You are currently viewing A New TPE Android 18 Sex Doll (Inspired by Dragon Ball Z)

A New TPE Android 18 Sex Doll (Inspired by Dragon Ball Z)

So, I had a fun post planned for today: a new segment called “Dumpster Diving,” inspired by someone who found a TPE doll in a dumpster, brought it home (I don’t recommend this), and showed it to me. 😂 But rather than searching for dolls in the trash, I would search for hidden gems on shady and knockoff doll websites. That’s where I came across this Android 18 doll. (Also due to various problems, “Dumpster Diving” was canceled and everything was scrapped.)

Recap on Android 18 Dolls

When I hear “Android 18 sex doll,” I think DollHouse168 (or Irokebijin)’s classic Lazuli, the weird but stylish one from Elsa Babe (Sawano Saori), or the lazy one from Irontech. But for the unsatisfied Dragon Ball fans out there, there’s a new contender from an unknown brand. But first, a quick recap:

Unknown Android 18 Doll

I found these photos on VSDoll, who basically steals every photo imaginable from every brand in existence to customer photos. Therefore, I have no clue who made this doll, but the body and love holes look strangely familiar. Even the posing and background looks familiar (Game Lady?). If you know this doll’s brand, please let me know in the comments. She looks TPE and around 140-150cm in height.


Other than some minor flaws with the wig, this is a very convincing Android 18 doll. Do you think she’s the best one thus far? Going from 2d to 3d will definitely reduce some resemblance no matter what. As for the unknown brand, I think it’ll eventually come out. There’s something so familiar with these photos. Somewhat Game Lady in style, but since they never posted it, it probably isn’t. It could also be SY Doll.. Whatever brand she’s from, she’s at least worth showing. Many dolls didn’t make it for today’s post, but this one I just had to show. I’ll update this post if I find anymore information.

Update 1: This doll isn’t from Jiusheng or MLW.

Update 2: This might actually a silicone Manyou figure (like SGD Studio’s Tifa or Eimi Fukada). The feet gave it away, and I can see the resemblance now. Surprised I didn’t realize this sooner, but the chair threw me off.. In that case, it’s probably silicone then.

Update 3: SGD Studio/Manyou said it’s not from them. The mystery continues..

Update 4: Some sources suggest that this is a 140cm TPE doll, but the brand is still unknown..

Thoughts on this random, unknown Android 18 sex doll? Comment below!

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  1. Rebel Drifter

    I still like Elsababes version the best. Looks most accurate… especially regarding cartoonie face.

    1. Steven

      Hi J,
      No, that’s the DollHouse168 Lazuli (might be under the Irokebijin brand now).

  2. Steven

    New update, but not confirmed. There’s a high chance this is just a figure (like SGD Studio/Manyou’s Tifa/Eimi Fukada) and not a full-sized doll.

  3. Mat

    Even though it’s anime style, it does kinda have that Game Lady vibe about her face, and photoshoot in general.

  4. IconOkee

    Looks like Jiusheng Rikki

    1. Steven

      Hmm, now that you mention it, the body looks very similar to Jiusheng’s 148B (maybe 1 cup size bigger). It’s very possible that Jiusheng made this, especially since they’re the OEM for a few brands. Much better guess than mine.

    2. Steven

      Small update: Jiusheng said they didn’t make this doll.

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