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Sex Doll News, Thick Bodies, Ultra Soft, Hair Change, & More

June reaches its end with a small and modest bang. Although things were fairly quiet this week (without much releases), there were many of teasers of what’s to come – like a calm before the storm. This week, brands teased upcoming thick bodies, extreme levels of softness, and an innovative way to change implanted hair. Without further ado, let’s see what the week had to offer.

SE Doll

SE Doll shared 2 new photosets featuring their TPE 161cm Luis, and silicone 160cm Yuuki. As usual, they nailed some fancy makeup on Luis, while Yuuki looks cute and doll-like.


After much silence, Irokebijin returned unexpectedly, teasing their latest Hyper Soft Silicone (HSS) series. Familiar faces re-emerged with new looks and softer material. More info here.

Elsa Babe

Elsa Babe released a new anime head called Utashiro Shiori. As usual, she looks fairly cute, but I was more intrigued by her wig and chained pigtails.

XT Doll

XT Doll released a new head called Charlie. More-unique than usual, she has an interesting motherly look.

They also shared a video of their “Anti-Puncture Articulated Fingers” (currently available on the 161B). Despite the rough handling, it seems to do as intended.


Jiusheng teased their upcoming silicone 152E body. It’s their thickest body thus far, featuring wide hips and meaty thighs. No info yet on the weight.


Speaking of thick, crazedcat (one of Tayu’s photographers) shared a teaser of Tayu’s latest body. First teased in early March, the finished body’s finally revealed. With almost-invisible seamlines and enhanced skin texture (through a new molding technique), this body will launch with 2 new (Western) heads, as well as the recently-teased Sora head.

It reminds me of Fanreal’s 155cm body with wide hips and a Piper Doll-style butt.ย Since they specialize in lightweight dolls, I wonder how much this new body will weigh.


Bezlya shared a new photoset of their hybrid 155M Cyrtanthera, this time in their super soft, TPE+. Previously, it was only available on their Bionic 1.0 bodies, but now it’s out for 2.0 bodies as well. Ignoring all the marketing jargon, here are some TPE+ points that stood out to me:

  • “Highest” tensile strength (can stretch really far without breaking)
  • Highly resistant to punctures, tears, and oil leaks (considering the softness, this is surprising if true)
  • After lifting the arms vertically for 30 days, the armpit did not tear.
  • No crotch tearing after 30 days in split position.
  • Stretch limit is 375%. Other products on the market average 40% or less.
  • Slightly lighter than regular TPE, but not significantly different.
Short gif showing their "puncture-resistance" due to how stretchy it is
Video comparing their regular TPE vs TPE+.


Starpery shared a new photoset of their 171cm Julie (I think it’s Julie). She looks pretty cute here. With their Weight Reduction 4.0, she makes a noticeable jump from 33 kg (73 lbs) to 24.5 kg (54 lbs).

Meanwhile, the 151cm B-cup Yuan with WR 4.0 looks cute here, and weighs around 19.5 kg (43 lbs). They included a video that shows the softness.

Lastly, around June 18, many articles suddenly appeared about Starpery’s upcoming AI sexbot. I believe it was first covered by South China Morning Post, and then 10+ other websites wrote their own versions of it. According to Starpery’s CEO, Evan Lee, they plan to reveal their sexbot prototype sometime in August. However, based on the descriptions, it sounds more like a robot head (with AI chatbot) than a full robot. Something to keep an eye on, but it’s probably not as exciting as the headlines suggest (“AI sex robots are coming!”).


SankakuDoll teased a new innovation called “Hair Change System.” If you ever wanted the realism of implanted hair, but the ability to change the style like wigs, this might be a solution. This upcoming feature allows part of the head (containing the hair) to be removed and attached. Pretty cool idea, but it likely requires a hard head (most likely vinyl, but at least the hair won’t shed). The main con is the attachment creates a seamline, which you can cover with hair, but you lose the natural hairline of implanted hair. While they test it on their mini dolls, I wonder how feasible it is on a full-sized doll.


From hard to soft, Yearndoll showed off a squishy head with their “openable and closable eyes” feature. They said this was the request of a customer, resulting in highly squeezable cheeks.


Speaking of squeezable cheeks, XYcolo teased a new silicone material called “Ultra Soft.” That brings their silicone variations to 5 now, and it looks similarly soft as above.

Rosretty (SY Doll)

Rosretty released 2 new heads (S27 and S28) that I thought looked pretty stylish. While their bodies don’t look the greatest, their celebrity-themed heads sometimes hit the mark.


That wraps up a fairly short week of news. Although there weren’t many new releases, there were numerous teasers of what’s to come. Trends like thick bodies and soft (squishy) material are slowly working their way up. If Tayu’s upcoming thick body is both lightweight and soft, that could be a game-changer. Additionally, anime dolls had a presence this week as well. Let’s see if Irokebijin can make a comeback, especially after Elsa Babe churned out anime heads non-stop for the last year. With soft, thick, anime dolls on your mind, let’s see if fireworks (of news) light up the sky in July. Until next time!

Thoughts on the latest week of sex doll news? Comment below!

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  1. IconOkee

    Bezlya stood out among them with those videos but Tayu is still the reason why I’m saving money.

  2. Rass

    Tayu is focusing on perfecting the doll basics it seems.
    Thanks for the news!

    1. Steven

      No problem. Yup, it’s always nice to see brands put in extra effort and make improvements. Rather than churning out new heads and bodies non-stop, they spent 3 months on just this body, testing out new molding techniques and such. Quality over quantity. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Jtego

    How do I find out more about Bezlya. No English websites at all carry anything remotely updated. kumadoll is missing pages on this and myrobotdoll acts like they dont exist? Where did you get that info from for Bezlya? Id like to find out more.

    1. Steven

      Hi Jtego,
      Bezlya is one of the odder brands. They don’t send their vendors any info (so every vendor’s catalog is outdated), many vendors don’t carry them (probably hard to contact them), and Kumadoll removed them ~1-2 months ago. Unlike other brands, Bezlya prefers to do everything themselves, including sales which is mainly in Asia.

      I mostly find Bezlya updates on the Chinese doll forum (ymdoll). The TPE+ info was from a Korean vendor and digging around online.

      1. Jtego

        Ahh ok. thank you sir.

  4. Jackson

    That Tayu Doll had some nice skin.

    Bezlya’s TPE+ is cool! But silicone might be better!

    I hope that Starpery Doll sexbot is a movable robot but I doubt it!

    Yearndoll, squeezable cheeks look good! Hope more brands make it!!!

    XYcolo, extra soft silicone looks good!

    SY S28 Doll head looked nice! I wonder who or what it was based on?

    Thanks for the post this week Steven!

    1. Steven

      No problem. Thanks for the comment! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Steven

      Thanks, I didn’t see that. It looks kind of funny. ๐Ÿ˜†

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