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Doll Forever Releases Super Realistic Silicone Head, Artemis

On December 2, 2020, Doll Forever (sister company of Piper Doll) released a new super realistic, silicone head called Artemis. This came as a huge surprise because Doll Forever, along with sister companies Piper Doll and Doll House 168, have always been known for their more cartoony and fantasy-style heads and bodies. This new silicone head looks even more realistic than brands that focus specifically on realism. It also looks more realistic than the Silicone Piper Doll series.

Because of how detailed and realistic the head looks, Doll Forever’s 155cm Fit TPE body (used to model the head) looks very plain and cartoony in comparison. Hopefully, Doll Forever produces some realistic silicone bodies to match these new heads. They have hinted that they have more realistic silicone heads like this¬† coming soon. It is very likely that they hired a new designer, and that this head was not designed by Mizuwali. Mizuwali usually shares all his creations on Twitter, but he did not post about this doll, which mostly confirms he did not design this doll.

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