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Piper Doll’s New 160cm Silicone Risako is Here!

On December 1, 2020, Mizuwali, owner of Piper Doll, revealed photos of his newest silicone sex doll, Risako. The TPE version of Risako was fairly popular so many fans are happy to see her in silicone. What made the TPE version of Risako unique was her more meaty body and distinct face, but the silicone version looks quite different. From the photos posted from Mizuwali, the Risako S body looks a little more realistically-proportioned and less fantasy-like. Her waist is a bit wider, and her breasts seem a bit smaller, but she is definitely still thick. Her face also looks noticeably different, almost unrecognizable from the TPE version.

I have a feeling her more realistic style will popular with many people. Silicone Risako remains at 160cm tall, and will likely weigh more than the Silicone Jenna (which weighs 42kg). That is very heavy for a doll, but for some people, it might be worth it.

Because Mizuwali likes to tease with a few photos at a time, we will have much more photos here in the coming few days. Stay tuned for more photos and information!

One thing many people noticed with the photos was that the anus looked a bit strange. Mizuwali addressed these comments by tweeting 2 close-up photos confirming that the anus actually looks fine, and stated: “Close-up of Risako’s lower body. I saw some friends that Risako’s asshole is a bit strange, but in fact it is not. It is because the posture in a few photos makes the asshole a bit distorted. As for why the asshole is raised in a circle, it is because this design is less likely to cause tearing. You can refer to these two photos.” (Translated from Chinese)

His tweet suggests that Piper Doll has improved on the anus (at least on the Risako S) to prevent tearing issues. Some people had reported anal tearing on other Silicone Piper Dolls like the Silicone Phoebe, so they seem to be trying to fix the issue.

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