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Mizuwali and Piper Doll Officially Withdraw from TDF

On March 22, 2021, Mizuwali, owner of Piper Doll, officially announced Piper Doll’s withdrawal from The Doll Forum (TDF). This officially ends their collaboration with the largest sex doll forum. Tensions were high as the two sides clashed in the past regarding TDF’s ban of several Piper Dolls a few months back. You can find out more about the previous controversy here: The Doll Forum (TDF) Bans Certain Piper Dolls

Previously, The Doll Forum forced Mizuwali to delete his negative tweet about them, but now that their partnership is over, Mizuwali is holding nothing back. In his most recent tweet, Mizuwali writes:

“My English is not good, but I want to talk to TDF in English. Suck my dick and go fuck youself. Goodbye, you self-righteous idiots. We officially announced the withdrawal of TDF” (Translated)

For those unaware, manufacturers and vendors pay an annual fee for a forum section on TDF, and can also pay extra for advertisement. TDF’s sudden ban on several Piper Dolls in October 2020 led to backlash, not just from Mizuwali, but from Piper Doll customers and vendors. It seems the drama between TDF and Mizuwali has finally hit its climax with Piper Doll withdrawing from TDF. It was only a matter of time considering half of Mizuwali’s dolls were banned there. The “Doll Forever” section still appears on TDF for now, but we will see what happens next.

March 26, 2021 Update: Mizuwali deleted his tweet. The reason is currently unknown. Perhaps TDF got involved or Mizuwali/Piper Doll changed their mind about withdrawing. There is no official word from either side just yet. It seems the Mizuwali-TDF saga isn’t over. More details to come in the future.

April 12, 2021 Update: TDF finally removed the Doll Forever section. (Note: Doll Forever is the parent company of Piper Doll). It seems that Mizuwali did withdraw after all. All the threads and useful info in their section have disappeared. This finally concludes the 6-month Mizuwali-TDF drama. Their partnership has officially ended.

Thoughts on the latest development in the Piper Doll-TDF drama? Comment below!

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  1. Mr Flibble

    I have a Piper Akira 160cm G-cup, who I bought pre-owned knowing her face was banned on TDF. And I love this doll so much (more than any of my other dolls.) She is like magic. Seeing her face never fails to make me smile. Mizuwali is an artistic genius and I totally understand his initial reaction to TDF wanting to ban his masterpieces.

    But, I do understand where TDF are coming from. It is very easy to take a picture of Akira and think “oh dear” – yes, she can look young when judged from a Western point of view. TDF is a sex doll forum, so anything that doesn’t fit on a sex doll forum they have to ban – this is done to protect the forum.

    My Akira was never made to feel 100% welcome by the management on UKLDF. I do not think UKLDF are any better than TDF – and UKLDF management have to protect themselves and their forum too. But UKLDF are much smaller than TDF, which is maybe why people get away with certain things on UKLDF that they wouldn’t on TDF (like my posting pictures of Akira.) Ariel 150J got censored very fast on UKLDF. And Akira wasn’t totally obliterated from TDF, she’s still there and looking spectacularly beautiful in at least one old thread.

  2. shamus

    Cheers for posting this Steven.
    I just came to this post through UKLDF (UK Love Doll Forum) where it was linked by someone whose 40 something kilo Piper was deemed too young looking for TDF! (WTF!)… Of course I’ve also seen TDF ban images of heads such as WM #36 and WM #88 so I take their opinions at best with a pinch of salt.
    Mr Mizuwali just went from being an admired designer and photographer to hero status.
    There is no love lost between myself and TDF. I am a member there (so that I can read posts when necessary) but do not contribute as I find there views towards love dolls to be somewhat strange and there are way too many members to fix all of them!
    You say that there is no comparable alternative to TDF…. Actually there is, Over on UKLDF we think of our girls somewhat differently. Whilst the site is focused on the UK market we have members from all over the world.
    I am not in any way associated with tthe owners of the site. I have no financial interest in the site and I am not even a mod… But… I believe in the freedom they offer us. To my mind its UKLDF that is the free (within reason) voice of the doll owner where we actually have a laugh and a joke and people like Mandos and Mizuwali are revered rather than treated with disrespect by those who could never hope to do what they make possible.

    Thanks again for sharing Steven,

    kindest reagrds


    p.s. Dear Mr Mizulwali, if you read this please feel free to come ply your wares on UKLDF. They don’t charge you, and the people there (myself included) love your work. Young dolls are rightly banned as they would be pulled by Border force. But what is deemed too young is different on UKLDF to TDF. Talk to Phil from The Doll House about us if you need a good word about the site. He is one of our members. As are Mandos, Sandro, Paul from Cloud Climax, Graham from Lovedoll, Star from SM, etc. etc.

  3. CajaCajolina

    That’s exactly the reason I am not anymore at the TDF.
    And I think all Doll owners should know how doubtfully they behave and that by acting like this THEY DON’T REPRESENT DOLL OWNERS AT ALL !!
    They only represent their short sighted and power and money greedy selves !!
    I’d almost say Doll owners should make a stand against these so-called Doll representatives. It really is unbelievable how TDF treats the owners of Dolls. And I am speaking now out of my own (by myself documented) exüeriences.
    The arrogant way they behave as if they are the only one fighting for the rights of doll owners while I have in the meanwhile enough proof of the opposite.

    Just by going into a civilized discussion with their moderators I got the impression that they are discriminating and treating every Doll-owner secretly as a potential pedophile or dirty ol’man.
    In my totally undesired collisions with moderators of TDF i found out that one is guilty untill proven innocent (what never happens) because the Rulez can’t be discussed about. You may never say anythiing about decisions made by the rulers of TDF !!!
    One isn’t even allowed to name the RULEZ let alone discuss about them. ( what does that sounds like?)
    It is almost as if tey say that because as a doll-owner you are just a pervert.
    And on the outside – in messages on the forum itself – they say to do anything to protect your rights but they actually don’t do anything usefull. Just crying publicly when the doll forum is in the news about people saying that it is kind of ridiculous of grown men playing with dolls and doing dirty things with them.
    TDF ain’t a tiger, to the outside it is a jellyfish.
    They only pretend to be a tiger to the people who want to join TDF as a doll owner.

  4. SK

    Unfortunately there really isn’t a comparable alternative to TDF, where you can talk to representatives of the manufacturers and vendors on a forum. If you know of any let me know. Till then I have to stick with TDF.

  5. Erik

    Yeah well, fuck TDF indeed. I remember being censored because I said, very politely, that I was against a safe space gender-neutral section of the forum. And I gave my opinion because they asked what we were thinking about it…

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