You are currently viewing New Piper Doll 150cm Silicone Ariel Photos by Mizuwali

New Piper Doll 150cm Silicone Ariel Photos by Mizuwali

The world of sex doll news has always been slow, and everything seems to have calmed down during the holiday season, but luckily, Mizuwali is always good for some new photos to look at. He posted a bunch of new photos of his 150cm Silicone Ariel doll on his Twitter. These photos of Ariel in the blonde wig really emphasizes her sexy curves and proportions, and the other photos show off her LHP (love hole placement) in a bent over position, as well as her round butt.

Update: It turns out this may actually be the new 100cm Ariel. Mizuwali stated that it was the 150cm Ariel, but with the release of the new 100cm Ariel, these are actually from the 100cm photoshoot. See here:

This new photoset really shows off Silicone Ariel’s natural beauty. Do these photos make you want a Silicone Ariel now? Comment below!

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  1. Sinasavirtue

    I’m not sure why PiperDoll hasn’t come out with implanted hair yet. There is a model that is basically a copy of Bulma, produced by Dollhouse168, and they are essentially just different styles from the same people. I can’t imagine implanted hair is far away from being a possibility on Piperdolls as well.

  2. Keith Master

    Can you get implanted hair with piperdoll?

    1. Steven

      Hi Keith,
      Piper Dolls do not have an implanted hair option.

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