels!??

    1. Rudy

      About: oral-to-anal cleaning, I know that cleaning sperm from doll’s mouth is very big problem/bother – so if I want to come/cum into her mouth – I put on a condom. And her mouth I just simply clean with wet finger – bowl with water and antibacterial soap – I scrap out the lubricant out of her mouth corners. Her fixed vagina is easy to clean – put a towel and some rag under her butt and under her vagina while she is lying and push the water inside her from the cleaning kit, then use rolled up paper handkerchiefs to dry out the main portion of remaiming water in her vagina.

  7. Rebel Drifter

    That lola bunny doll holy moly haha. I honestly think it’s pretty cool but there’s no fur or softness regarding that design. So in my opinion very cool but I am still waiting and wondering why there aren’t any REAL furry like dolls on the market. Maybe with a TPE or Silicone core but with added on fur skin? I don’t know… What say you?

    1. Steven

      It’s mainly because fur is difficult to add onto TPE and silicone. They would have to implant hair or fur over the entire body which is too time-consuming, plus implanted hair doesn’t hold on soft material (which is why implanted hair is only on hard silicone heads).

      I think the only way to create a furry doll is like a giant plushie or with a fursuit. I’ve seen some furry dolls before, but they’ve all been plush, like a giant teddy bear. Maybe instead of cotton, they can find a way to fill it with TPE or silicone like you said. There’s definitely a market for it.

      Or they could glue/attach a fursuit over a regular or custom doll. I think the biggest obstacle is getting the fur on.

      1. Rebel Drifter

        Yeah I understood the difficulties but surely with all the cool stuff they are figuring out there has to be something possible. I think for now (as a dumb dweeb myself) they might look into fur suits but skintight… I would love to experiment with that… But skin tight fur suits are hard to come by or very expensive. And then you have to gamble regarding the (unrealistic) doll models / measurements… Time for a Real Lady lol. Or I should just ask my wife to fit em hahaha

        1. Steven

          I bet if someone orders a custom doll with fur and pays them thousands of dollars, they’ll figure out a way to do it. 😆

          1. Rass

            There should be a way we don’t see. I think they will need to add fur or semi elastic base and then add it in parts onto the body. This would be really awesome

          2. Rebel Drifter

            Money is king!

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