Piper Doll Releases New Piper Silicone Action Figure Series

Piper Doll Releases New Piper Silicone Action Figure Series

On February 19, 2021, Mizuwali, owner of Piper Doll, officially announced the new Piper Silicone Action Figure Series (S.A.F) which features miniaturized versions of his popular Piper dolls. The launch includes a 100cm Silicone Ariel and 80cm Silicone Phoebe Elf, with more models to come in the future. There were rumors about these mini dolls a few months ago, and today (after Chinese New Year) it was officially confirmed by Mizuwali on Twitter.

According to Mizuwali, “The Piper S.A.F series is the “completely reduced version” of the Piper S series… The skeleton design is completely equivalent to the 1:1 life size doll, and the joint mobility is very good.”

Some features of the new S.A.F dolls include:

  1. Soft Gel-filled breasts by default
  2. No foam core
  3. Only built-in vagina (no removable). The vagina is softened. No oral or anal function.
  4. Hard hands and feet by default

Mizuwali was very excited about the launch of the Piper S.A.F series. “Reduced in proportion to make it easier to store!! They are very delicate and cute! It is even more interesting to put on the official Piper Doll costumes for them,” Mizuwali stated. “Personally think that the shrinking doll It is more enjoyable, small and exquisite! It is comfortable to look at at home.”

80cm Silicone Phoebe Elf

100cm Silicone Ariel

The new Piper S.A.F series will certainly appeal to a new, as well as existing, group of doll enthusiasts. The mini dolls will be smaller, lighter, easier to store, and more affordable compared to the full-sized dolls. They are made of silicone, which is less prone to staining, so cosplay and dress-up will be convenient too. The new S.A.F dolls will be coming with custom-made underwear and outfits that you may have to buy separately.

You can order these new dolls from any vendor that carries Piper Doll. We recommend Sexdolls-Shop and TheDollChannel in the Piper Doll section.

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