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Aotume: The Lifesize TPE Anime Sex Doll Brand

Are you looking for an anime waifu? Or maybe you already have an anime waifu, but she only exists in the 2d world or in the form of figurines and body pillows. Well, you’re in luck because Aotume, a relatively new anime doll manufacturer is about to turn your dreams into a reality. They are already super popular in Japan and Asia, but very few people in the West know about them. Aotume is the only manufacturer (with the exception of Doll House 168’s Shiori doll) that offers life-sized, anime sex dolls. Finally, it’s time to order your very own 3d anime waifu, whether she’s a busty schoolgirl, shy maid, or cute loli. You can cosplay them however you like, make love to them, as well as cuddle and sleep with them. Here are just a few photos of some of the various dolls to choose from (Photos courtesy of & sakuramylove):

Customize Your Own Anime Face

Aotume Body Options

They are soft, high quality, realistic, and perfect for snuggling with. This is a huge upgrade from body pillows. Take the next step in making your anime waifu come to life. She will feel like a real human!

We recommend ordering from MyRobotDoll, TheDollChannel, or Dollto-China. Very few vendors carry Aotume and those 3 sites are trustworthy. Bring home your anime waifu today!

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  1. Grant

    Hello Steven.What are your thoughts on the 135cm variant of this sex doll,is it even legal to purchase and own? I’ve noticed that Dollto,com doesn’t list it for purchase on their site.Is that sort of petite body style one to avoid altogether? I appreciate your reviews by the way.Am kind of stuck between wanting to buy a 80cm dollhouse 168 shiori silicone and a Aotume doll.Your thoughts will aid me in my descision haha.Peace.

    1. Steven

      Hi Grant,
      It depends on your country. In the US, it is legal in every state except Tennessee, Kentucky, and Florida. If your country has regulations against child-like sex dolls, then it is best to avoid it altogether. The 80cm Shiori is a popular doll, but keep in mind it is very small. It is more like a toy than a person, but has many advantages over a full-size doll like lighter weight, easier to store, and more affordable.

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