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Piper Doll’s New Hard Hand, Feet, & Soft Hips Options

On October 14, 2020, Mizuwali, founder of Piper Doll, introduced two new features for his silicone dolls: Hard Hand and Hard Feet. On Twitter, he wrote, “We have launched the option of hardening the palms and feet. The detailed instructions are as follows. If you are interested, please consult our agents” (translated from Chinese) and posted a diagram explaining the new features.

piper silicone hard hand feet

These are some interesting new options for the Silicone Piper Dolls (Note: they are not available for the TPE version).

The Hard Hand option will make the hands harder, which decreases the chance of palm tearing, and protects the fingers and hands better. This is useful because doll hands from all brands have always been flimsy, delicate, and prone to damage. The Hard Hand option will decrease damage when the doll is on her palms (such as the in the doggy position) and protect the hands from general use. The one setback is that the hands will not be as soft to touch.

The Hard Feet hardens the material in the feet area, including the ankles, soles, and toes. This new design offers standing feet without the metal bolts on the bottom of her feet, making the standing feet more aesthetically-pleasing. Supposedly, it will be hard enough to not damage the bottom of her feet while the doll is standing, which puts all the doll’s weight onto the bottom of the feet. According to the diagram, customers will still have the option to get the the original standing feet option with the screws on the bottom if they desire.

The diagrams also states that how high up on the hands and feet the hardening feature begins cannot be accurately controlled, meaning it will vary between various dolls. Some dolls may have the hardening start at the wrist, and some may have it start higher up on the forearm.

I think this is a nice new feature for silicone Piper Dolls. The hands have always been flimsy so the Hard Hand option will protect the hands much better from tearing and damage. No more finger wires poking through the hand. Also the standing without studs option will be much more aesthetically-pleasing on the standing feet.

Doll-Forever updated the photo on October 19, 2020 to include their new Soft Hips option:

PiperDoll Silicone options

There were a few complaints that the Silicone Piper Doll’s butt wasn’t soft enough so the new Soft Hips option is a very welcome addition. Hardened hands and feet will make the delicate areas more durable, the Silicone material throughout the body is generally more durable (than TPE), the gel-filled breasts makes the breasts feel very realistic and soft, and now the Soft Hips option will make the plump Piper butt even more squeezable and soft. Piper Doll’s Silicone series keeps getting better and better.

Because these features have only just been released, we don’t know how well they work yet. We will have to wait and see.

What are your thoughts of these new options? Comment below!

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  1. Sean

    Awesome thank you. I ordered one through SexDollCanada. I just was worried they discontinued her or something, that would be my luck. But no, looks like she’s in full production

  2. Sean

    Is Ariel still available? I’m trying to order one through reputable Canadian dealers, waiting for their response

    1. Steven

      Hi Sean,
      What do you mean is Ariel still available? She can still be custom ordered from any websites. Some good Canadian vendors are SexDolls-Shop, SexDollCanada, and NorthernDoll.

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