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Piper Doll’s Silicone 160cm Jenna is Coming Soon

On November 23, 2020, Mizuwali, the owner of Piper Doll, shared on Twitter several photos of his newest creation, the silicone version of Jenna. He had already teased that he was working on the silicone versions of his TPE dolls, Jenna, Risako, and Miyuki in the past, but now we have some finished photos of silicone Jenna.

According to Mizuwali’s tweets, the first few photos were taken by his cellphone so they are not promo photos, just a general idea of what she looks like in a raw form without professional lighting. The next few photos were taken with a professional camera in natural lighting. I think she looks amazing. Usually all of Mizuwali’s photos feature the White skin option, but it appears he chose the Tan skin tone for Jenna.

What we know so far is that silicone Jenna will be 160cm tall (which is 2 cm shorter than the TPE version) and will weigh 42kg (92.6 pounds), which is quite heavy and something important to consider. There will also be much more photos and information to come in the upcoming days. Stay tuned!

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