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Piper Doll Reveals New SAF 100cm Elsa Sex Doll

On June 21, 2021, Mizuwali, owner of Piper Doll, revealed his newest SAF doll: The 100cm Elsa doll. Like the 100cm Mai, Elsa is another new SAF doll without a full-sized version. Elsa is a cute, smaller breast doll that many people are calling Piper Jenna’s little sister. She also features a slightly smiling face that no other Piper Doll has. Unfortunately, when her (factory) photos were first revealed, many people were not impressed and thought she looked a bit too generic or plain.

Piper Doll SAF 100cm Elsa Reveal Photos

However, 5 days later, Mizuwali shared some new photos of Elsa that completely changed everyone’s initial thoughts on her. After seeing these new promo photos of her, everyone wanted her for themselves, which isn’t surprising considering the lighting and colors were terrible in the factory photos. In the new photos, she looks younger, prettier, and much more charming.

Piper Doll SAF 100cm Elsa Promo Photos

In addition to the slight smile, Piper Doll fans were excited to see that Elsa featured a smaller breast body, which is surprisingly rare for Piper Doll. Their only other doll with small breasts is the 150cm B-cup Akira, which is a best-seller. The only thing missing now is a full-sized version of Elsa, and preferably in TPE. I predict a full-sized TPE version of Elsa would sell like hotcakes. However, Mizuwali seems to have a different vision for his brand. His shift to silicone, and now to SAF mini dolls (and small anime dolls) indicates we may not see a full-sized version. One can only hope. 

You can find Elsa at any vendor that carries Piper Doll. View our list of trusted vendors here.

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  1. SEAN

    One more thing, try to get some girls with visible ribs, I dated a girl in my teens and she was real thin, the feel of her ribs and hip bones was a big turn on. And seeing her beautiful spine cause she was so thin. I’d pay for that feeling again.

  2. Steven R

    A silicone, 1/2 scale supermodel woman with a cleft chin and gorgeous face~?
    I’ll take 2 please.

  3. Phil3stine

    I don’t think she looks generic, and yeah, I called her Jenna’s baby sister on twitter, but that’s not a bad thing. :p

  4. Alphaneos

    I think Mizuwali just creates what sells, so i gues the SAF do better in sales than the full sized dolls.
    Otherwise its not the smartest choice to keep creating them like hotcakes.

    1. Phil3stine

      I imagine the only upfront cost would be the mold. After that they’d only need make them on demand. Granted it’s not trivial, but they already have the basic design; they’d just have to scale it.

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