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Irokebijin Announces New HSS Series (& Merges with Doll Forever)

On June 20, 2024, Irokebijin and Piper Doll’s founder, Mizuwali, returned after a long silence and announced several interesting updates. First, his brands (Irokebijin and Piper Doll) will be merging with Doll Forever, as symbolized by Irokebijin’s pink logo fading into Doll Forever’s teal. Doll Forever will handle all Irokebijin and Piper Doll distribution from now on.

Since Doll Forever has always been the parent company of Irokebijin and Piper Doll, the merge sounds confusing. In short, the brands were originally under Mizuwali’s name, and owned by him. Now after the merge, Doll Forever officially owns the 2 brands.

Hyper Soft Silicone

Next, Mizuwali announced a new series of Irokebijin dolls coming soon, starting with the Hyper Soft Silicone (HSS) series. The new HSS series features “better materials and makeup techniques,” with a increased focus on “soft and durable” silicone. The series will debut with their popular 147cm F-cup body and 7 well-known heads. Let’s look at some of their launch photos.

Shiori Heads A, B, & C


Abby, Mary, & Kasumi


After a long silence and suspension on Twitter, Mizuwali returned with some compelling updates. For anime doll fans, their upcoming HSS series could bring them back into the spotlight. However as of now, there isn’t much info. Also, Mizuwali’s grand return was a bit anti-climatic as there weren’t any new dolls – just the new HSS material and makeup.

I’ll update this post when more info and photos come out. Personally, I like the seamless-neck Piper Doll brand more than the anime-inspired Irokebijin brand, but that’s just me. Their anime heads are still well-designed, but with brands like Elsa Babe releasing new anime heads almost every week, Irokebijin has really fallen behind. Their once-massively-popular dolls (like Shiori and Akane) have been completely overshadowed now in their long absence. But maybe their upcoming Irokebijin products can ignite a flame once more.

Thoughts on Irokebijin’s upcoming HSS series? Comment below!

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  1. Sven

    Hopefully that new silicone material will make Piper girls more durable… need to replace my damaged Phoebe. Also, they need to add a soft option for hands/feet… way too hard by default :S

  2. Rass

    Still no news about Real Doll’s new heads…

    1. Steven

      I think you meant Real Lady, right? They’re definitely taking much longer than expected.. most likely trying to release all 3 at once. Since one of those heads is Violet Voss, maybe they need more time to perfect it. I think she includes a custom body too.

      1. Rass

        Yeah, made a mistake. Didn’t know one of the heads is a model’s copy, probably will cost more too, luckily I’m waiting for the third(in your list) head. Hopefully their first attempt is going great.

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