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Doll House 168’s 80cm Mini Anime Sex Doll: Shiori

A few months ago, Doll House 168 released a 80cm mini anime sex doll called “Shiori,” sometimes referred to as the 80cm “handy doll.”

If you’re a fan of anime girls and looking for a small mini doll, then you’re in luck! This incredibly cute, little doll will be perfect for you! Small size, light weight, easy to carry, and easy to pose. Note that at 80 cm (2ft7″), she is very small and is more like a toy than a life-sized doll.

She was designed by Mizuwali (founder and designer of Piper Doll) and features the same soft TPE as Piper Dolls. However, unlike Piper Dolls, Shiori has a removable head and no oral or anal functions- only vaginal. She also has a shiny coating (that TPE dolls don’t usually have) that adds a sexy shine to her skin. She’s the perfect small doll for cosplay, decoration, and of course- sex. 

Update: She is now also available in Silicone (more expensive). The silicone version is firmer and more durable but still soft and high quality.

shiori heads
New head options

DH168 80cm Shiori with Smaller Breasts (New)

DH168 Black Clothing and Sword & Tan Skin

You can find her on any website that carries Doll House 168 dolls. We recommend Sexdolls-Shop, Dollto-China, and TheDollChannel. If you live in the US and want fast shipping, TheDollChannel usually has them in-stock in the USA.

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  1. AZ

    To all commentors:

    Sex with hot woman: 9 out of 10
    Sex with doll: 8 out of 10

    Ongoing expenses for being in a relationship with any woman: Hundreds and thousands annually.

    Ongoing expenses with a doll: 0

    Do the fucking math.

  2. Alex

    I love sex dolls, But i think my credit card will decline for that kind of price LOL, I guess it’s just a dream for me to buy that sex dolls and also i’d just saw phoebe elf sex doll too she’s 80CM and so beautiful but her price is more than 1000$+ i’d like to buy those two but that’s so expensive, As you’ve mentioned while ago. Sir can you find me a cheaper or “COPY” series of shiori and phoebe elf i’m desperate to fuck those two for 100 bucks

    1. Steven

      Hi Alex,
      Unfortunately, sex dolls are expensive like I said. It would be hard for the average person in the Philippines to afford one. Most doll owners live in Western countries like US, Canada, UK, etc, where you can make $1000 in only 1-3 weeks of work. As I mentioned before, the cheapest place you will find a copy is probably Aliexpress or Alibaba, but $100 is very unlikely. The shipping alone costs that much.

  3. Alex

    Hi again sir, Where is the seller of this item where should i find him/her and thnak you for your information i would like to buy it at 100 dollars hehe just a cheap price eh but i want to try this item

    1. Steven

      If you Google Dollhouse168 80cm Shiori or Irojebijin 80cm Shiori, you will find websites that sell her. However, you cannot find this doll for only $100. It costs over $500.

      1. Alex

        Oh really, 500 dollars for a 80cm doll that’s why i’d to find much smaller doll because i thought it’ll save you a cost and much cheaper than the bigger one sir i saw a bigger one and same as price that’s 500 dollars too big that’s the bigger one i mean what’s the difference between small and big. Just find this stuff as cute i saw 120cm sex doll and it’s price 500 dollars same as you’ve mention

        1. Steven

          In the sex doll industry, there are name-brand and knockoff/generic dolls. The Shiori is a name-brand doll. You cannot find her for less than $500. The other dolls you looked at are probably cheaper brands. Cheaper brands and knockoff dolls (copies) are cheaper, but you won’t find an authentic Shiori for less than $500.

          1. Alex

            SIR that is so expensive than i thought LOL, 500 dollars if you converted into PHI peso it’ll cost 50,000 thousand pesos at 50,000 pesos you can buy an IPHONE PRO MAX series here. like seriously? for real? what the h*ck was doll made of? Sorry sir i’d just can’t believe sex doll isn’t made for cheap people

            1. Alex

              I mean 25,000 pesos(500$), Hehe you can buy lot of gadgets and sex toys with that money or budget

            2. Steven

              I think you will be surprised when you discover most authentic TPE sex dolls cost $1000-$2000+ and silicone sex dolls cost $2000-$6000+. 😅 They are made of TPE or silicone over a metal skeleton. Depending on the size, it can weigh 9-50+ kg. They are expensive to manufacture and ship, and vendors/middle-men also add to the price for their cut of the profits. Unfortunately, sex dolls are just expensive. It’s a luxury item. There are Fleshlights/masturbators and inflatable dolls for “cheap people.” 😆 If you want a cheaper knockoff doll, you can try Aliexpress or Alibaba but do your research first.

              1. Alex

                Woah, You can literally buy a luxury house with that price WT* That’s so expensive it’ll cost my kidney with that kind of price. Well it makes sense though you don’t have to date a girl if you’d buy that item it will make you happy and satisfy whenever you need it. Sex doll looks good and great but when it comes to price i’d rather date a demanding girl rather to buy that item LOL, Sorry for bothering you sir but that is so expensive than i thought sex doll is just for rich people

  4. Alex

    Hi sir, Is this item can be shipped on philippines and how much the lowest cost i want to buy it

    1. Steven

      Hi Alex,
      You have to contact a vendor that sells this doll. I am not a seller. It usually sells for ~$500+. There’s also a new, upgraded Platinum TPE version that costs about $100 more.

  5. Ethan

    Hi Steven, can these be shipped to Australia legally as I know that Australia has laws to do with dolls under 150cm can be considered to be illegal. Thanks Ethan.

    1. Steven

      Hi Ethan,
      I don’t know all the laws in Australia, but I’m guessing you won’t be able to import this into Australia. Australia is by far the strictest country to import sex dolls into. Anything under 140cm is not recommended and I also heard they banned hentai and adult anime products. Seems like a no-go.

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