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New Irontech Starter Series Mini Dolls

On January 6, 2021, Irontech Doll launched their Starter Series dolls in an effort to attract first-time doll owners. The new Starter Series will feature a lineup of smaller-sized, mini dolls, ranging from 105-115cm. Smaller dolls have many advantages such as lower cost, lower weight, easier to store, and easier to handle, making them much more accessible to new doll buyers. All these dolls have adult proportions like big breasts and butts, but have been scaled down into smaller sizes.  They are launching with 3 Starter Series dolls: 115cm Viola, 110cm Cathy, and 105cm Sally.

115cm Starter Series Viola

There is a typo in their tweet, it should be 115cm.

New 108cm and 103cm Viola and 103cm Kama

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  1. Kevin is starting to carry irontech starter doll series and other small dolls. . they will not ship to UK, Australia or UK. Certain states are prohibited.

  2. Shawn

    Ok, Steven. Thanks.


  3. Shawn

    Can you post a list of pricing and ALL CUSTOMIZABLE options for ALL of the new Irontech Starter Series dolls to include head options?


    1. Steven

      Hi Shawn,
      Very few vendors carry the Irontech Starter Series so it may be difficult finding them. You can find all the Irontech Starter Series dolls on the official Irontech website:
      Irontech also has a separate store with pricing and customization options here: You can contact them for more information. Good luck.

      1. Shawn

        Hello, Steven.

        Shawn again. I just want to inform you (in case someone else asks) that sexdollcanada has ALL of the new IT Starter Series hotties listed on their site with multiple pics and A LOT of customizing options TO INCLUDE a great list of scaled-down DOLL HEADS, EVO Skeleton, Enhanced Mouth, Penis-Attachment, Pubic Hair, Gel Breasts, and a permanent areola and labia coloring option. The prices are higher than some of the others that I have seen listed, BUT they do offer PRICE MATCHING, which is cool. A favor for a favor, buddy!



        1. Steven

          Thanks, Shawn. I’m sure that will help a lot of people interested in the Irontech Starter Series. I wonder why more vendors aren’t adding them. The prices do seem a little high (for some reason, the price increases after I click on a doll in SexDollCanada). I wonder if they price match with sexdollrealistic (Irontech’s store). Otherwise, there aren’t many other vendors to price match with at the moment.
          As for the customization options, it may not be entirely correct. All their Irontech dolls have the same customization options template. The heads may not necessarily be scaled-down, that looks like a generic head list for all their Irontech dolls. Irontech has only released a few heads with the Starter Series so far, so keep that in mind. It might be a mistake on SexDollCanada’s part.

          1. Shawn

            Hello, Steve.

            Shawn again….Wow, a mistake with the HEAD selection option, huh? That sucks. I was really looking forward to getting the Nuru Head for my doll when I purchase her. I have the IT 158cm with the Nuru Head, and that’s a fabulous sculpt. She’s just so doggone heavy (weighing in at over 90+ lbs)! The Starter Series 108cm is an almost exact, scaled-down model of her. It will be nice to have them both with the same head, but anywho, the Kama head is very cute, so I can go with that one, too. I hope she looks good in black skin.

            Hey Irontech (if you’re reading), how about sending out a little bit more love for the darker ladies? Have you been doing your homework? Black dolls sell, so let’s show some love for the Nubian Queens, too!

            Thanks for the 411, Buddy!


            1. Steven

              No problem. Irontech created these dolls to appeal to newcomers hence the name Starter Series, but it’ll be interesting if it ends up attracting more previous customers as you mentioned in regards to weight. Irontech has a Dollforum section here where they are pretty active if you want to give them suggestions:
              Also I think I made a mistake on my article. Revisiting the photos, it’s possible the heads aren’t actually scaled down. They might be the normal sized heads on smaller bodies, which is why you can technically choose any head. It’s not that noticeable on the 115cm body, but it’s a lot more noticeable on the smaller bodies that the heads are much bigger. This may be the case.

  4. Shawn

    The new Starter Series is superhot!! Oh, my goodness! I want the Nuru head for this doll and in black skin…please, please, please!!!!!!!!?

    1. Steven

      Hi Shawn,
      Be sure to let them know! They have a section on dollforum here:
      They added a few new ones since I last checked. The heads seem a little big on some of the bodies, but overall they look really cool. I think the Viola ones are really nice. I would like to see a Miki one in the future. 🙂

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