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Piper Doll Reveals New Silicone Jessica Doll

On September 23, 2020, Mizuwali, the founder of Piper Doll, revealed his newest creation on twitter: a silicone version of the 150cm Jessica Doll.

The silicone Jessica will be Piper Doll’s 3rd silicone doll. Previously, the popular Akira and Phoebe dolls acquired silicone versions. This confirms that Mizuwali plans to create silicone versions of all his TPE dolls, or at least his most popular ones. Many people believe a silicone Ariel doll will be coming next.

The new silicone Jessica doll will still be 150cm tall. No additional details on her proportions or weight have been released yet. She looks very similar to her TPE version, but slightly more realistic due to the silicone material. Like Piper Doll’s other silicone dolls, she will not have oral function. If you love Jessica Rabbit, you should greatly consider getting this doll or the TPE version.

More information and photos will be added as they are released. What are your thoughts on the new silicone Jessica doll? Comment below!

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