You are currently viewing SGD Studio’s New 80cm Tifa Lockhart Mini Sex Doll Figurine

SGD Studio’s New 80cm Tifa Lockhart Mini Sex Doll Figurine

In an August 2023 weekly news post, I shared a random Tifa figurine here. Despite all the news in that post (including 2 new brands), the Tifa figurine unsurprisingly got all the attention. Several people researched the unknown brand, SGD Studio, and some believe that it’s made by a company called Manyou. I can’t confirm this, but I’ll update this post with whatever I can find.

Who is SGD Studio?

Back when I showcased this figurine (in August), “SGD Studio” didn’t appear in Google search at all. Today, they have an entire website, and appear in many online figurine shops. Supposedly, SGD Studio is run by someone named “Fang,” a sculptor, figure collector, and Tifa Lockhart admirer. In Q1 2023, his team embarked on an epic journey to create the ultimate Tifa Lockhart figurine – one with articulated joints, flowing hair, moveable eyeballs, and lifelike skin.

After months of testing and consulting with experts and fans, they completed their first Tifa prototype in May 2023 using a ball-jointed, alloy skeleton, and medical-grade silicone.

  • June 2023: They finely carved the head and body, implanted the hair, designed the eyes, customized the clothing, and created a stand.
  • July 2023: They officially launched and photographed “Version 1.0” Tifa. It’s a 1/3 articulated silicone figure at 73cm tall. These are the current promo photos.
  • August 2023: They began working on “Version 2.0,” which is 80cm tall. (Taller, broader shoulders, more lifelike skin texture on fingers, toes, etc.)

Their goal is to release and mass-produce Version 2.0 by Q4 2023.

The Height

Initially, there was some confusion regarding the height. A vendor listed her as 70cm, and another vendor at 73cm. Most recently, Kumadoll’s listing was updated to 80cm. However, as mentioned above, we now know the answer. Version 1.0 was 73cm, and Version 2.0 will be 80cm. Therefore, all the photos you see are of the 73cm version. There are no promo photos of the 80cm version.

If the listing specs are correct (which it may not be), the 80cm Tifa should weigh around 5 kg (11 lbs).

Sexual Function

Originally, I thought this Tifa figurine had no sexual function. However, because fans wanted a usable vagina, SGD Studio added one with a depth of 14cm. It’s unclear whether Version 1.0 has it or not, but Version 2.0 definitely will. This is an optional feature, and customers can choose whether to have it or not. It supposedly looks the same with or without the feature.

Realistic Hands

On September 7, 2023, SGD Studio tested their “Version 2.0 Silicone Hand Mold” with much success. According to them, the new hand texture is clearer and more realistic, with colors that resemble a real hand. Since the promo photos are from Version 1.0, you can see the huge difference in the hand details. “Realistic feet” is probably next.

Version 2.0 & E-cup Breasts

So far, we’ve only seen photos of Version 1.0. Unfortunately, it’s misleading that every vendor is using Version 1.0 photos to represent 2.0. They’re showing the 73cm Tifa but listing her as 80cm. While I’m not a fan of that, SGD doesn’t actually have any promo photos of the 80cm version. 

Vendors have an option for a D-cup or E-cup version. The D-cup version resembles the FF7: Remake Tifa, while the E-cup version is a more classic, busty Tifa. According to some videos (that I’m about to show), the E-cup version appears to be Version 2.0. Therefore, it’s unclear whether it’s really a breast size option or an option between the two versions.

73cm Version 1.0 Tifa D-cup Breasts (1/3 Scale)

80cm Version 2.0 Tifa E-cup Breasts (1/2 Scale)


Hopefully, this post was useful, and helped clarify SGD Studio’s upcoming Tifa Lockhart figurine. She’s beautifully designed, and I bet Tifa fans would love to have her. If you plan to order her, I highly suggest contacting the vendor first. As mentioned before, Version 2.0 won’t be released until Q4 2023 (estimated December 2023). Therefore, most listings are actually presales, meaning you won’t receive her until she’s officially released. Vendors are also using Version 1.0 photos to represent Version 2.0, which is quite misleading. As always, do your own research. For now, the most trustworthy vendor offering this doll on presale is Kumadoll, although they’re using the 73cm photos (with a 80cm listing) as mentioned. If anyone has more information about SGD Studio, or thoughts about this Tifa doll, please comment below!

Update on Version 2.0: SGD Studio’s New Photos of 79cm Tifa Lockhart Sex Doll Figure 

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    Only my personal opinion – Tifas ass is a little bit fatty and if possible to add anal tunel.

    1. Mat

      I agree, butthole would be nice, but with a doll of this size, I think it could be problematic from technical point.

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