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Butterfly Doll: A New Anime Sex Doll Brand Similar to Irokebijin

On November 16, 2023, Butterfly Doll officially launched their anime sex doll brand and website. After many teasers, they quickly made their way onto several vendors including Kumadoll. Previously, I mentioned how similar they looked to Irokebijin, including their factory videos that had Piper Doll signs on the side. Well, now they revealed to be “Jiangmen Image Model Display Products Co., Ltd,” apparently the factory behind Doll Forever. Although it’s unclear whether they’re directly related to Doll Forever, they’re at least made in the same factory – which makes a lot of sense. As mentioned before, they currently have 9 heads and 2 bodies (TPE), which I’ll quickly show below.

135cm Body with Head Celine

We’ll start with the 135cm body, which has F-cup breasts, a thin waist, wide hips, and thick thighs. The entire doll weighs 23.8 kg (52.5 lbs), and according to Butterfly Doll, the heads are interchangable between the 135cm and 140cm bodies.

135cm Body with Head Cheryl

135cm Body with Head Fanny

135cm Body with Head Mizuko

140cm Body with Head Mizuko

Next, we have the 140cm body, which looks very similar, but is a bit more natural and proportioned in my opinion. It weighs 25.5 kg (56 lbs). Also, note that both the 135cm and 140cm bodies have a head called Mizuko, but they don’t look the same (see the 135cm Mizuko above).

140cm Body with Head Lia

140cm Body with Head Yulia

140cm Body with Head Flora

140cm Body with Head Joanna


Now that it’s revealed that they’re made in the same factory as Doll Forever, that answers a lot of questions. Their quality will be similar to Doll Forever/Piper Doll/Irokebijin’s TPE dolls, with similar faces and bodies. Someone wondered if they have oral function, and they do (14cm depth); they have all 3 holes. Personally for me, the proportions (such as the thin waist) seem a bit too exaggerated, especially the 135cm, but I don’t mind the 140cm body. Anime and Irokebijin fans will surely like these fantasy/hentai-like bodies though. They definitely captured the cute aesthetic, and Japanese and Asian vendors have rushed to list them on their websites. Although this brand certainly targets the Asian market more than the West, I think they’ll do well.

The only global vendor carrying them right now is Kumadoll.

Thoughts on the new anime brand, Butterfly Doll? Which head and body do you like best? Comment below!

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  1. joe

    when are vendors going to start selling these?

    1. Steven

      Hi Joe,
      Many Japanese vendors already started carrying them. At the moment, I think Kumadoll is the only global vendor that has them. Western vendors are less likely to carry them, but more global and Chinese vendors eventually will.

  2. Adam

    I need them both !!

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