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Piper Doll Reveals New 150cm Silicone Miyuki Sex Doll

On April 10, 2021, Mizuwali, owner of Piper Doll, revealed his newest silicone doll creation: the 150cm Miyuki. The original TPE 160cm Miyuki was one of Mizuwali’s first designs, and unlike the Silicone Ariel and Akira who got taller from their TPE version, the Silicone Miyuki will be 10cm shorter, making her 150cm tall. The Piper Doll Silicone Jenna was shortened from 162cm to 160cm in her silicone version, but it’s quite interesting to see Miyuki get noticably shorter. This will definitely make her easier to handle weight-wise. Perhaps her height and weight was one of her original disadvantages.

Piper Doll S 150cm Miyuki

Miyuki has always been known for her supermodel Japanese face, huge breasts, and slim waist. She looks mostly similar to her TPE version, but in some angles, she almost looks like the Silicone Risako. She has a more sexy and mature look compared to most other Piper Dolls. People attracted to busty Japanese models should be pleased with Piper Doll’s latest creation. More info and photos coming soon!

You can find the Silicone Miyuki at any vendor that carries Piper Doll. View our list of trusted vendors here.

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