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Piper Doll Releases New TPE 150cm Plus Body & 80cm Torsos

After some silence, Piper Doll returned this week with a brand new 150cm Plus body and 80cm torso. As you know, all Piper Dolls are seamless neck (all-in-one), so although there were just 2 new bodies, there were actually 5 new models. Featured on the new TPE 150cm Plus body are the classic Ariel, Akira, and Jessica. Meanwhile, we have 2 new heads (also seamless neck) on the 80cm torso named Isla and Feng. 

Piper Doll was always ahead of the game with thicker arms and thighs back in 2019 when “toothpick” arms and legs were more common. With the 150cm Plus body, the classic Ariel, Akira, and Jessica just got even “thiccer” and bustier. More TPE meat to grab onto. Not quite “BBW” – just some enhancements bringing them to a rather hefty 38 kg (83.8 lbs). Let’s take a look at some of the photos.

Correction: Sorry, this body isn’t actually new. It’s the same body as the 150cm Amber and Krystal, but it’s the first time that Ariel, Akira, and Jessica are on it.

150cm Plus Akira

Mizuwali’s favorite doll (and definitely a fan-favorite) is back with slightly different proportions. She’s bustier with I-cup breasts, has a thinner underbust, but bigger thighs and butt. It’s a slightly more BBW-version of Akira.

150cm Plus Ariel

Next on the same body is Ariel, who definitely looks different on the new body. An interesting combination of cute face and womanly body, which contrasts her original, fantasy proportions.

Piper Doll 150cm Plus Jessica

The last 150cm Plus model is Jessica. Oddly, there aren’t many photos of her, but they definitely highlight her butt. With this body, she has slightly smaller breasts than before, but a bigger backside and thighs.

80cm Torso Isa

Piper Doll also released a new 80cm torso with Isla head (also seamless neck). She reminds me of their somewhat recent Krystal head, but cuter and angrier. Some people may be into that.. Maybe she’s mad Piper didn’t give her arms and legs.

80cm Torso Feng

Last, we have another new head on the same torso called Feng. She also looks fairly cute, but unlike Isla, slightly happy. I do wonder why Piper Doll introduced 2 new heads is torsos first.


After quite some time, Piper Doll returned to their roots with new TPE creations. Interesting to see more versions of the classic Ariel, Akira, and Jessica dolls, although the added weight should be considered. Isla and Feng were also two unexpected additions to the lineup. As mentioned before, I wonder why they started off as torsos – maybe to gauge people’s interest before creating full-body versions.

Recently, Piper Doll started reusing the same body with different heads, like with their 150cm Krystal and Amber. Before, every doll had their own unique bodies, but since you couldn’t mix-and-match their heads & bodies, I guess this was the solution – many heads on the same body.

Overall, it’s nice to see Piper Doll return to their TPE roots, as well as release new dolls. Although they haven’t innovated much lately, they made more of what people like – soft, seamless-neck dolls with round butts and thick thighs.

Thoughts on Piper Doll’s new 150cm Plus body and 80cm torsos? Comment below!

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  1. ItsAme

    The new Akira looks a lot like Amber, maybe a bit thicker.

    1. Rob

      I think they’re all Amber, but with their original heads.

      1. Steven

        Hi Rob,
        You’re right. I thought I checked ahead of time if they were different. Apparently, it’s the same body as the 150cm Amber and Krystal. It’s new that Ariel, Akira, and Jessica are on it, the body isn’t actually new. Oops.

      2. Dirty deeds dirt cheap

        So akira and ariel tpe now have articulated fingers?

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