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Piper Doll Releases New Silicone 150cm Jennie Sex Doll

On November 27, 2023, Piper Doll teased a new silicone 150cm Jennie, who seems to have oral structure and moveable jaw. Originally, Doll Forever shared these photos as “Jennie S-150cm with new makeup.” “Wait a minute.. there’s a Piper Doll Jennie?” I thought. Included with Ariel and Jessica’s new makeup photosets, this busty Asian doll didn’t look familiar. Considering she doesn’t appear on any vendor websites, she’s probably new (or maybe she was an exclusive doll at one point). Judging from the photos, she also appears to have moveable jaw (and oral structure?), but it’s unconfirmed without seeing the specs. Anyway, here’s the 150cm silicone Jennie “with new makeup.”

Piper Doll Silicone 150cm Jennie

Showcased in Mizuwali’s classic bedroom, Jennie looks pretty cute – like an older version of the silicone Eirian. Maybe a little bit of Phoebe mixed in as well. She has large, round breasts, and an equally round butt. Since Mizuwali was banned on Twitter, there were no teasers of her; she just simply appeared one day. If she does have moveable jaw (which it looks like), then it will be Piper Doll’s first doll with that feature. It would also be their first silicone doll with oral function. It’s about time that Piper Doll caught up with other brands.

Small update: A vendor listed her with no mention of the moveable jaw, but she weighs 25.5 kg (56 lbs) with no oral function (1.5cm depth).

Thoughts on the new silicone 150cm Jennie? Is she a winner for Piper Doll? Comment below!

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  1. Alex

    The Doll is new but i don’t think you can put your Ding Dong in her mouth. A Vendor listed her without Oral capabilities (

    But even if you could… knowing Piper Silicone the Mouth would probably rip after a few uses and she would look like the Joker :/

    1. Robby

      Does Piper Silicone really rip that easily? I’ve heard people mention tearing issues, but I do not know to which extent.

  2. Steven

    Jennie is new right? Or am I imagining things?

    1. Keith

      I kinda feel like I seen Jennie before…. But hey it definitely looks like a movable mouth from zooming in on some of the photos I could see a tongue in there.

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