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Piper Doll Hard Feet Update: Not Meant for Long-term Standing

On November 9, 2020, Piper Doll issued an important update to all their vendors and customers regarding Piper Doll’s new Hard Feet option (for their silicone dolls). They released this feature only recently in mid-October 2020 but have tested it for months in their factory.

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Just a quick reminder: The Hard Feet option features hard silicone material on the feet so that the doll can stand without the metal bolts/studs. The Hard Feet looks like normal feet but is hard enough under the foot plate to support the weight of the doll, and replaces the original standing feet.

According to the statement issued by Piper Doll, they tested the Hard Feet feature by standing a silicone doll in their factory for 4 months straight. They released the Hard Feet feature in Mid-October after 3 months of testing when they observed no damage to the feet. However, during the 4th month, they discovered cracking in the soles of the feet. Upon this discovery, they sent out an urgent memo to all vendors and customers detailing this observation: Piper Doll’s Hard Feet is not suitable for long-term standing.

This comes as a bit of a shock. The Hard Feet feature was meant to replace the standing feet option so the doll could stand without the metal bolts/studs on the bottom of the foot. However, it seems the Hard Feet material is not durable enough to support the weight of the doll long-term. As mentioned above, the feet began cracking after 4 months of continuous standing, which is why Piper Doll suggests not to store the doll standing for long durations.

Piper Doll recommends all their customers to switch between hanging, standing, and laying down so that the doll is not always standing. This would be the best way to store the doll. They also recommend ensuring that the doll’s weight is spread evenly on the soles and not just the heel, and to place a soft object under the doll’s feet like a yoga mat or cushion.


There is still the option to choose the original standing feet with bolts by contacting the vendor. Although the Hard Feet only remained undamaged for 3 months during testing, if you do not stand the doll for 3 months straight, and mix up the storage positions as Piper Doll suggested, the Hard Feet should be able to last for much longer. Just something to think about.

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